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Introduction: On the evening of January 18th, OPPO founder, president and CEO Chen Mingyong delivered a speech at the OPPO 2019 annual meeting. He first proposed OPPO's three future tasks: deepening the mobile phone business, laying out IoT, and achieving a major breakthrough in software engineering.

On the evening of January 18th, OPPO founder, president and CEO Chen Mingyong delivered a speech at the OPPO 2019 annual meeting. He first proposed OPPO's three future tasks: deepening the mobile phone business, laying out IoT, and achieving a major breakthrough in software engineering.

OPPO founder, president, CEO Chen Mingyong

The following is Chen Mingyong's live speech:

Dear friends:

Good evening everyone!

We just experienced the first "ten years" of OPPO mobile phones, and opened the next "10 years" of OPPO. Along the way, our organization has grown and grown, and the number of people attending the annual meeting has reached a new high. This year, there are nearly 10,000 people.

They are: OPPO users, guests and partners from all over the world, overseas employees from afar, and partners at the headquarters. Let us welcome everyone with warm applause!

Reviewing 2018, we have achieved good results in “four aspects”: First, the introduction of Find X, breakthrough in the high-end market; Second, the overseas market continues to expand, entering Japan, Europe, global sales continue Growth, ColorOS global users exceeded 250 million; Third, the OPPO Research Institute was established to increase the pre-research and investment in cutting-edge technology; Fourth, the direction and content of the OPPO brand upgrade was clarified. 2018 is a year in which our partners have worked hard. On behalf of the company, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their hard work!

In the past year, the economic situation has faced significant downward pressure, especially the real economy. In the next few years, the situation is still not optimistic. Looking forward to the future, the most talked about 5G, AI and IoT, these are good opportunities for us. As a technology company, OPPO must "dare to break through and dare to innovate", fully integrate technology and art, and create multi-intelligent terminals and services for users in the era of integration of all things, and become the explorer and leader of the future era.

So we wantContinue to firmly promote the "three jobs":

First, continue to deepen the core business of mobile phones, and create products that make users feel at ease.

In the future, mobile phones will remain the core and hub of all things, and they are the smart terminals used by users at the highest frequency. We must strengthen product planning capabilities and enhance the quality and experience of OPPO products; we must also grasp the 5G trend, strive for the first wholesale 5G mobile phone, and actively explore innovative application scenarios.

Second, precise layout IoT, to meet the needs of users in the 5G era more diverse.

The 5G era will spawn more new hardware. We set up the Emerging Mobile Terminals Division to capture the most promising new portals in the future. We need to gain insight and focus on the core needs of users to build the next entry-level product.

Third, build core competitiveness and achieve a major breakthrough in software engineering.

Software engineering is the infrastructure for service users, injecting life and soul into smart terminals. We must consolidate the foundation of software engineering, especially architecture design and coding specifications, technically guarantee the high quality of software products; we must pursue innovation from the perspective of ideas, grasp the development opportunities of 5G, AI, big data, cloud technology, and build Some, leading software engineering capabilities, to achieve a major breakthrough in the company's "soft power."

The future competition will be an all-round multi-dimensional competition. It is not enough to do a specific business. We must continue to cultivate internal strength and improve the system's operational capabilities. In 2019, I would like to put forward a "three-point requirement" for all of you here:

First, more confident. We have a strong corporate culture, a strong belief in creating great products, and a young team that can recruit good and learn. Because of this, we must be confident enough to overcome all difficulties and dare to “bright swords” in the fierce market competition. At the same time, we must be very patient and do a good job in fundamentals – “deeply digging holes, spreading "Food", including the introduction of leading talents and the cultivation of young talents, must work hard to strengthen the process and platform construction and enhance organizational capabilities.

Second, more independent. The scale of the company is getting bigger and bigger. In the new development stage of OPPO, every team, regardless of its size, must have the awareness of self-management and self-management, so that “my site, I am the master”, can’t always wait.When the headquarters is "fired", the time is right to take the initiative. As long as you think this thing should be done, you can be bold and bold, and the headquarters will mobilize resources for you to help you succeed.

Third, more integrated. In the future, we will deploy more new businesses and enter more countries and regions. The number of newcomers and leaders will be more and more, and the products will be more diverse. There will be many intersections between individuals, organizations and businesses. . Therefore, our thinking should be more open, our eyes should be more open, we must not close the door to do things, and we must work with other platforms. Help new partners better adapt and integrate into the company through more effective methods.

If we can continue to spur and motivate ourselves and continue to adhere to the core values ​​of "the duty" in light of the above "three requirements", then no matter how the external environment changes, we can calmly meet the challenges of the future. Make a bigger victory!

The Spring Festival is approaching, and I will give my friends and family a good old age. I wish you all good health in the new year! thank you all.

Edit: Lin Zi

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