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Introduction: On January 16, 2019, Desperate Technology held a robot strategy conference in Beijing, and released the core product of the contempt robot strategy - "Hetu", while sharing the contempt The thinking, development, and deployment of the Internet of Things networking on the eve of the night, and the establishment of a deep layout of the AIOT community of new interests.

On January 16, 2019, Vision Technology held a robot strategy conference in Beijing, and released the core product of the contempt robot strategy - "Hetu", while sharing contempt Thinking, developing, deploying on the eve of the Internet of Things network and establishing a far-reaching layout of the AIOT new interest community. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, He Hezhen, ProLogis Strategic Advisor/Hidden Mountain Capital Management Partner Dong Zhonglang attended and delivered a speech. The conference also attracted softbank, rookie network, national robot, MUJIN industrial robot, Vanke Logistics, Whalecang Technology, Xinyi Technology. More than 50 industry leaders were on the scene and received more than 200 media attention and support.

Defiance of the technology robot strategy conference, defiance of co-founder and CEO Yin Qi delivered a speech

conference, defiance technology proposed to be based on algorithm-based core genes, while strengthening digital With the operation control capability, it is fully upgraded to the AioT operating system, creating the future contempt for core product advantages. From AI to AIOT, I hope to connect more devices, sensors, and robots through a powerful operating system, and accelerate the robot industry with more partners.

Vision Technology Co-founder and CEO Yin Qi displayed the strategic layout of contempt at the press conference and shared industry observations and reflections on the AioT era. AIoT is a hot word that has become more and more popular recently. However, Inca believes that the word AIOT may be just a transitional vocabulary. In the next two or three years, AioT may become the backbone of the industry like the Internet, and AI will become a truly essential tool. "I think AIOT is an AI-enabled IoT industry," Inch said.

Subsequently, Tang Wenbin, co-founder and CTO of Vision Technology, released Hetu, the core product of the defying robot strategy. He introduced that River Map is a multi-type robotic operating system, with logistics, manufacturing, and business systems.Fast succession and one-stop solution to problems arising from the entire process system from planning, simulation, implementation to operation. “The characteristics of the river map system are mainly in the three aspects of ecological connection, collaborative intelligence, and digital hygiene.”

At present, the contempt river map has been in the warehouse of Tmall supermarket, Kejie logistics, P&G and other partners. In actual use. In Tmall's warehouse, the contempt of the river map and 500 robots increased the efficiency of the warehouse at the current stage by 40%. In another application scenario, Vision River and industrial robot company MUJIN created a hand-foot linkage unmanned warehouse, allowing the robot to have the ability to capture goods, thus achieving the unmanned process.

Tang Wenbin said at the meeting: "In the next 5 years, Defiance Technology wants to connect more devices and empower more devices. Defiance Technology wants to connect more than 1 billion robots in 5 years, creating More value."

After the upgrade, the business scene of contempt will be upgraded from urban management, logistics, retail, real estate, mobile phone, financial and other vertical scenes to urban brain, supply chain brain, personal life. The brain's three major IoT scenario business groups. With the help of these three scenes, contempt will truly build its own AI algorithm engine and IoT operating system, which will become the cornerstone of contempt for business competition in the next decade.

The conference attracted more than 50 industry guests and entrepreneur representatives, and received more than 200 media attention and support.

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