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Guide: Extra exercise during breaks is essential for us, but how can we effectively monitor our movements? The following recommended sports bracelet products are believed to bring you the answer.

As the work pressure increases, the health of the body becomes more and more a topic of concern. For most office workers, almost 8 hours a day is spent at a small station. There is almost no leisure time for exercise. Then extra exercise during breaks is essential for us, but how can we effectively monitor our movements? The following recommended sports bracelet products are believed to bring you the answer.

Huawei bracelet 3e

as a smart sports bracelet product, the super high value makes the Huawei bracelet 3e stand out, in line with the fashion crowd's requirements for the bracelet. The professional running posture monitoring can enhance the characteristics of Huawei bracelet 3e and return it to the essence of sports. For the young fashion group who love sports and love to run, Huawei bracelet 3e is a rare professional runner. Ring products. You should know that such a versatile, 6-axis sensor, capable of monitoring the running position of the bracelet is only priced at 99 yuan, for a product less than 100 yuan, it is a very good value.

Xiaomi Bracelet 3

Xiaomi Bracelet 3 adopts a sleek design similar to that of the previous generation, and still adopts a design that can be separated from the main body and the wristband. The bracelet adopts the interaction design of touch large screen + button. The size of the host screen is 0.78 inches. It adopts OLED material, and can display up to 24 Chinese characters on one screen, which is not only easy to read, but also highly recognizable.

Xiaomi Bracelet 3 has a 50-meter swimming waterproof design, and adds the function of the sports secondary screen. You can view the sports data by lifting the wrist, and the functions such as exercise heart rate and sleep monitoring are also available. Xiaomi Bracelet 3 also adopts a newly designed two-color bite synthetic wristband. Compared with the previous generation, the fixing of the mainframe is more firm and not easy to lose. And there are weather reminders, find mobile phones and many other features. The price is only 169 yuan, and the NFC version of 199 yuan can be selected to support the hand ring brush bus.

Glory Bracelet 4

Glory Bracelet 4 Standard Edition body is equipped with a 0.95-inch AMOLED HD colorLarge color screen with a resolution of 240×120. The AMOLED high-definition color screen not only enhances the visual effect of the screen, but also makes the UI more beautiful, and it is still clear and readable in sunny outdoor activities. The glory bracelet 4 standard version with large color screen can display up to 45 Chinese characters. SMS, WeChat and QQ can be viewed directly in the bracelet. Frequently used reminders in life, such as meetings, birthdays, direct phone calls, and harassing calls are also identifiable. Thanks to the large color screen, the Glory Bracelet 4 Standard Edition can view information directly when both hands are occupied or when it is not convenient to take the phone.

The Glory Bracelet series has always been a health assistant in people's lives. One of the most important core upgrades of this Glory Bracelet 4 Standard Edition is 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring. Considering the difficulty of continuously monitoring the dynamic heart rate, the Glory Bracelet 4 Standard Edition has been greatly upgraded in hardware and algorithms. It not only cooperates with the industry TOP suppliers to customize a new generation of heart rate detection hardware, but also uses AI assist algorithm to learn the accurate model independently; glory The Bracelet 4 Standard Edition also performs typical sample collection and verification of big data to cover a wider population and more scenarios. Jingdong, the current standard version of the Glory Bracelet 4, is priced at 195 yuan.

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