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Introduction: If you have a small budget, but you are entangled in how to choose a true wireless Bluetooth headset, then just look at the comparison of today's article, we use the price of 399 glory FlyPods youth version compared to the current Apple AirPods, which has a market price of more than 1,000, is a true wireless headset with a price difference of three times. How much difference does it have?

If you have a small budget, but you are entangled in how to choose a true wireless Bluetooth headset, then just look at the comparison of today's article, we use the price of 399 glory FlyPods youth version comparison At present, Apple AirPods, which has a market price of more than 1,000, is a true wireless headset with a price difference of three times. How much difference does it experience?

Glory FlyPods Youth Edition Reference Price ¥399

Design & Workmanship: Workmanship is great Volume AirPods is more compact

First look at the overall accessories, headphones, charging box and charging These two lines are of course standard, and the glory FlyPods Youth Edition comes with three pairs of silicone earbuds and a set of shells for added friction, which is relatively richer. In terms of appearance, the overall size of the glory FlyPods Youth Edition is larger, and AirPods is relatively more portable and compact. In addition, FlyPods Youth Edition has more color matching options, which is more in line with the young people's market.

And in the shape of the headset body, the glory FlyPods Youth Edition and AirPods are long handle design, the difference is that the glory FlyPods youth version is in-ear design, AirPods is flat-head style, these two earplugs Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of in-ear type is that physical sound insulation is better, and there is passive noise reduction effect. The advantage of flat head type is that it has better compatibility and can be worn by more people. You can take a look at the two pictures below. From the picture, the glory of the FlyPods Youth Edition has a larger headphone case and a heavier weight, but it is within acceptable limits.

As for the wearing experience, the in-ear type and the flat head type are of course very different. One thing in common is that both headphones are quite solid. As a true wireless earphone, in fact, it usually does not fall off. Now people In fact, it is easy to drop this true wireless headset.The problem is a lot of relief.

Summary: To tell the truth, if you want to ask where the biggest difference between the two is, then it must be the appearance part that everyone can see at first sight. It’s a very technical task to pile up components such as chips, speaker units, boards, and microphones in a small volume. We also saw in the previous FlyPods Pro version of FlyPods, the glory of It has the strength to make the volume almost the same as AirPods, and even added something that Apple can't do (bone mark recognition). Therefore, the positioning of the Youth Edition is also very clear, to make a headset that is priced at a low price and relatively low in technology cost, and is laid out at a high and low price.

The biggest difference between the two is the appearance, of course, the battery life is also (described later), but to be honest, the work of this headset produced by glory is very good, the plastic material of the outer casing is very delicate, The seams are also tight enough to be seamed, and the sense of grade is there.

Interaction: Touch interaction is very sensitive and glory Android support is better

True wireless headset touch interaction has become a standard feature, and it is no exception in these two headphones. Functionally, it is also a double-click to call out voice assistant/pause/play music. However, FlyPods Youth Edition is more widely used on adapted systems, including iPhone Siri and Android phone voice assistants, and engineers at Glory. In the consultation, I learned that the Youth Edition has been adapted to the voice assistants of most mainstream mobile phone brands on the market.

Relatively speaking, Apple will be more closed here, and in terms of sensitivity, both have good performance.

(Glory FlyPods Youth Edition outgoing Android voice assistant)

(FlyPods Youth Edition outgoing Siri)

(AirPods outgoing Siri)

answering/dialing On the phone, the touch interaction between the two is very sensitive. In addition, we also tested sending text messages and music play/pause, both of which performed very little mistakes.

(FlyPods Youth Edition)


Summary: The touch interaction functions of the two are similar, and the system of glory is more widely adapted.

Sound quality & delay: The bias equalization delay is low enough

Both are compatible with AAC and SBC in the Bluetooth transmission format, the resolution of the vocal part is no problem, the medium and high frequency can be clear and translucent, piano The high-frequency part of the pure music of Saxophone is limited, but at least it can be done without breaking the sound, while the low-frequency part is generally, there is no obvious sense of volume, but because the glory FlyPods youth version is in-ear design, so in the sound The sealing is better than the flat headphone, and the low frequency part will be slightly more prominent. In general, both of them are biased to the balanced adjustment mode, which can basically meet the daily listening music needs.

In the delay test, both of them performed well. The delay in watching the B station video is basically not felt, but the individual scenes will have a slight delay when playing the game.

Endurance: Glory life is good but there is still a gap between AirPods

Lifetime is also one of the main reasons for the gap between FlyPods Youth and AirPods, the total time between 12 hours and 24 hours is doubled. It is also understandable. It should be said that the life of FlyPods Youth Edition is enough for 3 to 4 days, and AirPods has always been the benchmark for battery life in real wireless headphones. Think about the price difference of 600, the demand is not too much, can do It’s great to this extent.

(Glory FlyPods Youth Edition)


In addition to the above, I also want to add that the FlyPods Youth Edition also has IPX5 waterproof performance. This is not available on AirPods and will be more suitable for sports and outdoor scenes. In addition, the headphone's power display function, AirPods can only be displayed on the iPhone, while the FlyPods Youth Edition is displayed on the iPhone and many mainstream Android phones, and it is more comprehensive in system adaptability.

[PConline evaluation room summary]

Before summarizing, list the advantages and disadvantages of two headphones:

FlyPods Youth Edition:

Advantages: 1 , low price; 2, good sound quality delay; 3, IPX5 waterproofing disadvantages: 1, volume phaseSlightly larger; 2, the in-ear pressure is slightly stronger (wearing comfort varies from person to person)


Advantages: 1. Small size; 2, long life; 3, Sound quality delay good shortcomings: 1, high price; 2, less color choice; 3, can not be waterproof

back to the title, the price difference of 3 times (official price 399 yuan to 1299 yuan), the main difference between the two On the design and battery life. The main question now is: Can you accept this price gap, relatively larger volume and relatively shorter battery life? In fact, in terms of price, it is not the most appropriate to put the two together. The purpose of the article is to let consumers with less budget know that in the case of a budget difference of 2 times, you can still buy a few percent of the experience?

and the biggest gap between the two is answered before two sentences, so if you are a cost-effective Android user, then FlyPods Youth Edition will be a very worthwhile choice, and if you are an iPhone user, Then AirPods is more recommended, and the iOS ecosystem will make the experience of using the two better.

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