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Introduction: Among many wearable devices, children's watches are a special existence. Although the positioning of children's watches is more subdivided than traditional smart watches, the precise grasp of the target group has made it a good market performance in the past few years, becoming an important part of wearable devices. .

Among many wearable devices, children's watches are a special existence. Although the positioning of children's watches is more subdivided than traditional smart watches, the precise grasp of the target group has made it a good market performance in the past few years, becoming an important part of wearable devices. .

There is no doubt that the safety of children is the primary concern of parents. Expanding various functions around safety is one thing that almost all children's watches are doing at this stage. However, the McDonald's Learning Watch launched by HKUST has made us see some differences. In addition to the emphasis on security, it has made a lot of effort in the study and life of children.

Below we will take a deep look at the McMulcan learning watch from the dimensions of design, wearing, functional experience and security. Let's take a look.

Relatively "cool" appearance, good wearing comfort

The design style of the product is often closely related to its target group. In the case of children's watches, younger children may prefer small, cute shapes. But for older children who already have a certain sense of self-esteem, it may be easier for them to adopt a design that is relatively mature but retains certain youthful elements.

is different from the cute look of most children's watches, although the McMug study watch adds a relatively lively yellow color to the body color, but the layered design and the black main color make it It looks more sporty and looks more mature.

Screen is one of the main ways of human-computer interaction, and naturally it is also the focus of everyone's attention. The McMug study watch is equipped with a 1.2-inch AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 390 × 390, which is not bad. In addition, like many sports watches, its screen periphery is higher than the screen, to a certain extent, it can reduce the occurrence of screen scraping or falling screen.

In addition to occupying most of the screen in front of the fuselage, another place worthy of attention is its camera. Due to the limited size of the watch itself, it is not an easy task to properly position the camera. What makes McMug's watch a clever thing is that it puts the camera on the upper right edge, minimizing its impact on the screen position.

The only physical button is located on the right side of the fuselage, and in order to be able to find the button position well during blind operation, its surface has a relatively prominent bulge. It is worth mentioning that, including the button and the corner position of the fuselage, McMug learns to watch the watch is relatively round, so you don't have to worry about the child will be scratched during use.

Like most children's watches, the charging contacts of the McMulcan learning watch are also placed on the bottom of the fuselage, adjacent to the SIM card slot. One thing to be reminded is that in order to improve the waterproof performance, the SIM card cover and the body are fixed by means of snaps, which may be a little difficult when first opened.

Introduce the full body appearance section to talk about some of the actual wearing aspects. Compared with other products, the special part of the watch is that it often needs to be in close contact with the user for a long time, so whether the wearing comfort is good enough is more worthy of attention. On the basis of this, children also put forward higher requirements for safety.

Regarding comfort, although the size of the body of the watch is not small, the weight control is not bad. At the same time, because its strap is a relatively soft silicone material, and has a multi-ventilation and sweat-wicking design, it is more comfortable from our wearing experience (just for reference).

In addition to the safety of the watch materials that parents pay more attention to, the watch of the watch is also given enough attention. It uses environmentally friendly PCs, ABS shells and food grade silicone straps. In theory, even in the case of accidental consumption, it will not affect the health of the child.

A children's smart watch that can be used as a "learning assistant"

If the appearance is the original reason for a product that attracts our attention, then how the function performs, perhaps it is really for everyone The determinant of willingness to pay for it. Different from most children's watchesMcMurray's learning watch has done a lot of very useful functions for learning the point that parents are generally concerned about.

If you are concerned about the technology field, I believe that it is no stranger to the company. As the head enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence in China, Keda Xunfei has done a good job in voice interaction, and their Anhui Taoyun Technology Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the field of children's artificial intelligence for ten years. This time, they applied the core technologies of excellent children's voice recognition, children's voice synthesis and children's semantics to the watch.

In the menu bar of the McMulcan learning watch, it sets AI+ as a separate function item. After entering the secondary menu, its default operation interface is voice control, and the child can complete the operation of querying ancient poetry, bedtime story, celebrity story, children's song and so on through voice.

Especially ancient poetry and idioms, its poetry database covers the poems and three hundred poems of the Tang and the three hundred poems in the primary and secondary schools. At the same time, it is based on the "Xinhua Idiom Dictionary" and "Modern Chinese Idiom Dictionary", which contains tens of thousands of commonly used idioms. After the query is completed, in addition to the screen will be displayed in text, the watch will be read aloud in speech and parsed, which is not available in many similar products.

For English learning, McMug's learning watch sets up two functions that look similar but differ in their focus. The first is the Chinese-English translation function. Just like literally, the effect it can achieve is the translation between Chinese and English, and the results of the query are presented synchronously in text and voice. However, this feature only supports voice control, with more emphasis on convenience and real-time.

