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Introduction: On January 7th, the day before CES was launched in the United States, HTC held a press conference. The conference not only released the Vive Pro Eye with eye tracking, but also brought the latest hardware product, Vive Cosmos. Once the news was released, it became the focus of the industry. The next step about Vive is about the year of 2019.

On January 7th, before the launch of CES in the United States, HTC held a press conference, which not only released the Vive Pro Eye with eye tracking, but also brought the latest hardware product - Vive Cosmos. Once the news was released, it became the focus of the industry. The next step about Vive is about the year of 2019.

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In just half an hour, VIVE's four speakers sneaked out on several key products this year, and the rhythm was fast. Some people were caught off guard, and the media reporters from home and abroad were busy with the first heavy news of this year's VR circle, taking photos, taking pictures, typing on the keyboard... busy.

For the new products brought by VIVE, the gyro is also delighted and full of doubts. It is a good thing to have a new product to send out nature is a good thing. After all, the big factory's every move affects the entire industry. What is doubtful is the positioning of this product and the likes of the system, such as the system, what is hidden behind the idea.

First, simply repeat the key information of the day:

1, released the Vive Pro Eye with eye tracking function, and added gaze-oriented menu navigation to get rid of The dependence on the joystick.

2, VIVEPORT latest subscription service - VIVEPORT Infinity. After upgrading the new version, users only need to pay an affordable membership fee to get a hundred times more content choice than the previous number. Download and experience more than 500 content in the content library without any restrictions. The new version is from April 2019. Open on the 5th. Viveport Infinity will work with all existing and future Vive devices, Oculus Rift and ViThe ve Wave partner device is open.

3, released the latest system - VIVEREALITY System, the system uses a new UI, supports new 3D Avatar, ORIGIN, Discovery, Watch, Share, Lens and other new features, allowing developers to explore and use Simple gadgets for creative development and the ability to let users traverse real and virtual worlds at any time.

4, release the latest VR head-mounted product Vive COSMOS, hardware support inside-out tracking, you can connect to mobile phone or PC to run, follow-up or will support other game console devices, run VIVEREALITY System.

5, 8 scenes displayed on the spot:

baseball "Home Run Derby VR"

VR baseball game, combined with the bat and Tracker experience, you can experience the real The immersion of baseball.

Flight Simulation Experience

The flight simulation experience restores all steps of the pilot's flight, and the operator interface is professional and complex, facing professionals such as pilots. The simulation experience prompts all the steps of the plane, and adds eye tracking to collect the trainer's data while understanding the areas where they are focused.

Eat chicken VR game "Population ONE"

The best new VR game that CES has experienced at the moment, similar to eating chicken. Gyrojun played for an hour or so at the scene. The game supports single-player, 2v2, 12v12, or small group team, currently supports 24 people online at the same time. The game is not yet online, and the beta version will be released soon (Gyrojun will release a detailed evaluation of the game, so stay tuned).

BMW Auto Virtual Experience

ZeroLight's virtual test drive experience for BMW, combined with eye tracking to collect data for sales, and provides detailed data analysis, such as the focus of the user's attention, stay The length of time, etc., to see where the user's focus in the virtual car environment, help sales staff to better understand user needs and increase sales.

The virtual bicycle game

is driven by a bicycle, can be turned up and down, left and right, and can be shot using the buttons on the bicycle. The Vive Focus head is used to fly in the air.

3D Avatar Dialogue

combines AI's 3D Avatar to interact with the experience, dialogue, greetings, etc. (due to on-site debugging issues, not carefully experienced).

Vive Focus 6DOF Experience

You can experience Vive's 6DOF kit and use it with Vive Focus. The game you can choose is the mobile 6DOF version of Mercenary. The gyro has experienced this game on the spot. Compared with the version that needs to be moved on the PC side, the mobile version has been changed to a pile shot. The difficulty is reduced. With the 6DOF handle, although the frame rate is somewhat reduced, the overall experience is not bad.

Speech Simulation Training Application

OvationVR developed a speech simulation training application, practicing speech skills in virtual reality scenes, combined with AI's body language, eyeglasses, rhythm, speech, speech The analysis and improvement of tone, wording, etc., is a very practical product in the view of Gyrojun. The application contains different scenarios, such as sharing sessions, small meetings, etc. The characters in the meeting have different reactions and the scene is very realistic.

Targeting consumer? Conjecture on Cosmos hardware

In all of the above information, Gyrojun is concerned about the positioning of the new system and Cosmos. As for Cosmos, as early as mid-November last year, there was news that Vive submitted a trademark called “Vive Cosmos” on EUIPO. This product was unveiled at CES just over a month later. It is.

According to the information learned on the same day, Comos currently knows the relevant information:

non-VR all-in-one, need to connect to PC or mobile phone;

has no built-in battery, Need to connect, the interface is Type-C;

has 4 cameras, the two cameras on the side are not used for Slam function;

comes with headphones;

head with spatial positioning, no need to externally locate the base station;

hands 6DOF handle, using rocker design (guess: no interface under the handle, it seems to need battery)

The eye mask section can be loaded;

uses the VIVEREALITY System.

