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Instruction: On January 25, Huawei held Huawei's cloud 5G Cloud VR service conference and 5G Cloud VR developer salon in Shanghai, and released the world's first 5G Cloud VR service overall solution, exploring 5G "killer" An important step on the road to application.

On January 25, Huawei held Huawei's cloud 5G Cloud VR service conference and 5G Cloud VR developer salon in Shanghai, and released the world's first 5G Cloud VR service overall solution, exploring 5G "killer level" "An important step on the road to application.

Huawei Wireless Network Chief Marketing Officer Zhou Yuefeng delivered a speech found that Huawei Cloud 5G Cloud VR service service covers Cloud VR development kit, Huawei Cloud Cloud VR connection service and Cloud VR The developer community aims to solve the Cloud VR infrastructure and WAN adaptation issues and build a VR development ecosystem.

Everyone in the industry knows that, due to hardware and network, previous VR devices are “big chunks” of localized rendering. To achieve universal VR business in a severe computer rendering (CG) scenario, the first is to solve the problem of computing power availability. In the 5G Cloud VR scenario, the generation of virtual images is migrated from the local to the cloud, making the terminal simpler and less expensive to use, which will promote VR to thousands of businesses.

The Huawei Cloud 5G Cloud VR service released this time includes 3 modules:

1. Cloud VR development kit for offline development, developers can first develop content based on the local area network.

2. The Huawei Cloud Cloud VR connection service is compatible with the carrier network for cloud adaptation and is finally commercialized. Huawei Cloud Cloud VR connection service can provide commercial services directly to industry users, and can be developed and integrated by developers.

3. Cloud VR developer community for communication and experience sharing.

With the continuous development of the mobile industry, people's demand for experience continues to increase, 5G large bandwidth, ultra-low latency characteristics and guaranteed networks, etc.It is the foundation for cloud + emerging business. Through the 5G typical business model of smart terminals, wide pipes and cloud applications, Cloud VR will become one of the most important eMBB services in the 5G first year.

"5G and cloud are the dual engines of Cloud VR popularization. After adding Cloud VR connection service, Huawei Cloud cooperates with Huawei Cloud's computing resources all over the world to become a fertile ground for Cloud VR business training. Any traditional VR development. People, operators, and new entrants can easily expand their business based on this black land.” Zhou Yuefeng, chief marketing officer of Huawei Wireless Network, said at the press conference, “On the eve of 5G, the service can cultivate a large number of Clouds. VR application, and because of the low cost and low threshold of the cloud, VR is everywhere. The Huawei cloud 5G Cloud VR connection service will be the industry's first 5G eMBB 100M value service."[123 ]

Zhao Qiyong, director of MBB Labs under Huawei X Labs, mentioned in the live communication with developers: "We developed Cloud VR connection protocol and software based on the industry's advanced open source components and APIs, and carried out for Huawei cloud platform. Core code refactoring and optimization, and support for 5G wide-area IP transport networks and multi-type VR helmets. We have transformed this protocol and software into a service of Huawei Cloud, providing The majority of developers use. Through 5G and cloud, the full use of cloud computing power and helmet portability brings a new business model and boundary breakthrough."

In addition, Huawei AR/VR product line Zhao Xuezhi, vice president, and Zhou Yindong, an expert on Huawei cloud entertainment solutions, also attended the event, saying that the Cloud VR model based on 5G and cloud architecture will effectively promote the rapid development of the industry and better coordinate with the cloud. The two answered the many questions of VR developers on the terminal and cloud business support, and cleared the direction for the industrial ecological construction guidance.

Huawei provides a Cloud VR developer support program. Qualified developers can obtain Huawei cloud resource recharge voucher, which focuses on supporting VR applications in education, tourism, architecture, exhibition, entertainment and other industries. Support industrial ecological development.

It is reported that after the release of Huawei Cloud 5G Cloud VR service package, Huawei will be in the first half of the next year.Continued to hold VR project roadshows and developer conferences to prepare sufficient “grain” and ecology for the upcoming 5G network in the second half of the year.

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