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Guide: The launch of the HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset, a wired and wireless hybrid mode, can solve this pain point for users, both for professional games and for everyday use.

The famous e-sports peripheral brand HyperX has been famous in the industry for the Cloud series e-sports headsets in recent years, such as professional alpha, enthusiast black eagle, hardcore black eagle S, etc., although these headphones It's really great, but after all, the main game is still a game. For those who want to be on the daily and walking, there are some mistakes. Therefore, the launch of the HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset, a wired and wireless hybrid mode, can solve this pain point for users, both for professional games and for everyday use.

HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset supports high-resolution audio and is Hi-Res-certified. When connected with a wire, the headphones can output high-resolution sound from 10Hz to 40kHz, which may be missed in the usual sound. The details and sounds outside the game screen can be better restored, allowing you to feel more subtle differences and bring a more realistic game presence to the player. When using Bluetooth mode, 20 hours of battery life, more than 10 meters of transmission distance, it allows you to no longer fix a place, so free to travel in the noisy city, or at home to quietly enjoy the quietness of music and Feeling.

Packaging and Accessories

The headphones that are commonly seen on the market today look like they are all the same. The wide head beam and the fully wrapped earmuffs are mostly black. , red, gold, the difference is nothing more than the lighting effect of the product, how much decoration in the shape. On the front of the package, there is a HyperX Cloud Mix skyline Bluetooth headset name and product map, a white background, a red side, and the HyperX logo everywhere. The recognition is still very good. In addition, the following also identifies Bluetooth and 20-hour battery life, as well as supported devices, so devices such as mobile phones and PS4s are also compatible.

Package contains one HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset, detachable noise canceling microphone, a 2m long cable with audio control, a 3.5mm stereo and microphone plug cable, a 0.5m long USB interface charging cable, in addition to a headset portable storage bag, and instruction manual, warranty card Etc. There are multiple languages ​​in the manual, including Chinese.

From the accessories, the HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset is still very rich, the compatibility also takes care of various devices, and the line control is also integrated on the audio line. The charging cable adopts the common USB to Micro USB interface. As with the current mobile phone charging cable, it is enough to carry one when going out.

Appearance Analysis

As a new addition to the Cloud series, the HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset is a high resolution audio headset with HI-RES certification. The 40mm neodymium magnet drive unit will bring A better experience.

Take a look at the inner and outer sides of the earmuffs, the outer side is painted with a fine sanding, and the middle is the logo of the silver-gray HX, but for the battery life, there is no lighting effect here. The Y-shaped metal head beam is connected to the ear cup, and the movable shaft body facilitates the adjustment of the ear cup. The inner side is covered with a soft leather, the inside is a thick memory foam, the elliptical earmuffs can fit the ear very snugly, the soft earmuffs are comfortable to wear, and the closed design provides good sound insulation.

drive unit part, HyperX Cloud Mix adopts special brake ring double cavity 40mm neodymium magnet sounding unit, the impedance of the speaker is 40Ω, the frequency response range is 10Hz-40,000Hz, high resolution by Hi-Res Audio certification, the whole machine weighs 260 grams, including 275 grams of microphone. HyperX Cloud Mix has a good bass effect on the sense of hearing, which is also the performance of 40mm large size neodymium magnet. In the game you can feel very clear and delicate footsteps, open the door, and more shocking engine sound, Guns and so on.

HyperX Cloud Mix uses special brake ring 40mm neodymium magnet dual-sound cavity drive unit

button and interface

based on dual-mode earphone design, also needed on earmuffs More button and interface support. Included on the right earmuffRoot volume adjustment shortcut, connection indicator, wireless mode power switch button, below is a Mirco USB charging interface. The way we connect wirelessly is described below.

Figure: Buttons on the right earmuff, interface

The left earmuff is mainly an audio interface, including a detachable headset interface, a standard 3.5mm audio interface. In addition, there is a built-in microphone pickup, which means that the detachable microphone lever can be omitted. For example, in the outdoor wireless mode, for video voice, call, etc.

Figure: Point-type noise reduction microphone

There is also a round button on the right earmuff, this is a multi-function button, such as pause in music, answering calls, etc. Just press it when you need it.

