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Three years after listing, from the previous 29 daily limit plate myths, today's share price fell nearly 90%, the market value evaporated more than 30 billion, the stormy landscape of the past winds finally vanished. From the "demonstration" to the "magic stock" to the final "stock", the bubble behind the capital market carnival is finally disillusioned.

"Three problems in the past three years, listed companies have no financing and mergers and acquisitions, misunderstanding of debt financing and equity financing, and we also have greed in business layout." Feng Xin, chairman of Storm Group, frankly There are many reasons for the shock of secondary capital.

Feng Xin believes that among them, the business layout of the Storm Group is particularly prominent among many problems. For this reason, Storm Group adjusted its layout, voluntarily gave up the high-intensity storm video, integrated Storm VR, and only retained Storm TV for individual assault. Divesting non-profit business, from diversification to re-nuclearization, is a strategic tool to solve the diversified crisis.

As a high-tech company that started as an Internet video, what is behind the glory to the decline, what is the survival magic weapon to maintain the company's enduring survival? Fangxiang Institute of Intellectual Property will then solve this answer from the perspective of technical analysis.

In fact, compared with similar competitors (such as Tencent, iQiyi, Youku Tudou), Storm's technological innovation and patent layout have no advantage. Stormwind Group wants to base itself on the market with frequent patents with only 11 authorized patents. In any case, it is too thin.

While being able to stay out of the patent litigation, Huawei, a strategic partner with more than 120 patents related to video technology, has contributed a lot. As a recognized patent strong body, Huawei's strategic patent layout in the field of communication technology has largely compensated for the shortcomings of storm patents, and laid the foundation for storm business development and market competitiveness.

What is the future of Stormwind Group? It is important to rely on Huawei's foreign aid cooperation, but its own innovative research and development is also an urgent task. Since the beginning of Xiaomi's initial entry into the market in 2011, the total number of patents of Xiaomi has reached 6,324, but the IPO eve is still subject to patent litigation. Compared with Xiaomi, the situation facing Storm Group will be more severe.

As early as the release of Storm Mirror 4, Zhao Shanshan, founder of Nanjing Shenluo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. sued Storm II for the second generation of product infringement. Eventually, the storm passed the invalid plaintiff patent (CN204331156U: a line-of-sight adjustment device in a 3D stereo glasses of a mobile phone), which made the patent infringement automatically fail to win. Despite this, in the industry where litigation is high, how much damage does the storm cause to the incident? In the future development, can the Storm Group still have a consistent peace of mind?

Looking back at the listing of Storm Mirror VR, it took advantage of the domestic online and offline market, allowing virtual reality to enter the reality, and once launched a wave of technology and investment. Today, VR dreams are broken, and glory is no longer there. Then when the storm VR and TV first fit, the questioning about technology innovation or the use of marketing is still flowing. Although investors are optimistic about the VR industry, they do not want to miss this heavy chip, high-risk gambling, but Storm Mirror continues to expose product quality problems, the reason is the lack of core technology. So far, the development of VR technology is still immature, and there are still bottlenecks such as technical stun.

Therefore, for high-tech enterprises, attaching importance to their own technological R&D innovation and strategic layout of independent intellectual property rights, they can not only attack and defend in the patent war, but also help them to compete in the competitive market and obtain higher economic profit. In other words, technical strength is the solid core of the company's profitability.

As far as investors are concerned, the investment concept is becoming mature and the investment market tends to be rational. When the hype is cooled, the enterprises with the technical concept shell will eventually become the victims of the capital market bubble, and the technical strength will become the influence. The main factor of investment decision-making is also the ultimate investment direction.

This is also mentioned in the opening of this article. In the face of the continuous decline of three-year performance, Feng Xin, the chairman of Stormwind Group, has frequently moved from behind the scenes to the front of the stage, self-reflecting the mentality of expansion and business confusion and business layout confusion. A series of questions. Today's Storm Group is deeply aware of the technical direction of accurately judging the industry's enthusiasm. Storm Group has now reduced and reorganized its multi-party business and redefined its strategic business – the strategic layout of Storm TV.

From the past, the patents applied by Storm Commander were analyzed. Since 2016, the number of authorized utility model patents has been 80, of which 7 invention patents are in the stage of public trial. And given the long authorization period of Storm TV related invention patents, it is only possible to obtain the number of valid patents and legal status.It is true to assess the technical strength of Storm TV.

It is generally believed that the invention patent authorization requires a trivial test of actual examination, and its value is higher than that of the utility model, that is, the investment value of the enterprise with more invention patents is also greater, so only the open invention patent Analyze. Among them, 1 is related to communication technology (CN201710586535.5), 1 is related to voice interaction technology (application number: CN201611260125.3), and the other 5 are related to intelligent hardware technology.

Voice interaction technology is the core technology of smart TV, and its parent company Storm Group Co., Ltd. has also submitted an invention application for "method and system for voice search based on voice definition semantics", which can be " The AI ​​TV 7” product launch provides intellectual property protection. The related technology successfully solves the bottleneck problem of the development of television voice interaction, such as the semantic recognition of AI and the influence of the sound of TV ontology, so that people completely say goodbye to the era of remote control. Storm Commander and the China Artificial Intelligence Society have jointly released the "Storm AI TV Product Enterprise Standard", which also highlights the strength of Storm TV in the field of TV voice interactive technology.

At the Beijing press conference of Storm TV, Storm TV & CEO Liu Yaoping publicly stated that the future research and development focus of the company is on the improvement of recognition rate, the enhancement of content and interaction, and the recognition of dialects. The competitive nature of the Internet TV industry is the competition for hardware entry, which has become a consensus. The patented layout of Storm Intelligent Hardware Technology provides powerful technical support for Storm TV to empower smart TVs through the Internet and deepen the field of Storm TV products. Under Huawei's umbrella, Storm's patent for autonomous communication technology will further enhance the hard power of this technology field. In summary, it can be seen that smart TV technology is now mature, and the authorization of invention patents is only a matter of time. This is different from the storm mirror that relies on immature VR technology concept products. Storm commander obviously still has certain technical competitiveness. .

In today's hot investment market, capital is full of expectations for the technology industry, and the threshold for technology investment is also rising, and the investment ability of investors is constantly being tested. In the technical value investment community, there are still many cases of ups and downs like the Storm Mirror. How to find out the pain points of the industry, dig deep into the technical core of the enterprise to solve this pain point, and judge it through a complete standard processWhether the future truly has technical and commercial value is an issue worthy of consideration for investors.

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