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Introduction: When an era changes dramatically due to technological advancement, the old name is easy to become a laggard in the market. This is largely because the old name relies on its own traditional path and is not willing to innovate. The century-old Kodak company still insists on the traditional bankruptcy strategy of bankruptcy under the era of digital technology.

When it comes to the old name, what kind of keywords will appear in your mind?

"Traditional", "grounded gas", "reliable"... China's old brand always enjoys the special trust of the Chinese people because of its long history, distinct national cultural background and profound cultural heritage. Of course, there are also people who label them with "outdated", "aging" and "weakness".

It is undeniable that these negative labels are real for some old brands. When an era changes dramatically due to technological advancement, the old name is easy to become a laggard in the market. This is largely because the old name relies on its own traditional path and is not willing to innovate. It is like a century-old Kodak company. In the era of digital technology, the strategy of traditional film is still in the bankruptcy.

Based on this, when artificial intelligence began to change this era, the old brands began to seek a new hotbed.

The AI-style evolution of the old-fashioned

has a huge appeal and has gradually lost their market space.

According to relevant statistics, at the beginning of the founding of New China, there were at least 16,000 old brands in the country. Today, many old brands have gone bankrupt. At present, there are only more than 1,000 “China Time-honored Brands” identified by the Ministry of Commerce. Among the more than a thousand old brands, the proportion of companies with better development is only 20% to 30%, and most of the old brands are not doing well.

Even the famous Beijing Quanjude is facing pressure on performance. According to the first half of 2018's performance report released by Quanjude, Quanjude's revenue for the first half of the year was 876 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of only 1.43%; net profit was 777.924 million yuan, an increase of only 1.29% over the same period of the previous year. Since 2012, Quanjude’s performance has stagnated for six consecutive years.

Another Chinese medicine old name Tong Ren Tang, the situation is more complicated. end of last yearThe incident of recycling expired honey as raw material will be involved in the whirlpool of public opinion. Before that, Tongrentang was exposed to problems including fake blood swallows, Ejiao falsification, Wubu Pills, and Pediatric Zhibao pills. At this point, Tong Rentang’s centuries-old reputation was destroyed.

In the face of the double crisis of credibility and performance, the old brands have to actively seek new growth points. From the market performance of the old brands, "AI-style evolution" has become the only way out.

Around the Dragon Boat Festival in 2017, Wufangzhai, the old-fashioned product of the rice products industry, issued an activity collection order for “10 million collection robots”, which rewarded the public and related robot research and development institutions with great rewards; Tongrentang, which was caught in public opinion At the end of last year, he recruited artificial intelligence scientists with nearly one million annual salary to be responsible for the training and tuning of the “Tongrentang Brain”. Beijing’s inline promotion, which is dedicated to shoes, is also working with the Institute of Aeronautics to conduct academic cooperation and try to use artificial labor. Intelligent realization of the improvement of the sole bottom technology.

Among them, there is a smart restaurant such as Wufangzhai, which has been used properly by AI. It opened only one month, and its store turnover increased by more than 40% year-on-year. The unit price increased by 14.5%, and the TOP10 recommended by Big Data Intelligence. In the dishes, the user's order-taking rate is 65%.

Of course, there are also cases of smashing sand. In April 2016, Quanjude invested 15 million shares to hold 55% of the shares. Together with Chongqing Mad Grass Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Dakeng Information Technology Research Center (Limited Partnership), it established the “Ducker Technology” company, responsible for the Internet operation of Quanjude. . This old-fashioned + technology attempt was aborted after one year.

The old-fashioned "congenital deficiency"

The old-fashioned embrace of new technology is a brand new attempt. In today's rapid development of technology, the old name tries to use artificial intelligence to seek further development of the brand, and it is also a encouragement. Try it. However, in the use of artificial intelligence, the old name has a congenital defect that is difficult to make up.

In this fast-paced era, the firm and practical "artisan spirit" has been repeatedly talked about by the community. The most representative of the "artisan spirit" is the Chinese old-fashioned enterprise. It can be said that a craftsman-oriented enterprise may not be an old-fashioned brand, but most successful old-fashioned brands have inherited a hundred years of ingenuity.

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