Cutting edge technology

Since 2018, the global chip and Internet giants have been making efforts to strengthen the layout of artificial intelligence, including industry leaders such as NVIDIA, Huawei, Google, and Keda Xunfei, which also promoted the industry. The technological gap between some leading companies has been further narrowed.

Nvidia established a robotic laboratory

Speaking of NVIDIA, everyone first thought of graphics cards, processors, chips, but in fact, NVIDIA has become an artificial intelligence computing company. In the new wave of industrial revolution, machine learning has made automation equipment smarter, and NVIDIA has begun to deploy intelligent robot business. According to foreign media, NVIDIA is developing robots that can work with humans and perform complex work.

NVIDIA recently announced the opening of a new robotics lab in Seattle and said it will build a collaborative, cross-scientific team of experts in robot control and perception, computer vision, human-computer interaction and deep learning.

NVIDIA and IKEA work together to create collaborative robots that can be easily programmed, and the development of a kitchen-assisted robot with only one robotic arm is one of its focuses.

Huawei layout mobile phone and robot chip

Huawei's artificial intelligence chip Qilin 970, Kirin 980, is to integrate voice, image perception and other technologies into mobile phones and smart terminals.

Especially the artificial intelligence chip in the AlphaGo, Zero Go game, after defeating the masters of Go, Li Shishi and Ke Jie, the powerful data analysis and computing power of the artificial intelligence chip has become the focus of everyone's attention. Huawei is one of them. One. Huawei has witnessed the powerful computing and deep learning capabilities of artificial intelligence chips, and is accelerating the deployment of the chip to AR, VR, driverless and intelligent robots.

Keysight's intelligent voice technology

Intelligent voice technology is one of the most mature technologies in artificial intelligence applications, whether in the educational learning market, communication social, convenient life, intelligence Hardware, office commerce, and shopping offers are also widely used. Among such a wealth of commercial enterprises, the intelligent voice technology of the University of Science and Technology is considered to be the leader in the industry.

according toAccording to complete statistics, in 2018, its smart terminal equipment connection reached 1.7 billion, and the daily service volume reached 4.5 billion. According to the annual report of Keda Xunfei in 2018, the voice technology of HKUST is in the automotive field, with an annual loading capacity of 2.6 million units, ranking first in market share and 98% accuracy in speech recognition.

You must choose independent research and development technology

You must choose the domestic human service robot and servo steering machine leader, its self-developed small size and high torque modular digital servo The production cost of the robot is greatly reduced, and the price is one tenth of the imported product, which is of great significance to the development of the service robot industry in China.

The 2018 excellent financial report shows that its service robot sales reached 35 million units.

The Alpha series robot is an important force for the selection. The official said that in the future, it will continue to strengthen the cooperation with the robot industry such as Keda Xunfei, Google and Nuance to build a robotic product ecological chain.


In 2018, the intelligent robot industry is increasingly enriched in the consumer market. The Chinese robotic unicorn company is also helping the industry and commercialization of the robotics field.

In the future, robot manufacturers equipped with artificial intelligence hardware terminals also have great prospects for expansion. From the upstream industry chain, scene recognition applications such as visual recognition, speech recognition, deep learning, and artificial intelligence chips are also used. More and more quality products and companies will emerge.

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