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Introduction: Dreamscape Immersive's new VR offline entertainment flagship store is located in a shopping mall in Southern California, USA. As soon as you walk into the store, the noise and noise of the shopping mall are quickly thrown away and disappear. .

"Leave the Los Angeles shopping center and take a trip to the ancient temple and the underwater world."

Dreamscape Immersive's new VR offline entertainment flagship store is located in a shopping mall in Southern California, USA. As soon as I walked into the store, the noise and noise of the shopping mall were quickly thrown away and disappeared. After entering the store, you will see a simple wooden front desk with a large clock on the wall behind the front desk and two electronic displays under the clock to promote the three immersive experiences in the store. In the display, the names of the three experiences use a three-letter abbreviation, which is like the style of the airport.

Photo: Dreamscape Immersive offline experience source: Lionel Hahn

In addition, there are a variety of physical items placed in the rest, all from the store's three VR experience: "External Zoo (Alien Zoo), "Lavan's Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl" and "The Blu: Deep Rescue" further strengthen the transition to illusory reality . These props pre-rendered the story background and plot before the audience's formal experience. The VR Experience Room has been specially designed to look like a train carriage with wooden seats and a soft light pouring down the top – all immersive settings that make the audience feel like they really want to start a journey instead of A VR experience.

Photo: Dreamscape Immersive Offline Experience Source: Lionel Hahn

This design is inspired by the entrance design of the modern theme park and is thought-provoking and appealing to the audience. At present, Dreamscape is preparing to enter the AMC cinema. In order to dispel the public's doubts about VR, Dreamscape hopes to convince the public with such a design.

DBruce Vaughn, CEO of reamscape, said: "The general perception of VR in society or the misunderstanding of VR is that VR is just technology and games. What we do is to change this impression." Vaughn used to be Walt Disney Fantasy Project (Walt Disney Imagineering) Chief Creative Officer, joined Dreamscape in 2012. He went on to explain that the metaphor of designing the reception desk as an airport departure hall was to change the audience's perception of VR. He said: "When the customer walks into the door, it will give birth to a feeling like: 'Wow, this is different from what I think' or 'this is definitely different from my previous experience'. Or, even if you I don't know VR, this design will also look fascinating, and people will not think that 'this is a place I can trust'."

"VR is an excellent platform for telling stories" [ 123]

As for the VR experience itself, Dreamscape is similar to another offline experience company, The Void. It is also a group of up to 6 people, allowing customers to carry a backpack computer, wear a head-up and a hand-foot tracker, and then come to a 16 x 16-foot space with a vibrating tactile floor. (There are five such “experience capsules” in the Westfield Century City Mall near Los Angeles Beverly Hills, one of which simulates the flight experience, but only three are currently in operation.) This is where the VR experience takes place, customers are In the digital world, it has become a virtual character, opening a wonderful journey, touching and feeling what you see in the head. In the process, other sensory experiences (such as smell) and other meteorological elements (such as fog and wind) are also included, further enhancing the realism of the virtual experience. Experience a ticket price of $20 and experience about 15 minutes.

"Exterior Zoo" will lead customers to the alien planet in the interstellar orbit, to open a dark journey where players can raise alien animals. "Blue: Deep Dive Rescue" is the latest version of the Wevr underwater VR series. In this experience, players will become underwater explorers who need to find and save a missing whale. In this adventure, the player also needs to complete the personal task on the underwater "scooter", the player needs to grip at this timeA feedback handle that continues to vibrate. "Magic Projector: Finding Lost Pearls" is the experience of "Indiana Jones" (Adventure Treasure Hunting). Customers need to hold the torch to explore the ruins of the ancient temple, look for lost artifacts, and finally take the mine car and leave the "Druid Hall".

