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Introduction: In 2017, the domestic drone industry has been relatively mature, especially in the whole machine hardware, which has formed sufficient competition. StarLogic Intelligence hopes to find a “blue ocean” market from the drone industry.

In 2017, the domestic drone industry has been relatively mature, especially in the whole machine hardware, which has formed sufficient competition. StarLogic Intelligence hopes to find a “blue ocean” market from the drone industry.

cut into the "blue ocean" market of drones, and empower the UAV industry

According to the prospective industry research institute's "2018-2023 China industrial drone industry development prospects forecast And the investment strategy planning analysis report predicts that by 2025, the total domestic civil drone market will reach 75 billion. The industrial drone market has a market size of 45 billion, and its main business covers agricultural and forestry plant protection, security and power inspection.

Implemented into a specific pattern, in the consumer market, drones have formed an "oligarch" form, and the chances of survival of new entrants are almost non-existent. In contrast to the industrial-grade market, when the boom gradually subsided, the “dividends” of industry applications began to stand out. At present, most UAV application markets have not yet been fully frozen, and there are still many opportunities.

At the site of the 5th Glory Jinji Lake Awards Ceremony and 2018 Jiangsu Artificial Intelligence Double-Creation Annual Meeting, Magnesium Guest Network interviewed Wang Haibin, founder and CEO of Xingluo Intelligent, as an entrepreneur of drones. It seems that the domestic drone industry has a good hardware foundation, and the new wave represented by the 2B industry application has arrived.

Graphic | Founder and CEO of StarLogic Intelligence

However, "We hope to cut into a 'blue ocean' field and be able to serve the stock market and become an enabling drone The industry."

Obviously, what StarLogic Intelligence has to do is not to enter the industrial market directly, but to participate in another form.

So, what “blue ocean” industry can serve the fully competitive UAV industry? What he saw was the pain point of the drone "unmanned operation" and "battery replacement".

"Now the drone control requires a flying hand on the ground, the latter needs to be responsible for handling and recycling the aircraft, replacing the battery, the drone is only solved the remote control problem." Wang Haibin said. “There are still a lot of stock aircraft in the industrial market, that is, those drones that have not been fully used after purchase, mostly because of the high price and limited resources of the flying hands.”

For example, In the course of the operation, it is impossible for a flying hand to control the drone 24 hours a day, and in the face of some sudden emergencies, they often can't do anything about it. Once the drone is automated, it will make it impossible for people to reach.

Providing Tesla services for drones to achieve "unmanned" operation

It is well known that unlike the consumer-grade compact drones, industrial-grade drones Generally, they are relatively large, so they are cumbersome in terms of handling and operation. "How can we make the drone really realize the application in the industry and truly solve the problems of industry and agriculture? The most important point is to solve the problem of 'unattended'."

For this problem, Xingluo Intelligent Introduced the UltraHive Universal UAV station and the SkyScout UAV autopilot software. According to Wang Haibin, what they have to do is provide Tesla's services for drones – high-speed charging, automatic driving, and accurate recycling.

At that time, the UAV equipped with the SkyScout system will realize the network connection, and it can automatically fly according to the established inspection route without manual operation, and can quickly perform accurate mapping and scanning in a wide range of areas. In addition, the drone that completes the inspection task or needs to return to the nest will be guided by the dispatch system to the nearest station to achieve accurate landing and charging. The station will assume the responsibility of the “airport tower”. In addition to dispatching and charging, it will also help the drone to define the next flight route and conduct data diagnosis and other services.

It is worth noting that StarLogic Smart is a compatibility platform, but its implementation is not compatible on the battery, but the compatibility of the drone's landing gear charging structure. . At present, their platforms are compatible with a variety of drone models, mainly engaged in smart city management, industrial inspection, vegetation inspection and other services.

As for why he did not choose to do his own drone machine, he took the automobile manufacturer as an example, saying that the automaker would not open the gas station by himself. Because the OEMs are generally not compatible with other car brands, the final level is not enough to support the industrialization of the products. He said that the products developed under that situation are often projects.It is difficult to promote.

Of course, Xingluo Smart has to do more than just a universal charging system. "In the beginning, we started with hardware and then matched and cooperated with drone manufacturers and industry software service providers. In the future, we will The product will be compatible with hundreds of aircraft and hundreds of applications, allowing the drone to have fully autonomous intelligent flight and data processing functions." Wang Haibin said.

For Star Intelligence, he defined it as a platform company, providing support for upstream UAV manufacturers, and accessing and compatible downstream industry software and service companies, eventually opening up the industry. Downstream. "There are specializations in the industry. The entire UAV industry has their own kings, and we stick to this position."


around the drone industry, since 2017 At the end of the year, there was a paradox of “seeing decline”, especially in the case of several drone companies or bankruptcies or layoffs. In this regard, from the perspective of industry insiders, Wang Haibin said that only after the retreat of the boom, the truly powerful companies will really emerge, and then enter the vision of capital, obtain financing, optimize technology, and promote product landing.

Just last year, Xingluo Intelligent has completed its own angel round of financing. According to Wang Haibin, they will soon welcome the PreA round of financing, and will copy polished products and application cases to the whole country in the future. All over the place.

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