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Introduction: Although the robot industry suffered a cold winter in 2018, it is still firmly believed that the future can be expected from industry experts, entrepreneurs, and capital markets.

Not long ago, Professor Zhao Jie, head of the expert group of the National Key R&D Program “Intelligent Robot Key Specialization” and Harbin Institute of Robotics, said in a public speech that in 2019 and beyond, it should be the transformation year of Chinese robots. . He believes that Chinese robots will face three major changes in 2019, that is, the transition from virtual to real, from quantitative to qualitative, and from general to specialized. The core technology of Chinese robots is subject to people and is one of the biggest hidden dangers in our national robot industry. How to overcome these core technologies and realize the autonomous control of robot core technology is a very important key point for the future.

In terms of capital market, Science and Technology Board is undoubtedly the top priority in the financial market in 2019. Will this bonus help the current robot market to usher in the spring of the industry faster?

Liu Shaotong, deputy general manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, mentioned in the 14th China (Shenzhen) International Futures Conference in 2018 that the establishment of the science and technology board is to hope that the capital market can support the core technology, the market share is high, and it belongs to the high-tech industry. Or a strategic emerging industry, and companies that meet certain conditions are listed. Robots and artificial intelligence are important components of "hard technology", and they are rooted in red.

Pilot registration system, diluting profit indicators, robot companies are very fit. Each standard does not require profit, and it is screened from the market value, research and development, income, and investment institutions. As a technology research and development enterprise, robotics companies have not yet reached the stage of large-scale profitability, but there are a large number of high-market, high R&D investment, and well-known institutions investing in unicorn enterprises, which is in line with the direction of science and technology.

Guojin Securities believes that the science and technology board brings significant benefits to the robot, and the short-term fluctuations do not change the long-term trend. The new round of the boom cycle of the robot is about to open. Since 2012, China's robot industry has developed rapidly, investment and financing in the primary market has continued to be hot, and mergers and acquisitions in the secondary market have been one after another. The science and technology board is a major advantage for the accelerated securitization of robots. The industry has ushered in a decade of investment opportunities for unicorns.

Guojin Securities estimates that the actual density of Chinese robots is only 50, less than 1/5 of developed countries, and there is still room for improvement. Based on the industry split, we refer to the density increase path of developed countries.It is estimated that the Chinese robot market will reach 564 billion yuan in 2018-2022.

Guojin Securities believes that under the new boom cycle, the capital market may seek to benefit from the three major directions.

Benefiting from capacity transfer and key technological breakthroughs, domestic RV reducers are expected to scale in 2019. The production capacity of the main body giants shifted to the mainland, the domestic production capacity climbed, and the supply of RV giants led to the outbreak of domestic RV reducers. The domestic RV reducers broke through mass production in 2018, and the scale will be released after 2019, and the domestic market will be measured in 2019-2022. It reached 35.9 billion yuan.

[With map: Nantong Zhenkang RV reducer]

system integration to the middle and high-end breakthrough, subdivided leader strong Hengqiang. In China's system integration market, local businesses dominate, with low-end monopoly, leading mid-end, and high-end penetration. The industry monopolizes long tail, leads 3C, and breaks through cars. Based on the three core competencies of resource integration, industry understanding and capital scale, we believe that the industry will be strong and strong after the reshuffle period, and the subdivision leader will enjoy a new round of auto boom growth bonus.

Ontologies companies with differentiated advantages represented by AGV and others continue to benefit. It is difficult for domestically produced entities to compete with foreign giants, and it is necessary to look for giant shortcomings for differentiated competition. AGV is a good direction, low value and requires highly customized services. Foreign giants are difficult to penetrate. Local AGV companies are booming. At present, AGV domestic market share is over 80%, and the market is still growing at a high speed. There is still huge room.

It is reported that in January 2019, a large probability will be issued to implement the implementation rules and rules of the science and technology board. The work of the science and technology board will be started before June 2019, and the application materials of the relevant enterprises will be accepted as soon as possible or in March-April 2019.

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