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Guide: A lot of recent days are a bit sad, first of all, the coupon loopholes suffered by the "wool party" 薅 wool, and then a large number of stocks passed the lock-up period. The two bad news came one after another, and many stock prices were under tremendous pressure. Many financial institutions predicted that the stock price plummeted.

A lot of recent days are a bit sad. First, there was a loophole in the coupons, and the wool party was smashed with wool. Then a large number of stocks passed the lock-up period. The two bad news came one after another, and many stock prices were under tremendous pressure. Many financial institutions predicted that the stock price plummeted.

On July 26 last year, the company was founded only three years ago and went to the United States to ring the clock. According to the US stock regulations, listed companies will agree with the early shareholders on a stock lock-up period, which is generally 90 days or 180 days. A lot of stock lock-up period is 180 days. During these 180 days, all shareholders holding more than one original stock can't sell stocks.

Yesterday, the 180-day lock-up period of the fight was officially expired, and a large number of official shares officially flowed into the secondary market. In view of the recent large number of leaks that have been exposed, the prospect of a lot of future is not clear. Many early shareholders and internal employees are likely to take the opportunity to sell stocks, thus pulling down the stock price.

However, after the opening of the market yesterday, the stock price of a lot of fights did not fall, but instead staged a good show against the wind. On the morning of the 22nd, US time, the market opened up nearly 4%, and the lowest price hit $23.89. In just half an hour, I tried to recover all the lost ground, and the stock price went up. The biggest gain in the session was 5.9%, and it ended up only 0.72%, closing at $25.17, creating the highest record since January 11, 2019.

Throughout the three years of development, almost the same as yesterday's stock price performance, constantly being questioned, being attacked, but has been against the wind and turned to the sun. "The headwinds overturned," the word was originally the slogan of the "Make 101" variety show that was broadcast last year. 101 girls were ten-pointed and solemnly vowed: they turned against the wind and lived in the sun. However, these four words are placed on a lot of people, not too appropriate.

Since the advent of the advent, the controversy about it has never subsided. "Fake and shoddy" is it, "outside the five rings" is it, and "consumption downgrade" is also it. A lot of history of growth, it seems that all the way bear the nickname. However, it is such a fightThe more the outside world is fiercer, the faster it develops, and it is better on the way.

In 2015, the company set up a lot of competitions. Under the attack of the two giants of Taobao and Jingdong, it took only two years, the turnover exceeded 100 billion, and the number of users exceeded 300 million. The latest data shows that the number of APPs is 271 million monthly, and the small program monthly is 109 million. Compared with Jingdong APP's 2.2 billion monthly live and small program of 0.57 billion monthly living data, it has achieved a comprehensive transcendence. At present, the monthly life of Taobao is 570 million, and the monthly activity of a lot of APP+ applets is 380 million. According to the current growth rate of the fight, it is expected that by 2020, you can catch up with Taobao.

How to rise more and more, different people have different analysis. Some people think that the use of low-cost strategy to seduce the "five rings outside" users, through the WeChat group to achieve virality. Others believe that the fight is more successful by using the urbanization strategy of urban encirclement. Xiao Hei feels that "existence is reasonable" is still established in some cases. It can be so fired and naturally has its own unique target group. The idea of ​​these target users is not that Wall Street short sellers can change easily.

You see a lot of spells all over the fake and shoddy, the target users may see that many products are cheaper to use; you have a lot of technical skills, and a coupon vulnerability is a serious loss, and the target user What I saw was: Wow, there are no thresholds for a lot of coupons. I have to go to the wool.

At this stage, China is still an underdeveloped developing country. According to the latest statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the median disposable income of Chinese residents in 2018 is 24,336 yuan, equivalent to 2,000 yuan per month. After all, the elites in the "five rings" are still a minority. The world outside the "five rings" is the stage for those who earn about 2,000 yuan each month. And these people, it is also the fight to fight against the wind!

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