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Guide: Alipay has become a "must-loaded app" in everyone's mobile phone. It is a national wallet. With Alipay, you can go out and even go abroad with your mobile phone. Since it is a "wallet", it is inevitable to deal with money. The 6 small security features in Alipay can make your Alipay safer. Have you used it?

Alipay has become a "must-loaded app" in everyone's mobile phone. It is a national wallet. With Alipay, you can go out and even go abroad with your mobile phone.

Since it is a "wallet", it is inevitable to deal with money, Alipay 6 safe small features, can make your Alipay more secure, have you used it?

1, large transfer reminder, multiple verification can't be wrong

Some careful friends may find out that Alipay will have several reminders when there is a large amount of money transfer.

The most basic ones will let you fill in the other's last name and make sure that there are no wrong people.

Second, if you find that the other party's account may be at risk, there will be a risk alert.

Finally, if the system finds a high-risk transaction, Alipay's risk control system may close the transaction directly. It seems that Alipay is really breaking your heart for your account security!

2, fingerprint/gesture password, the phone is not afraid of

set the fingerprint/gesture password, even if the mobile phone ID is lost at the same time, don't worry about the money in Alipay.

Enter [Alipay]-[My]-[Settings]-[Biometric]-[Fingerprint/Gesture]-[Fingerprint/Gesture Unlock]-[Start Alipay], then select fingerprint or gesture password Unlock it.

3, brush face login, only I can use

In addition to fingerprint/gesture password, I suggest you open Alipay's face registration, it will make you blink at the camera, nod, etc. It is you who can open it.

Enter [Alipay]-[My]-[Settings]-[Biometric], click [Brush Face Settings], open the [Brush Face Login] switch, so that even if you fall asleep, Alipay The money in it is safe.

4, delayed arrival, anti-fraud, can be "withdrawn"

When you want to transfer money, sometimes there will be a "delayed account" function reminderThis shows that the deal may be risky. As long as you select "Delay to Account", if you find that the transaction is risky within 24 hours, you can report it to Alipay and report it to the police station. Once the police judge the fraud, the transfer can be returned.

However, the normal transfer can be assured that you don't have to worry about the other party's sudden withdrawal of funds. If you withdraw the behavior, you need to upload the police certificate. Alipay will handle the termination of the transaction. If there is no instruction issued by the police, the transfer will proceed normally.

5, anti-fraud real small program, one-click identification "fake information"

In daily life, do you want to receive "bank SMS"? Will the "refund" link sent by QQ friends have a virus? Someone called to say that the family had an accident and asked to send money? Many text messages, links, and telephones are difficult to identify true and false. If you accidentally click or believe, it is likely to cause financial loss. In addition to the security measures that Alipay has helped me, can we actively identify some fraudulent information?

Yes! If you find suspicious financial platforms, receive unsolicited text messages, unknown phones, websites, etc., you can all come to Alipay's "anti-fraud real" small program query, fraud information, one-click identification.

You can search for “anti-fraud” in the search box on the homepage of Alipay app, and input suspicious content.

6, stolen full compensation - you dare to pay, I dare to pay

In case of accident, the account is stolen, what should I do? It doesn't matter, Alipay has the ultimate trick - theft is all lost! Since 2005, Alipay has promised to pay in full if the account is stolen! The latest data shows that Alipay's loss rate is only 0.5 parts per million, far lower than international counterparts.

Compared with wallet and cash, it is very difficult to find it when you lose it. Alipay is really safer. Various ways to ensure the security of funds, even if stolen, Alipay can fully lose the bottom.

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