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Introduction: As the local VR/AR flagship brand Pico, which has been on CES for three consecutive years, this year, it has lived up to expectations. Its new products have made a stunning appearance, once again bringing great surprises to the global technology industry.

On January 8th, local time, CES was kicked off as scheduled in 2019. CES is the "show" of the latest technology and products in the global science and technology industry, leading the trend of technology in the coming year. The brands and products that can be unveiled at CES are the world's foremost technology trends, a symbol of technological strength and technology. As the local VR/AR flagship brand Pico, which has been on CES for three consecutive years, this year, it has lived up to expectations, and its new products have made a stunning appearance, once again bringing great surprises to the global technology industry.

Picture 1: Pico exhibition CES2019

This CES, Pico brings the latest VR machine G2 4K, which maintains the Pico G2 simple appearance and comfortable wearing design, guaranteeing high-end Performance configuration and smooth and stable picture, upgrade the screen resolution from 3K to 4K, the picture quality is more clear and delicate, the screen graininess is greatly reduced, and the visual impact of the VR experience is strong, in the clarity and display effect The field of virtual reality as a "hard indicator" is a revolutionary advancement. The new G2 4K can be perfectly decoded to a high 8K 360-degree VR video content, with precise and smooth handle tracking interaction, once again push VR "immersion" to the extreme. Recently, Pico has cooperated with eye tracking technology service provider Qixin Yiwei to jointly develop a G2 4K-based eye tracking industry solution for psychological medical prediction and cure, as well as ophthalmic disease detection and treatment. This program can also be widely used in social applications, eye movement games, eye movement analysis and other fields. It is reported that Pico G2 4K products will be released soon, and the specific configuration and price information will be announced one by one. In the middle of 2018, Pico has launched the Pico G2 all-in-one machine. With its simple and elegant design, the 268g "extremely light" helmet weight, combined with the top-level comprehensive configuration, has received numerous praises after its launch, and its products are sold well at home and abroad. It is currently the best-selling VR machine in the mainstream domestic e-commerce platform such as Jingdong and Tmall. While repeatedly winning top domestic awards, the Pico G2 series won the CES 2019 Innovation of the Year Award.The Pico brand's innovative strength is recognized by top international design and product experts.

Picture 2 & 3: Pico G2 4K products are on display at CES and exhibitors try to wear

Picture 4: Pico G2 series products won the CES2019 Innovation Award

new version The G2 4K VR all-in-one is exciting, but Pico's surprises don't stop there. PicoZense, Pico's TOF product line, also brings a new generation of deep camera module pico air camera. This is a set of 3D smart camera module based on Qualcomm platform. It shows two application schemes of face detection system and vehicle intelligent interactive system. It can combine 3D with face recognition, gesture recognition, combined with depth data and artificial intelligence image processing technology. The application of perceptual power in real life scenarios is concretely presented. PicoZense also brings its own smart space interactive terminal pico air light, also applies 3D intellisense technology, integrates projection and illumination modules, realizes the identification of the hands and objects in the projection area, and through the self-developed AI. Model training tools for rapid modeling of object recognition models. Pico air light brings two demos of gesture recognition and projection interactive tower defense game on CES, and the scene is very eye-catching.

Figure 5: PicoZense series products stunning appearance

As the leading VR/AR brand in China, Pico has always been at the cutting edge of the technology trend. Deeply cultivated in the field of VR all-in-one, Pico continues to surprise the global users by iterating over the software and hardware of the products. Pico G2 4K debuted at this year's CES, once again fully refreshed the global VR machine industry standard, and competed on the same stage with the global first-line brands in the star-studded CES stage. Pico's pursuit of superior technology is not limited to this. It has also extended its technological reach into the AR and AI fields. As the 2D camera gradually transitions to the trend of 3D, the exploration of 3D visual perception technology is carried out early, and the vision of the future world is firmly grasped. The entrance gradually builds a common visual ecology of VR/AR/3D Sensing. Incorporating its own resource reserves, what kind of "black technology" products will Pico bring in the future, and enter the massesLive scenes and bring real life quality improvements? Everything is waiting to be seen.

Source: China Commercial Telecommunications

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