In comparison, its English-Chinese dictionary function is more comprehensive in terms of query results. Take Apple as an example. After the input is completed, the screen displays various complete information including Chinese and English two different phonetic symbols, interpretations, plural forms and example sentences. When a child is reading English outside the classroom, encountering a vocabulary that he or she does not know can be directly queried by voice (for example, asking McMug to learn what a-p-p-l-e is), which is very convenient.

In addition, it may be for the accuracy of the query results, this function supports both manual and voice input methods. But from our actualIn terms of experience, due to its limited screen size, it is more or less difficult to manually input it. Relatively speaking, voice input is more convenient.

In addition to the above, we have a long-lost Chinese character for the "big people" who are used to typing on computers or mobile phones. Stroke function. The watch will recognize the corresponding Chinese characters according to your pronunciation, and then step by step display the stroke order of the relevant Chinese spelling, as well as a lot of information including radicals, strokes, group words and interpretations.

The official said that it refers to the "General Norm Chinese Characters Table" and the "Compulsory Education Chinese Curriculum Standards" formulated by the Ministry of Education and the National Language Committee, covering the compulsory education stage and mastering Chinese characters, including the editing and editing of people. Chinese characters in more than ten versions of texts such as the teaching version, the Jiangsu education edition, and the Beijing Normal University edition. When you read a word you don't know outside of your child's class, you don't need to flip through the heavy dictionary. You can get the answer by learning the watch with McMug. In addition, the addition of this function can also help children understand the correct stroke order of Chinese characters, prevent children from having "reverse strokes" and reduce the probability of children writing typos.

Of course, in addition to learning, McMug's learning watch also has a lot of features for life scenes, such as Alipay, step counter and alarm clock. As for the Alipay function involving money, like many mobile payment devices, its payment method is QR code, and it supports setting the "maximum usage limit". You don't have to worry about the child spending money.

Although the main learning, but the security has not fallen

As we said at the beginning of the article, as a watch for children, no matter how rich its features However, security is always the focus of its attention. Of course, the University of Science and Technology News is also very clear about this point.

Mc咭 learning watches, like most similar products, also have voice calling functions, including mobile, China Unicom and telecommunications, which are supported by the three major carriers in China, and can set family numbers and conduct 4G VoLTE HD call. From our actual experience, its voice volume and quality are doing well.

In addition, you can also set up a group chat, in the form of a message when things are not urgent.To communicate. Of course, if necessary, talk to the child directly by video. One thing to note here is that in addition to using the phone card to access the Internet, McMug's learning watch also supports WiFi network connection.

As for the photo and video effects, the camera of the watch is 2 million pixels. The actual imaging effect is not good. Of course, you don’t want to hold too high expectations for the camera of the watch. Simple picture shooting and video calls are enough.

On the child's dynamic tracking, it also supports real-time positioning, you can know the child's location in real time through the app. Officials said that McMug's learning watch supports nine-position positioning including GPS, Beidou satellite, WiFi and so on. In terms of actual experience, its positioning accuracy is very high. Oh, yes, it supports both Gould and Baidu maps, you can choose according to your own preferences.

In addition to the functions of most of the children's watches mentioned above, this McMug study watch has a special feature - one-way listening. Simply put, parents can initiate one-way listening and monitor the sound situation around their children through the mobile app. This feature is worthy of recognition from a personal point of view, but considering privacy issues, we recommend using the right time point when using it.

Regarding safety, there is a special place for McMug to learn to watch watches. It is more inclined to be parent-led in the control of watches. Specifically, parents can not only choose to remotely turn off the watch through the App, but also set the menu to prohibit shutdown, so as to avoid the situation that the child can not be contacted due to accidental shutdown.

A children's watch suitable for "big children"

In summary, in addition to the excellent safety ability of McMug's learning hand, the more worthy of attention is the learning for children, including English translation, English-Chinese dictionary, stroke order, voice assistant, it brings a lot of tool attributes, which is a great life and learning partner for primary and middle school students in the 6-14 age group.

At the same time, as a product from Keda Xunfei, McMug learned to do a good job in language interaction. In our actualDuring the experience process, it can accurately recognize voice commands and give corresponding answers, both indoors and outdoors, and further enhance the overall operating experience.

returns to the product itself, which has a built-in lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 610mAh. The official standby time is 1~3 days. However, based on our recent usage, if you frequently check the data frequently, you can barely support the duration of the day.

It is also worth mentioning that the McMulcan learning watch also supports IPX8 waterproof and dustproof grade. In theory, it can be continuously soaked for more than 30 minutes in water with a depth of more than 1 meter, and the equipment itself will not be damaged. However, for security reasons, we do not recommend taking it for extreme testing.

As children grow up day by day, whether it is for daily contact or for some learning materials, it is difficult for parents to ask them to stay away from electronic products represented by mobile phones, but if they are equipped with mobile phones for their children, It is inevitable that it will be addicted to the game.

While McMug's learning watch can help children learn and live, it can also avoid the problems we mentioned above. For parents, it is a good choice.

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