Because the information currently known is too limited, regarding the details and positioning of the product, Gyrojun has learned from interviews with Wang Congqing, President of HTC China, and Bao Yongzhe, General Manager of HTC North Asia and Vice President of VIVE Product Strategy. .

(Left: General Manager of HTC North Asia and Vice President of VIVE Product Strategy Bao Yongzhe, right: Wang Congqing, President of HTC China)

Bao Yongzhe and Wang Congqing

products from Vive From the perspective of HTC Vive, Vive Pro and later Vive Focus, its products are almost always positioned at high prices, both in price and configuration, and most of the customers are enterprise users.

For this Cosmos, Wang Congqing mentioned, "This product positioning should be aimed at people who have not wanted to buy or consider buying a consumer of VR before, and may not be an enthusiast who is particularly interested in technology, because this The kind of customers they want is convenient and convenient, so it is easy to get started, so we can see that this product can expand our user base, not to let the current customers have a new product that can be replaced. Cosmos is parallel with the existing products. "

Bao Yongzhe also added, "The Vive Pro series is going to the high-end usage scene to develop. In the consumer side, I hope to gradually solve the problems that everyone saw at the beginning. When the Vive was first listed, we found that Some problems, such as the need to use the wireless kit to solve, there are many people here will feel more complicated, we hope to have a consumer. Cosmos is still a consumer-oriented product, we also hope to help them through simple settings Solve the problem and let VR go to various aspects by solving different problems."

Since it is mentioned that it is positioning consumers End, and for relatively mild users, will the product be reduced in price and configuration? For the question raised by Gyrojun, the two interviewed were not clear.Reply. However, according to Vive's consistent positioning, Gyrojun believes that this product will still be a high-end route.

As for the latest system equipped with this product, the VIVEREALITY System, given that Vive once launched WAVE on the mobile side, the relationship between the two systems is also given. Explanation.

"VIVEREALITY system is a system containing the whole UI, UX, including LENS, ORIGIN, DISCOVER, etc. It is not a competitive relationship with WAVE, VIVEREALITY can run on WAVE, or run on PC, it Just a new interface." Wang Congqing mentioned.

"VIVEREALITY will be the main interface system for all VIVE products in the future. It will be available in two versions. The PC version is based on Microsoft and the mobile version is based on Android." Bao Yongzhe said that the long-term plan for the future is to use WAVE. The interface is replaced by the VIVEREALITY interface.

Combining all the above product information, gyrojun found that the keywords of Cosmos can be summarized as: consumer, light user, portable and easy to use, wireless, then it is very likely that the main driver carrier is mobile phone or mini host. (That is, split-unit machine), mobile phone is currently the most popular terminal product, and meets several characteristics such as portable, easy to use, and wireless.

The VR product of the mobile terminal has been developed so far. Aside from the earliest version of the mobile phone + VR box, the VR all-in-one has become the most mainstream form at present, but from the market reaction, even Oculus GO is not in consumption. The end of the wind and waves, and more people will pin their hopes on the Oculus Quest with the first 6 hands 6 positioning.

Different from the device positioning of these vendors, Huawei chose a simple head display format. HUAWEI 2 can be connected to a mobile phone or a PC, but this head display does not have a positioning function, and there is no 6DOF handle for both hands. .

and the first 6 hands of the mobile phone + head display 6 products (excluding the form of third-party peripherals) have no precedent in the market, and whether the mobile phone can drive the VR head-display device is also very popular. The problem is suspected, but in the view of Gyrojun, Cosmos does notEliminate this possibility.

VR business continues to rise, now force is a good time point

just entered 2019, VIVE can be regarded as the first shot of the industry, just left too much The question is a little uncomfortable.

From the release of VR products in 2015 to 2019, VIVE has grown together with this industry for four years, not counting the time of product development. In the past two years, the financial data of the company has been declining. The restructuring and layoffs have also worried about the development of its business.

Wang Congqing replied: "The business of VR has not declined, and it has risen a lot. We are very confident in the VR industry, and the equipment of high-end VR and all-in-one is doubled. There is no problem with the health of the industry."

Bao Yongzhe also added: "VR is growing in our view. We are confident and have different products. We also continue to invest in 2019-2020. Different places."

For the future, both believe that 5G and cloud VR will bring big push, and this time is the best time.

"In fact, 5G is just beginning now, but when this technology is really expanded, it will have a great impact on everyone. It is not affecting traditional Internet access or traditional calling, but affecting it. The connection between all aspects of our lives and technology. For VR, it is not only a growth of speed and transmission, but the delay will be reduced, so from this perspective, it can cause us to plan a long-term direction of cloud VR. I think it still takes time in this direction. It takes a few years to lay out like 3G and 4G. I think it is very important that everyone needs patience.” Wang Congqing believes that from the user’s point of view, it must be patient, because of the popularity of technology. It takes time to consume and guarantee high quality and stability. But for some developers in the industry, content or hardware equipment vendors, it is a good time to start working now.

Bao Yongzhe also stressed that HTC has been investing in 5G and cloud VR. "5G, cloud VR is actually a very large system, covering many technologies of many manufacturers. We are actually working very hard in this direction to promote and continue to invest, but really to commercialization, I think thisIt is necessary to cooperate with the network, the content is coordinated, and the hardware terminal should also cooperate. "

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