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Introduction: On January 23, Jingdong Cloud and the leading AR companies in China signed a Matrix cooperation agreement, and the two parties will jointly create a “Jingdong Yunrui” technical service platform, providing coverage for education, medical, industrial, security. Multi-scenario, customizable smart glasses solutions for many industries.

Recently, Jingdong Cloud and the leading AR companies in China have signed a Matrix cooperation agreement, and the two parties will jointly create a “Jingdong Yunrui” technical service platform, covering a wide range of education, medical, industrial, security and many other areas. Multi-scenario, customizable smart glasses solutions for industry needs. The solution will rely on the Jingdong “Cloud Matrix” ecological strategy and ecological resource empowerment partners and the AR/VR industry. At the same time, it marks the extension of the Jingdong Cloud eco-version to the AR/VR field.

Jingdong Group Vice President, Jingdong Cloud Ecology Business Leader Liu Zihao (left) and Bright Vision Founder and CEO Wu Fei (right)

New technology drives China AR/VR market will welcome The outbreak

research shows that the new economy based on new technology is driving the rapid development of AR/VR, and the growth of China AR/VR revenue in the next five years may make it the dominant player in the AR/VR market. Welcome to the outbreak. The data shows that by 2022, AR equipment will reach 3.5 billion units, the market size will be between 85-90 billion US dollars; VR equipment will be 50-60 million units, the market size will be between 10 billion and 15 billion US dollars, and China AR/VR Revenue will account for one-fifth of the world.

Insiders pointed out that the new economy driven by new technologies represented by cloud computing, big data and AI will generate new dividends through “information three optimization”, namely information processing optimization, information flow optimization and information utilization optimization. Reshape the economy. Among them, information utilization optimization will be based on VR/AR and other technologies, improve human efficiency, liberate people from low-level functions, and enhance people's high-level functions and sensory experience. This is the core and inevitable trend of new economic development.

AR/VR faces real difficulties

However, the development of AR/VR also faces many practical difficulties. For example, AR mainly requires high precision in algorithms and software by means of computer vision and deep learning. For VR, low latency,High definition and interaction are important indicators of the experience and require high hardware capabilities. "In enterprise-level and large-scale applications, AR/VR can only be truly integrated with cloud computing, big data and AI, and it is invincible." Liu Zihao, vice president of Jingdong Group and head of Jingdong Cloud Ecology, said.

Liu Donghao, vice president of Jingdong Group and head of Jingdong Cloud Ecology Business

AR/VR can solve the calculation and efficiency of application CPU and GPU through cloud computing, enabling AR/VR to truly implement equipment The interaction between the end and the cloud is connected; the big data can improve the energy efficiency of human work, generate the demand of new application scenarios, and increase the efficiency of the enterprise through data empowerment and connection empowerment; and through the blessing of AI, AR/VR can make Business scenarios and cutting-edge research and integration promote the technological advancement of smart wearable devices and upgrade the industrial quality.

The essence of AR/VR is interaction, and AR is a new way of interacting with WYSIWYG. However, it is not enough to improve the user's interactive experience by the front-end AR/VR application. It also requires a large amount of data collection, analysis and processing, computational storage, etc. At this time, it needs new technologies such as cloud computing, big data and AI. Fusion. Wu Fei, founder and CEO of Bright Vision, said, “In fact, when AR/VR truly serves end users, it will find that in addition to the infrastructure support such as cloud computing, big data, AI, etc., it needs to embrace bigger. Ecology, because users want more than just an interactive AR glasses, but a complete set of solutions."

Jingdong Yun helps solve AR/VR difficult ecological empowerment partners

Wu Fei seems that Jingdong Cloud's cloud computing technology capabilities and relying on Jingdong Group's data precipitation and technology accumulation in big data and AI, as well as the rich ecosystem of Jingdong Cloud's ecological prosperity can solve the current pain points in the AR/VR field.

On the one hand, Jingdong Cloud can provide AR/VR partners with comprehensive technical support for the infrastructure layer. As a full-service cloud service provider under the Jingdong Group, Jingdong Cloud can provide full-stack services from IaaS, PaaS to SaaS, including full-scenario services including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud and proprietary cloud. , cloud computing services to full-band services for integrated services, and commitment to partnersA full-scale service that covers the entire industry and provides platform support for the entire industry. Not only that, Jingdong Cloud relies on the long-term practice and technology accumulation of Jingdong Group in big data, AI, Internet of Things and mobile Internet, forming a whole industrial chain from basic platform construction, business consulting planning, business platform construction and operation. The cloud ecological pattern can provide users with one-stop comprehensive cloud computing solutions.

On the other hand, Jingdong Cloud Ecology covers a rich ecosystem of all walks of life, and it also provides more possibilities and space for partners to extend AR/VR to various possible application areas and form corresponding solutions. . As Wu Fei said, in cooperation with Jingdong Cloud, you can see more cutting-edge application scenarios. With the technical advantages and ecosystem of Jingdong Cloud, AR/VR can be applied to more real-life scenarios and create customer-friendly requirements. Customized solutions. “In this respect, enterprises in the AR/VR field need to rely on the industry's big head of ecology. AR/VR companies are on this ecology, but they don't do cloud services, but they are handed over to professional partners like Jingdong Cloud. Once there is a curing scene, there will be a corresponding solution."

"AR/VR has a lot of space in various fields, and Jingdong Cloud's ecosystem can be AR/like. VR partners provide proven applications that are already very mature, such as smart education and smart healthcare. We hope to continue to integrate with more industry-leading partners. You have me, I have you, build a piece. An equal, open, and win-win cloud position." Liu Zihao said.

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