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Guide: IOT Internet of Everything, is everything safe? When all the things that can be connected in the world form a network, the world of the Internet of Things is really formed, and the edge of the net will inevitably be warped like clothes. The inconspicuous corners and weakly related components are hard to cause. People's attention, IoT companies are like the weavers in the IoT world. They will fall into deep pain and boundless confusion and even pay a heavy price because of the seemingly safe network boundaries.

Rapidly developing AI intelligence and IoT technologies are changing the world landscape at an alarming rate, not only driving new industrial changes in the Industrial 4.0 era, but the farthest significance is changing human life. Civilization, many people fantasize and look forward to the intelligent experience that can be realized in science fiction movie scenes when they can be there. These epic beautiful visions will drive the dream into reality with the progress of technological civilization. The rest is just waiting, and the time will witness the legend.

The black scene of the Internet of Things is shocking

Most people in the intelligent scene see beautiful, and what I foresee is the shock from the depths of the Internet of Things. It is a kind of fear of early warning of human beings in the instinct of extreme crisis. It is very real and not alarmist. The divergence of this thought started when I interviewed Dong Lianyun CEO Dong Fang. He introduced me about IoT security. Many unknown tragic events in the field and the intricate darkness of the Internet of Things in the real world scene:

"When smart baby monitoring technology is widely used in family scenes in some smart city communities, Parents are glad to know how IOT smart technology brings them a better life, but they have not found that the data system of their children's wearable smart hardware is being quietly eye-catching, stealing data is good, if it is used by the people After tampering with the data and control system, they were in a dangerous situation when parents were still in a safe environment.

When you are enjoying the smart service of the Internet of Vehicles, even when you start the driverless function in the car, you can sleep peacefully, listen to music, or go to the honeymoon with your family. Brigade, a joyful and pleasant experience is not good, and the criminals have long been eyeing your valuable Rolls-Royce attempt to pass the IOT.Inject poison to control your car navigation control, modify the navigation destination by tampering with the data, intentionally guide you into the uninhabited land or even the gutter to make you roll over, you will eventually escape the disaster;

similar scenes Invincible ······, they are real scenes that can happen at any time. "

How companies protect the IoT dark forces

The dark areas that lurk in the IoT world are unimaginable, and the end of the Internet of Things world is full of what kind of black How can enterprises and users effectively protect against these attacks by dark forces? Qinglian Yundong always told me:

"At the end of December 2018, Qinglianyun launched the first Internet of Things security vulnerability library in China. IOTVD platform), the vulnerability database contains equipment leaks of various manufacturers in the world in 2018, of which there are more than 320 types of optical vulnerabilities. This industry has been very serious in the security situation.

The key issue is that there are a large number of stock devices first (as of the beginning of 2019, the latest data is incomplete statistics, there are nearly 7 billion IOT devices in the world). These stock devices may not be considered as IoT devices in the past. For example, there used to be a lot of cameras on the roadside. Before the Internet of Things was popular, no one would think that the camera would be an IoT device. Many of the existing devices have a large number of security holes, so hackers will give priority to attacks. Some old inventory devices, and those devices, they do not have anti-black measures at all, and it is impossible for the inventory devices to fix the vulnerabilities by patching. The best way is to gradually eliminate it, just like a mobile phone. Update.

In addition, in the incremental market, the security awareness of many IoT vendors has not yet fully formed, resulting in the frequent occurrence of "the accident of your accident today, the accident of him tomorrow, the accident of the day after tomorrow", and they do not know Why do things happen, so they will always look at the news events to see the security of the Internet of Things, they will never act, and now some companies have begun to actively communicate with us, want to know what is the reason behind the attack, let me give them Let me talk about it. If we don’t tell the truth, then the enterprise will always see the Internet of Things attack as news, but the news will not say the loophole principle behind the incident. The enterprise’s IoT security construction cannot progress, then the industry Safety abilityCome, only one accident. Therefore, I think this is the corporate mission of Qinglianyun. We must tell the enterprise about the security technology, the principle of the vulnerability, and the risk points behind the attack, and guide them to face the security and face it. "

We want to tell companies to be wary of three new types of threats in the next IoT business:

1, beware of attacks from the supply chain

2. Be wary of east-west attacks between devices

3. Beware of the disappearing security boundary and system permissions

The Internet of Things does not have the "white" you imagined. The farthest distance in the world of IOT is not alive. The distance from death, but the fact that you have not yet heard where the danger comes from, the taste of lying in the gun will leave a deep shadow on the minds of enterprises and users who are unconscious of security, and then fear when In another way, the way in which the guns are unclear, the collective panic in the process is far greater than the economic loss and personal safety losses after the incident.

Security supervision: enterprises cooperate with the technology to break through the bottleneck [ 123]

Whether it is sensitive to sniffing security risks is very important for IoT vendors and enterprises. In addition to IoT vendors and enterprises themselves to strengthen security protection, Qinglian Yun Dong always thinks:

[123 "Security itself is driven by compliance, and the state has laws It is a good thing to be safe, but you can't think that compliance security is 100% safe. Compliance plays a role as a booster. It is both a requirement for the enterprise security management system and a security for consumers. Guarantee, so it is imperative to promote the construction of national standards for physical security.

Reviewing the actions of China's property safety regulations, how should IoT companies develop synergistically with the standards of physical and security, Mr. Dong said:

Basic protection of national network security level in 2017 Requirements, abbreviations, etc., have added 4 extensions, including cloud security level protection, mobile Internet level protection, industrial Internet level protection and Internet of Things level protection, and IoT security, etc. We also have some participation. On December 28, 2018, the 27 national standards under the jurisdiction of the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee were officially released. There are five standards related to the security of the Internet of Things. These five Internet of Things are safe.The national standard will be officially implemented on July 1, 2019.

Step by step development of the industry, security and business are mutually reinforcing relations, what business is not empty talk about security is unreliable, business is first or right, first do industry scenarios, the process may be exposed to some security Problem, then further constrain and solve the problem. "

With the introduction of the national standards for the security of the Internet of Things, every enterprise in all industries can't escape the constraints and supervision of the Internet of Things security regulations. The world of the Internet of Things is full of strong smoke and smoke. The road to product upgrade of networked security technology is imminent. The combination of IOT technology and commercialization has created a new world economic system, from finance to capital, labor to productivity, industrial chain to ecological empowerment, each of which is Changed and innovated due to the Internet of Things.

Various industry sectors will face “regulation” under the new market rules, and the IoT standards system will continue to remain in various industries and continue to participate in the market and score points. The opportunity of the bonus, along with the Chinese market for the IOT-aware technology, IOT communication technology, IOT application technology and other more detailed standards and regulations continue to be introduced and updated, the Internet of Things intellectual property architecture is gradually taking shape, a new set of IOT business Technical standards will be announced to the public, and the Internet of Things security threshold will be higher and higher, how to meet new business with existing business Standards, and how to break through the bottleneck of product security technologies, leveraging only for their physical safety technology forward together.

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