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Introduction: In 2019, the CES Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from January 8th to January 11th, 2018. The special correspondent group in front of the station sent a report from the exhibition site.

The 2019 US CES Consumer Electronics Show was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from January 8th to January 11th, 2018. The special correspondent group in front of the station sent a report from the exhibition site.

January 8, 2019 - HTC VIVE, the innovation leader of immersive technology, today announced the launch of new hardware devices, software services and content products to reshape the virtual reality (VR) experience. With the new VIVE Pro Eye with built-in eye tracking, the high-end VR experience will be fully upgraded. At the same time, HTC Global VR App Store VIVEPORT has released the Viveport Infinity membership service, which allows users to enjoy all the premium content in the member library at any time. In addition, HTC also announced its next-generation VR head-on VIVE COSMOS developer kit. This new VR head display has unprecedented convenience and ease of use. Also on display with Vive Cosmos is the Vive Reality System. The system recreates the VR world in the immersive computing era with a new content display interface and different jump designs. This upgrade to high-end VR not only brings top-notch immersive technology and content experiences to the industry and users, but also an important step towards redefining the vision of VR usage and experience.

Mr. Wang Congqing, President of HTC China, said: “We are very pleased to present a number of breakthrough innovations at this CES conference. The release of Vive Pro Eye, Viveport Infinity, Vive Cosmos and Vive Immersive System Both will vigorously promote the development of the entire VR industry and help the richness of the Vive ecosystem. We believe that the future scale of the VR industry will be comparable to the integration of technology industries such as PC, smartphone and TV. Volkswagen will be immersive in the VR world. Carry out daily work, entertainment and learning activities. This series of innovations will attract more new VR users and provide better service for existing VR enthusiasts and professional users.To bring a more complete immersion experience. For the VR industry and VR users, 2019 will be an important year. As time goes by, we will bring more surprises to everyone.

Vive Pro Eye – New hardware with eye tracking function

The Vive Pro Eye integrated eye tracking function for professional VR users has improved the user experience. The new Vive Pro Eye brings further ease of operation to the user, adding gaze-oriented menu navigation to get rid of the reliance on the joystick. Thanks to eye tracking, corporate users and developers The new Vive Pro Eye can be used to collect more data about its training environment, optimize the performance of computers and VR devices, and bring more detailed feedback to product design and research teams than ever before.

American professional baseball The Alliance (MLB) first demonstrated the Vive Pro Eye with eye tracking through the "MLB Dream Home Run" VR experience at 2019 CES. Users can operate all function menus without the traditional joystick. Starting in 2019 Users can experience the new Vive Pro Eye with eye tracking function on the designated course.

Senior Vice President of Game and VR, Major League Baseball, USA Amie Leece said: "We are committed to using VR technology to bring a fun immersive experience to baseball fans, so that they can understand their close connection with the game. Users can experience an unprecedented interactive experience through VR game competition anytime, anywhere. By incorporating eye tracking into the ‘MLB Dream Homer’ VR experience, we can make it easy for users to experience baseball in any location without the need for additional joysticks. The baseball fans can easily operate the menu with their eyes. "

For the industry market, Vive Pro Eye with eye tracking will provide industry users with many intuitive enhancements from performance, ease of operation to improved training applications. Vive Pro Eye can also render Minimize the computing resources required for high-precision VR environments, bringing more convenience to developers.

The new Vive Pro Eye will be released in the second quarter of 2019.

Viveport Infinity – Unlimited Access to All Contents

Viveport Member Services is also welcoming the largest upgrade to date, the first unrestricted membership service in the VR industry. Viveport Infinity member users can enjoy the contents of the member library anytime, anywhere, free to explore and experience hundreds of VR applications.

Viveport President Rikard Steiber said: "When we first launched our membership service, consumers could experience 5 VR content per month. Today we announced the launch of Viveport Infinity, Viveport is about to enter a new phase. Upgrade to Viveport Infinity After that, users only need to pay an affordable membership fee to get a hundred times more content choice than the previous number, and enjoy the best quality VR content."

From Vive Day (April 5, 2019) At the beginning of the day, members can download and experience more than 500 content in the Viveport Infinity content library without any restrictions. The unrestricted membership model not only saves members thousands of dollars in spending, but also provides members with the opportunity to experience more new premium VR content. After the launch of Viveport Infinity, members can try out the popular apps of independent developers, or take short-term tastes of content that they don't want to pay at the same time, and download and keep their favorite games, you can play at any time, such as "Seeking Dawn" (Seeking Dawn) ) and "Torn." Viveport Infinity will be open to all existing and future Vive devices, Oculus Rift and Vive Wave partner devices.

In addition, the domestic famous game masterpiece "The Mercenary" series "Mercury 2: Intelligent Crisis" will be the exclusive content on the Viveport platform. The addition of popular games has made the Viveport content ecosystem more colorful. "Mercury 2: Smart Crisis" will present a multi-person cooperation and battle mode that has never been seen before, with more refined visual performance and innovation.The game system, diverse weapons and more challenging enemies give the player a significant upgrade in combat experience.

Vive Cosmos – VR head-end display without external tracking

The Vive Cosmos debut is the latest VR head-up display for HTC Vive. It has excellent wearing comfort and is easy to install and operate – this ensures that users can access their virtual world at any time via Vive Cosmos. Vive Cosmos requires no external tracking, and it is most flexible in terms of space usage, whether it is carried at home or on the go. In addition, devices that drive Vive Cosmos can be limited to traditional gaming computers.

Mr. Daniel O'Brien, General Manager of HTC Vive North America, said: "We found that more than 85% of VR enthusiasts regard ease of use and ease of configuration and installation as the primary factors affecting the purchase of VR headsets. Factors. We believe that Cosmos will attract more people who have not paid attention to VR equipment before, and will also bring better design and sensation to VR enthusiasts."

This Cosmos can be used in a new environment. Quick-set, ready-to-use VR head-mounted display, HTC aims to redefine how VR devices are used. At the same time, Cosmos will also be the first Vive head-mounted display with "Vive Immersive System", which will bring users a new VR experience.

HTC will offer the Vive Cosmos Developer Suite in early 2019, details of the launch date and price of the consumer version will be announced later this year.

Vive Immersive System – Reconstructing users' immersive journey in the VR world

HTC Creative Labs first publicly demonstrated the Vive immersive system. It will reshape the way users experience the VR world – integrating the user experience from the moment they are put on the head to the entire process of content interaction, making the user's immersive journey in the virtual world more complete.

Drew Bamford, Vice President of HTC Vive Creative Labs, said: "Our philosophy is to focus on developing high-performance products and bringing the ultimate experience to users, building a bridge that connects reality easily and naturally.With a virtual world. Through the Vive immersive system, we set out to rebuild Vive's core software experience to achieve our philosophy. No matter where users travel on the VR world, they feel the tools and environment to build a Vive immersive system that allows every user to get an immersive space experience. In VR, we prefer that users' interactive experiences be like moving through different worlds, rather than simply opening one application after another. "

Vive immersive systems include elements that affect the operation and experience of the entire Vive family. Vive Cosmos will be the first to ship this system. As part of the Vive immersive system project, HTC Vive also announced with Mozilla Cooperation, launched the first VR browser customized for Vive.

Vive immersive system will provide VR experience support for Vive's full line of products, Vive Cosmos will become the first product to carry this system.

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