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Science and technology news: "RealMax dry" debut at CES,

Introduction: The new year's CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) kicked off. From January 8th to 11th, more than 180,000 and 4,400 companies will gather in Las Vegas for 2019. CES. The RealMax brand from China brought its newly released head-mounted smart computer RealMax and its computing platform WebAR to CES at the end of 2018.

The new year's CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) kicked off. From January 8th to 11th, more than 180,000 and 4,400 companies will gather in Las Vegas to participate in 2019. Year of CES. The RealMax brand from China brought its newly released head-mounted smart computer RealMax and its computing platform WebAR to CES at the end of 2018.

There is no doubt that 5G and smart wearable devices are the focus of this year's CES, and the future will be an era where everything is always online. Whether it is an office or an outdoor construction site, as long as there is a network, people can form cross-regional barrier-free communication. On the other hand, people have higher requirements for mobile devices, freeing their hands, and plug-and-play will become standard. Terminal devices will enter people's lives in a variety of forms, and the cloud and devices will interact seamlessly. There is no doubt that 5G technology will drive mobile device-based applications to evolve at an unimaginable speed.

RealMax is a head-mounted smart computer based on augmented reality technology. It will present you with a new visual sensibility and a "what you see is what you get" message without too much voice and text notes. the way. Information will no longer be displayed in terms of language, pictures, or even video, but it will be flawless, which will stimulate the deep understanding of the brain to make people's communication more accurate and efficient. Save the time and cost we waste because of ineffective communication.

As an AR headset, RealMax does give us a sense of space without borders. In the past, electronic display devices, TV, movies, computers, mobile phones, IPAD, and VR, in real scenes, whether it is starry sky, the Milky Way, roaming factories, schools, etc., the actual scenes become after the display carrier reaches our eyes. Very limited, if it is a three-dimensional fieldScenery, it will test the performance of hardware devices. RealMax has done a complete borderless visual experience, and truly achieves a comprehensive view; in addition to improving the sense of experience, in industrial and other scenarios, it helps and accelerates management decisions, improves work efficiency, and is more secure.

The difference between 5G and 4G technology is far more than the speed of the transmission rate that the public understands, but it brings the real thing in all things. For the first time, intelligent end-to-end transmission is realized between smart devices. All intelligent devices can be connected to each other without communication through the communication base station. The communication between people will be extended to connect all things to create full mobile and full connection. Digital society. Based on this understanding, in the 5G era, through the cloud platform, an information transmission chain covering content creation, data transmission, and collaborative sharing can be formed between smart devices, and content creation and presentation will be faster and editable.

The WebAR platform is a whole-generation computing platform that integrates “production, sharing, interaction, collaboration, publishing and management”. For example, today's teachers have gone through the process of writing from chalk to using PPT to display courseware, PPT embedding pictures and videos, trying to make students understand the course more intuitively. On this platform, teachers can call 3D models to create their own. Visualized, interactive AR courseware, and can be adapted to any hardware device, shared by WeChat, etc., so that students from all over the world can learn the same course in the same space to complete a task. Collaborate to overcome a problem. After completion, it can be released on the platform side, so that more people can see and learn and communicate, truly realize "educational fairness". Without borders and the gap between rich and poor, we can realize global interaction through the network. .

On December 25, 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued the "Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Accelerating the Development of Virtual Reality Industry", pointing out the development goals of China's virtual reality (including augmented reality) industry: to 2025 In the year, China's virtual reality industry has entered the forefront of the world as a whole, mastering key core patents and standards, and forming a virtual reality backbone enterprise with strong international competitiveness. As an AR (Augmented Reality) computing company invested by the State Development Investment Group Co., Ltd., RealMax strategy is deeply rooted in the application of typical vertical industry scenarios, through the independent design, development and mass production of AR smart hardThe piece meets the digital interaction of consumer users in the real world, and realizes the international competition and trend of Chinese AR computing companies in the next generation computing platform.

RealMax is an augmented reality and artificial intelligence platform technology company with complete technology and business closure from platform to content, application development to intelligent terminals, creating borderless, full visualization and more for various industries. Scenarios, intelligent scene applications with multi-person interaction, improve work efficiency, and upgrade life and entertainment experience.

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