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Introduction: According to the official news of China Unicom, Guangdong Unicom and ZTE recently launched the 5G mobile field call (FirstCall) based on the latest 3GPP version of the 3GPP in the Shenzhen 5G scale test field, and used it under the 5G network. WeChat, video and other applications.

According to China Unicom's official news, Guangdong Unicom and ZTE recently tested the 5G scale outside field in Shenzhen, and opened the world's first 5G mobile phone outside call (FirstCall) based on the latest 3GPP protocol version, and under the 5G network. We used applications such as WeChat and video.

Officials said that this test uses a 5G end-to-end solution that follows the 3GPP 2030 2030 protocol version of the core network, transport bearer network, and wireless network-to-terminal. The latest key technologies such as antenna array, 5G new air interface, NSA dual connectivity mode, FlexE transmission technology, and full NFV virtualization core network.

I believe that everyone is no stranger to the "first 5G phone". On April 2 last year, ZTE said on Weibo that China Mobile Guangdong Co., Ltd. successfully opened a 3GPP R15-based standard in Guangzhou. The first call; in September, foreign media reported that through cooperation with Qualcomm, Ericsson used the mobile device of a smart phone shape to dial the world's first 5G phone. This time, the world's first 5G phone added an attribute "mobile phone" in front of it, which is a new level, but the IT house editor believes that when it is truly commercial is the king.

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