The day before I opened it to the public, I experienced two things in the store: "Blue: Deep Dive Rescue" and "Magic Projector: Looking for Lost Pearls" (I have already done this earlier this year) Experienced "Exterior Zoo", these three VR content styles are different. "Magic Projector: Finding Lost Pearls" is the most ambitious game of the three. Its magic is that a magical movie projector can lead customers into an old adventure movie. Dreamscape co-founder and producer Walter Parkes said: "We think that "Magic Projector" should be a series. Maybe next time we will see Frankenstein in black and white style (Fiction Frankenstein) The protagonist) VR is indeed a great platform to tell a variety of stories."

is also a VR offline experience store, Dreamscape's works will naturally be compared with other offline VR experience. . I found that Dreamscape's experience is not as good as The Void's Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, with occasional image failures and lack of personal finger clarity. In addition, the consistency of physical objects is not very good. In The Void experience, players can actually touch them when they see walls or objects in the virtual world, but there is no such experience in the Dreamscape project. When I experienced "Blue: Deep Dive Rescue" and "Magic Projector", I often wanted to reach out and touch various items, but unfortunately I can't really touch them in reality.

This may sound like picking a bone in an egg, because VR's point of view is to create a fantasy experience, not a physical experience. But when the objects in the virtual world can really have a contrast in the physical world, and can be touched, it will give the experience a different immersion. The designer's goal is to bring the experiencer into the world of a particular story and be completely immersed in it. In this respect The VThe oid is doing very well, compared to Dreamscape's experience.

Hollywood creative forces are working hard to create emotional resonance

but it must be said that Dreamscape stands out in the field of story and narrative. From the beginning, the company used its Hollywood creative power as a secret weapon. In addition to being a founder of Parkes producer ( "Minority Report", "the Men in Black franchise"), also a writer ( "War Games," Sneakers "), and Steven Spielberg, etc. Industry giants are also involved in the Dreamscape Immersive project, so these experiences have Hollywood-level blessings. In other offline VR experiences, those games may be more like arcade adventures than an excellent story.

The Alien Zoo will eventually allow viewers to think about the impact of human beings' inappropriate ways of treating the Earth. Blue: Deep Dive Rescue enables viewers to establish emotional connections with giant whales that need to be saved. "Magic Projector" feels like a series of classic movie series, people are eager to know the content of the next chapter and the fate of the projector creator. Parkes and Vaughn said they want to make most of the experience as satisfying as possible.

"Walter and I, our career has been focused on creating new things for the global and popular markets," Vaughn said. "You still need to have strong emotional resonance. We won't get into trouble because of our arrogance about art. We know that at the end of the day, people must feel it. If not, our work is not done." 123]

Vaughn also said that although there are already a lot of VR works, people are still trying to define what the media can and should be. Those more traditional mainstream concepts are sometimes lost in the mix with VR. "There are a lot of products, especially in the VR world. It can really be called super art, but it is 'I can't feel anything from it. I don't want to experience it again. I don't want to bring other people to experience it." [123 ]

"This is actually a natural evolution," Parkes added. "The first batch of VR companies and developersThey are all animators, technologists, programmers, and special effects personnel. Therefore, VR products developed are often technology-led, but we are not those people. Parkes said that they use the VR offline experience as a medium that allows storytellers to make the story better. "It's like a very good toolbox that can re-present what we did for our careers." .

After the initial wave of VR speculation subsided, much attention shifted to the VR offline experience store. Disney invested in The Void, and IMAX launched its own VR offline center and brought VR to the cinema. The Void's strategy has been effective. They have opened a number of experience stores in the United States, launched a project based on Star Wars and Invincible Destruction, and plans to launch an experience developed by Marvel IP in 2019. IMAX chose the simpler VR arcade mode and used some content that can already be experienced in the home VR. Unfortunately, the plan was not successful. At present, IMAX has announced that it has completely withdrawn from the VR field.

Dreamscape has partnered with AMC Cinema and is poised to capitalize it. The company plans to launch VR facilities in four AMC stores in mid-2019 and is also looking to expand its markets in Europe and the Middle East with other partners. The content and design tested in the Dreamscape flagship store will be copied to the AMC store, and the Los Angeles Center will become the test base to find the best resonance with the experience. Except for Dre In addition to amscape's existing original work, Parkes also promised to “add true world-class IP” to its product lineup soon, which will enhance the appeal of the VR experience.

For flagship stores, Parkes said: “ Here is our lab, where we implement productization, including how to operate cleanly and cleanly, and add style elements that suit us. We will copy them into the 4 stores of AMC, so we can guarantee that users will experience the same feelings as the flagship store in Florida stores, and then we will start a large-scale expansion from there. "

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