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Introduction: The car networking industry chain mainly includes end users, perceptual technology providers, mobile communication operators, navigation system providers, electronic map providers, GIS engine providers, vehicle manufacturers, vehicle terminal providers, Content providers, service providers, application platform operators, fixed-line operators, satellite operators, global satellite positioning platform operators, etc.

The car networking industry chain mainly includes end users, perceptual technology providers, mobile communication operators, navigation system providers, electronic map providers, GIS engine providers, vehicle manufacturers, and vehicle terminal providers. , content providers, service providers, application platform operators, fixed-line operators, satellite operators, global satellite positioning platform operators, etc.

Among them, users are at the very end of the entire industry chain, and smart terminal providers and navigation system providers are at the core. A vendor may be in one link or multiple links (Figure 1).

Automotive producers

In the car networking industry chain, domestic automakers are actively deploying car networking applications. The advantage of automakers is that they are in the main position of the car networking industry chain. With its own advantages and its related hardware and software capabilities, it has the ability to integrate the vehicle's own information collection and vehicle terminal resources. At present, some multinational companies have directly transplanted the successful experience accumulated abroad, and jointly developed the Internet-connected applications in the United Nations in the industry chain, occupying the first-mover advantage. In the field of freight vehicles, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. established the car networking industry alliance, developed the car networking service platform, launched the car networking logistics vehicle, and walked in the car networking industry. Forefront.

Car Networking Platform Operators

The car networking platform operator is the builder and maintainer of the car networking platform and is the core link of the entire industry chain. Some operators of the Internet of Vehicles platform are invested by automobile manufacturers, some are invested by network operators, some are invested by logistics informatization service providers, and some are jointly established by telecom operators or service providers in the industrial chain.

It uses a positioning platform to obtain the user's three-dimensional position information, and then uses an electronic map and a GIS engine to convert it into a corresponding geographic location. Mobile network by mobile operatorNetwork, the positioning platform operator can realize the information transmission between the vehicle terminal and the monitoring center for the user. In addition, it can enable industry users to monitor distributedly through the fixed-line operator's Web network.

In-vehicle information terminal manufacturers

There are two types of in-vehicle information terminals. The front-mounted terminals need to be certified by the vehicle regulations, and the rear-mounted terminals can be divided into car machines and portable device terminals. The national key special vehicle information system core chip is being tendered nationwide, and a number of domestic enterprises and R&D institutions with independent intellectual property rights and core technologies have been bidding. The Ministry of Communications promulgated and enforced the mandatory standards for vehicle networking information terminals in the road traffic industry, and attracted more than 100 vehicle information terminal manufacturers nationwide to declare.

Perceptive chip and hardware device manufacturer

perception technology and product provider, mainly providing various sensors for car networking, radio frequency identification, infrared, Bluetooth, video sensing, electromagnetic sensing, etc. Perceptual technology products provide various types of electronic products for automotive intelligent control systems, providing perceptual support for vehicle perception and detection of road conditions, driving signs, front and rear vehicle detection, pedestrian detection, and driving lane detection. Perceptual products are mainly provided to the depot; some post-installation products such as radio frequency identification are provided to the vehicle terminal or user.

Network operators in the vehicle networking industry chain, the role of mobile operators is mainly to pass the user's request to operators such as navigation platform, information platform, network monitoring platform, and feedback results of platform operators. Passed to the user. It provides a channel for information transfer between the vehicle terminal and the platform operator. The role of fixed-line operators is to provide users with distributed monitoring capabilities. Using the web network, users can remotely control the vehicle terminal.

Vehicle positioning service provider

Because most of the domestic domestic GPS satellites are used for positioning, and the GPS platform is free for civilian use, so in the current car navigation industry chain in China, satellite operation The status of the business is not the same as that of the operators of the telecommunications industry. China's own Beidou positioning platform is mainly for industry users and security departments, and it has not yet entered practical applications.

The positioning network equipment provider provides the required hardware, software or overall solution for the positioning platform operator and is the manufacturer of the navigation platform. GIS engine provider for navigation platform operatorOr the user provides a GIS engine. The former is usually placed on a separate GIS server to enable conversion between geographic information and geographic location for navigation platform operators; the latter is built directly into the navigator to provide navigation services for individual users.

Map providers provide dedicated electronic maps for car navigation, which is often referred to as a navigation map in the field of car navigation.

The difference between a navigation map and a common electronic map is that it not only records the position information of each road itself, but also considers the mutual relationship and topology between the various roads. In the field of car navigation, there are currently no vendors in China that can provide general GIS engines and navigation maps. A common practice in the industry is to use your own GIS engine and navigation maps.

Application Platform Operator

The application platform operator builds and operates a specific application platform based on the positioning platform, which directly faces the service provider, thereby reducing its entry into the location service industry. Thresholds and shorten the cycle in which they are developed. The service provider is the provider of the service, and the service application provided by the service provider directly affects the end user's use of the navigation service, which requires that the link must be provided according to the needs of the end user.

content providers

content providers mainly produce text, image, audio, video or multimedia information for service providers, providing various operational service information, and service provider applications Use this information.


End users can be divided into individual users and industry users. At home, the current end users are mainly industry users. The end user is a supporter of the development of the car navigation business, so customer satisfaction is the key to the sound development of this business. Only users are willing to pay the corresponding fees for the services they use, and the benefits of other links in the industry chain are guaranteed. This requires all aspects of the industry chain to work together to understand the needs of consumers and develop consumer satisfaction. operating system.

The above is the entire content of the car networking industry chain.

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