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Guide: Huawei held its annual meeting that this year's revenue will further increase to 125.9 billion US dollars, which predicts 2018 revenues of 108.5 billion US dollars, so this year's revenue growth rate of 16%, growth rate There has been a slowdown, and it is its smartphone business that is responsible for driving revenue growth. It is expected that mobile phone shipments will reach 250 million units and contribute revenues of $65 billion.

Huawei held its annual meeting, which indicated that this year's revenue will further increase to US$125.9 billion. Its forecast for 2018 is US$108.5 billion. This year's revenue growth rate is 16%. The speed has slowed down. Among them, the smartphone business is responsible for driving revenue growth. It is expected that mobile phone shipments will reach 250 million units, contributing revenues of 65 billion US dollars, and continue to maintain rapid growth.

Communication equipment business encounters resistance

Huawei is the world's largest communications equipment supplier. With its strong technical research and development capabilities and comprehensive services, it has won the support of domestic and foreign operators and successfully surpassed the world. Ericsson, the largest communications equipment supplier, once again demonstrated its strength with its leading edge in technology when 5G is about to be commercialized.

Before the founder and president of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei accepted the media interview, Huawei said that as long as Huawei is good enough, as long as the equipment is good enough and the technology is advanced enough, it will have the confidence to attract European operators to adopt its equipment. The published data shows that the current 5G equipment orders have reached 30, 5G base station shipments exceeded 25,000, ranking first in all communication equipment vendors, and achieved excellent performance on the eve of 5G's upcoming global rollout. Achievements.

However, due to well-known reasons, Huawei has encountered many difficulties in overseas markets. In the face of a difficult environment, Huawei’s announced performance target shows that it is conservative in communications equipment business, and this year it is responsible for communications equipment. The operator BG of the business no longer raises excessive growth targets.

According to Huawei, the revenue target of operator BG is 44.1 billion US dollars, which is even slightly lower than the 2017 revenue of 29.7 billion yuan (about 45.6 billion US dollars), showing Huawei face. For the heavy resistance, although hard work, but still put forward a more pragmatic revenue target for the reality.

Bai Ying Technology believes that although it faces certain resistance in overseas markets, itWith China, the world's largest communications equipment market, starting to build 5G networks on a large scale, Huawei will become the biggest beneficiary, and its communication equipment business should not be a problem to achieve the expected goals.

Mobile phone business continues to drive revenue growth

Huawei's mobile phone business has shown rapid growth in recent years. In the second and third quarters of 2018, it has surpassed Apple to become the world's second largest for two consecutive quarters. In 2018, it became the first domestic mobile phone brand to cross the 200 million shipment threshold.

Huawei's mobile phone's ability to maintain rapid growth is inseparable from its strong strength in technology research and development. Its research and development of Hess Kirin chips has become a banner in the Android mobile phone market, and its release in 2017. Kirin 970 is the first mobile phone chip in the Android mobile phone market to integrate AI chips, and has won praises from the industry. In recent years, it has been innovating in shooting technology by collaborating with the well-known camera company Leica, leading the shooting technology of smart phones. Trends, the P20 Pro released in early 2018 is the most powerful mobile phone in the world.

Continued innovation in the mobile phone market, pushing Huawei to leap forward in the high-end mobile phone market. In 2018, P20 series shipments exceeded 16 million, and mate20 released two-month shipments of more than 5 million, which makes it To challenge Apple and Samsung in the high-end mobile phone market.

The achievements in the high-end mobile phone market have enhanced the brand reputation of Huawei mobile phones, and it has also flexibly changed according to market changes, and quickly launched the brand glory of Internet brand when Xiaomi led the trend of Internet marketing. The glory brand has already surpassed Xiaomi's mobile phone market in the domestic market. At the end of 2017, with the rapid development of emerging markets, it turned to strengthen the layout of the low-end mobile phone market.

Under the continuous efforts of Huawei's mobile phones, the smooth growth of shipments in 2018 has been accelerated, with a year-on-year increase of more than 30%. According to Huawei's mobile phone shipment target of 250 million in 2019, it will increase by 25% compared with 2018. According to the current development trend, this growth target can be described as conservative. Perhaps this year Huawei's mobile phone The volume will exceed the expected target, and revenue will exceed the target of $65 billion.

Huawei is not only making efforts in the mobile phone market,It has also shown strong competitiveness in the server market and has become one of the top six server companies in the world. At the end of last year, it released the world's strongest ARM architecture server chip, and brought new choices to the industry with its unique technological advantages; At the end of 2017, it established Huawei Cloud BG and stressed that to become one of the five clouds in the world, the expansion of these emerging businesses will also support its revenue growth.

Bai Ying Technology believes that Huawei can always seize the opportunity at a critical moment and quickly turn around. Its success in the smart phone market has proved that it can quickly establish itself in the new market and gradually reach its expected year. The goal, other emerging businesses will also quickly establish its market position in new industries, which will help maintain rapid growth in revenue, perhaps this year its overall revenue will exceed its expectations.

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