Picture: Multi-function button

Head beam

In this part, let's take a look at the head beam, the sponge-filled black leather, and the seams are concealed instead of The lines weaved like a storm or the Alpha series are exposed, so the design doesn't look too arrogant, steady and elegant, which is consistent with the style of everyday life. The tension and elasticity of the head beam are very moderate, and the inner sponge is also filled with enough weight, so the head will not be pressed even if worn for a long time.

In order to adapt to different head shapes, the HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset has a reel-shaped adjustment in the headgear except for the shaft at the joint between the earmuff and the headgear. The material here is aluminum. The metal frame ensures the toughness and firmness of the head beam. Overall, the HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset Headphones maintains the classic design and ergonomic design of the game, whether it is a game-focused player or an outdoor walk, in terms of fit and comfort. The HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset is more suitable for long-term wear without feeling cumbersome.

Picture: Segmental telescopic rod adjustment

Connection and experience

HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth gaming headset has two connection methods, one is wired, the other is Bluetooth Wireless, supported version is Bluetooth 4.2. More suitable for wired connectionFor gamers, connect to a PC or gaming device via an audio cable with 4-pole 3.5mm remote control. The braided wire is very soft and won't be your burden, and there is a 2m stereo/microphone dual head. Extend the line, so don't worry too long.

When the headphone cable is unplugged and paired with a Bluetooth mobile phone or other device, the HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset becomes a radio-powered headset without cable binding, so when using a PC for wireless connectivity When you first confirm that your PC supports Bluetooth. It is worth mentioning that due to the support of aptX protocol, Bluetooth mode can provide greater transmission bandwidth and lower latency.

There is a power button on the ear cover of the HyperX Cloud Mix. In the off state, long press for 5 seconds to pair with the Bluetooth settings on the PC or mobile phone, similar to the commonly used Bluetooth devices. . When the power is turned on, the status light on the ear cup will light up. When it is not connected, it will flash red. When the Bluetooth is connected, the blue interval will flash. The volume can be adjusted via +- on the ear cup.

The official data shows that the battery life is about 20 hours when using wireless. Although we have not tested for such a long time, it should be enough for one day's competition, and no one will continue to count. Ten hours wearing headphones. Moreover, the USB interface is also more convenient to charge.

In terms of distance, the Bluetooth connection distance of this headset really surprised me. I thought it was 10m at most, but I walked around the company, the distance of 20m was not broken, even me. Also turned two bends, separated by a wall, two walls, the connection signal is still very good. When the distance is exceeded, the music in the earphones is stuck until it is disconnected, but when it enters the connection range, it is quickly connected again. So in terms of connectivity, this headset has a pretty good performance. If you are at home, listening to songs wirelessly with HyperX Cloud Mix, you can basically walk around without worrying about signal disconnection or jamming.

HyperX Cloud Mix The Mix is ​​a mixture of meanings, that is, cloud blending, we can understand that it is a product that combines music and games. In terms of performance, the HyperX Cloud Mix has a 40mm neodymium magnet unit.As well as HI-RES analysis and certification, so in terms of music, both high-pitched and low-pitched sound fields, especially large-scale music, the wide sound field is well rendered, drum sounds, piano sounds are more sound Sound into the ear. Coupled with the characteristics of its wireless connection, it can be said that this headset is not critical in the music experience.

The other is the performance of the game. In addition to the shocking scene, it is especially important for the game player to listen to the sound in the scene, more to be seen outside the field of vision but not seen but must be heard. Sound, in the chicken game, the footsteps, the distance of the vehicle, the HyperX Cloud Mix not only makes me feel the realism and shock of the engine sound and the gun, but also allows me to be the first in the game, one step faster. The role of the headset at this time is fully reflected. Including the wireless connection to play mobile games, there is no delay, and it also brings a super cool experience.

Summary: HyperX Cloud Mix Skyline Bluetooth Gaming Headset is a wired/wireless dual-mode headset that is positioned in a mix of games and music, so it can't be said that it is more professional, it needs to be merged, both In the game to express the sound positioning, immersive dynamic feeling, but also to restore the vocals and instruments more realistically in the music. However, it is worthy of praise that the HyperX Cloud Mix is ​​doing quite well in the distance of wireless transmission, in terms of battery life and rich wire connection, enough to meet the needs of most players. In appearance, this headset does not use cool RGB lighting effect, although it is a pity, but considering the battery life is also completely acceptable. As always, the family-style head beam and hinge design make the HyperX brand deeper into the player's heart.

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