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Introduction: At the IFA show, a pair of concept shoes 247 v2 Concept created by the Sony PES team and NEW BALANCE was presented. Black shoes, red, yellow and white inlaid soles, as well as "N" LOGO, minimalist design, full of high-end and fashion!

Paper, what?

Xiaobian: It is the one that can write, draw, and buy buns.

It seems that paper is a good thing!

Xiaobian: Of course! But the paper you use is not high enough.

Paper is also graded?

Xiaobian: (I don't want to talk), show you the advanced paper.

This is a black technology electronic paper that combines E-lnk technology, also known as ink screen. At first glance, it looks like ordinary paper, light and thin, but the performance and function are very different!

1, good flexibility, can be bent at will, will not be damaged.

2, power-on use, clear picture quality, low power consumption.

3, not afraid of scissors, can work normally after cutting.

4. Remote control, freely switch the screen of electronic paper.

Once the e-paper was on the market, it was loved by Geek (the obsessed person of electronics) all over the world! Geek "invented" a lot of things with electronic paper, such as electronic screens, bags, necklaces, eyeglass frames, and electronic paper watches. Sony also made it a shoe!

At the IFA show, a pair of concept shoes 247 v2 Concept created by the Sony PES team and NEW BALANCE was presented. Black shoes, red, yellow and white inlaid soles, as well as "N" LOGO, minimalist design, full of high-end and fashion!

Are all the 247 v2 Concepts made from e-paper?

No, only the LOGO and sole parts of the shoes are currently in electronic paper.



The logo and the sole of the shoe are embedded with electronic paper. Because the electronic paper is light and flexible, and has good flexibility, it will not appear awkward in the interior of the shoe and will not affect it.The overall beauty of the shoes.

More importantly, the in-line design can effectively protect electronic paper, without wear and tear, and it will extend its service life. After the power is turned on, the crystal film can be seen through the crystal film to see the changing pattern on the electronic paper.

Using electronic paper to make shoes, Sony is not the first. As early as 2015, there was a pair of e-paper sneakers, "ShiftWear."

ShiftWear's electronic paper design is all concentrated on the side of the shoe body, without the protection of the inset design. It is necessary to be careful when wearing it, because it is worried about wear.

But the big picture is played, the visual sense is more cool than the 247 v2 Concept!

and the choice of patterns is very rich, just go through the mobile app to enter the mall selection map. You can also upload your own designs. Different pattern changes, feeling that every minute is wearing "new shoes" ~

More importantly, wearing ShiftWear, can convert the energy generated into electricity during walking. This power can not only power the electronic paper, but also charge the phone!

Xiaobian thinks, after wearing ShiftWear to go out, even charging treasure, charger do not have to take, because ShiftWear can wirelessly charge the phone! Can this really be achieved?

The reality is cruel! The idea of ​​the little monster has not yet been realized. Because ShiftWear is not produced for sale!

Is it so difficult to buy a pair of e-paper sneakers? Can only wait for the 247 v2 Concept to be sold?

This is a more powerful and cool e-paper shoe than ShiftWear! It has already been pre-sold in 2018, and now it is scheduled to have full ~

The Vixole Matrix has built-in motion sensors and sound sensors. The pattern changes on the electronic paper are more textured and can follow various gestures and movement changes.

Wearing the Vixole Matrix is ​​not afraid of getting lost, because the shoes have built-in GPS and can navigate. The left foot vibrates to remind the left turn, and the right foot vibrates to remind the right turn.

There are also NFC sensors in the shoes. Those who wear the same shoes can pass the shoes.The son exchanges contact information and information, unlocking new skills of Shuhan and sister!

But before you go out, remember to charge the Vixole Matrix.

Vixole Matrix has its own matching charger, which can be fully charged in 15 minutes, very fast! After fully charged, it can last for 8 hours, enough to go out for a day~

What if there is no electricity? Then when the white shoes or small black shoes wear 呗~

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