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Due to the nearly 60 million repurchases of Xiaomi, affected by this move, Xiaomi has risen sharply today. After the market opened, it has risen more than 5%. In the previous period of continuous decline, although today (January 18), the increase was as high as 3. 9%, the market value of 254.9 billion Hong Kong dollars, but compared with the previous high, the market value has shrunk more than 300 billion Hong Kong dollars, a drop of 54%, whether millet can continue to buy back, market confidence needs to be gradually repaired.

The company's repurchase can give confidence to the market. Tencent experienced a long-term decline and faced unfavorable factors such as game regulation. However, Tencent continued to repurchase for many days. To this day, Tencent's market value has re-emerged at HK$3 trillion. on. It can be said that Tencent's repurchase stabilized some investors' confidence and combined with other factors to promote Tencent's rebound. It became the largest listed company in Asia. Tencent's market value was 3.2 trillion Hong Kong dollars, about 406.6 billion US dollars.

In addition to repurchasing in the capital market, Xiaomi's launch of the mobile phone +AIoT strategy in 2019 requires a clearer explanation of its business model to investors. Global mobile phone downturn, Credit Suisse's latest data show that global smartphone production is expected to decline by 19% in the first quarter of this year. How does Xiaomi win the favor of users in the “changing machine” users? For the current revenue of mobile phones supporting the whole millet, mobile phone sales are the core of stable millet market value. At present, Xiaomi launches multiple brands for the market. Perhaps this is a good choice, especially Redmi Redmi is the main price/performance ratio, which will help to increase product sales and help expand markets in Southeast Asia.

Previously, due to the sluggish iPhone demand, Apple lowered its Q1 performance in FY 2019, which was reduced to US$84 billion from the previous 89 billion to US$93 billion. Due to this news, Apple plunged 10% on the day. The decline of smartphones in the global market is not a fact, and they are looking for growth points beyond mobile phones.

Since Apple launched the HomeKit smart home platform in 2014, it has not been well developed in the world. The high level of Apple certification makes the smart home advance slowly, but Amazon has entered the US with Echo/Alexa mode. Family, Apple has joined the Thread Group standard open organization last year, allowing more device vendors to join the HomeKit ecosystem. Based on the organization, other device vendors are more likely to join the HomeKit ecosystem to promote Apple’s smart home progress.At the same time, it also promotes competition with Amazon.

Although Huawei's smartphones exceeded 200 million in 2018, the consumer business grew 50% to 50 billion US dollars in 2018, but in the direction of smart home, it started to work in 2018. Looking for market growth points beyond mobile phones, we launched an independent smart home eco-Huazhi brand to create an open smart home ecosystem with connectivity as the core.

Today, Huawei HiLink intelligent ecological products cover six major areas of home lighting, entertainment and security. At present, the platform has accumulated more than 20 million users, accessing more than 100 categories, covering more than 500 products, and realized 400 million APP links. At the same time, it establishes the Ark Lab for the eco-smart smart home, and it is connected with the Jingdong Xiaojingyu Intelligent Platform. No matter which platform the products are purchased by consumers, they can be compatible with each other. As this ecological scale grows, it enters the smart home head player. Column.

Xiaomi was preparing for smart homes many years ago, cultivating nearly 100 eco-chain enterprises, producing all kinds of intelligent equipment covering every aspect of daily life. In 2019, Xiaomi actively embraced the AIOT strategy and In the next five years, 10 billion will be used to support the development of AIoT. As one of the IoT segments, smart homes contain the potential market size of trillions, but the barriers to competition and technical barriers in the smart home market are not high.

Xiaomi intelligent hardware, other manufacturers can also do, with smart speakers as an example, domestic BAT and Huawei and many other top players join, the core between them is not technical barriers, but price subsidies, with low price strategy To drive sales. Ali's Tmall Elf series is the leading domestic shipments of other rivals, followed by Xiaomi, but Baidu is growing rapidly, with a 711% increase in the third quarter of 2018, and won 20% of the domestic smart speaker market.

However, Xiaomi has a scale advantage in smart homes, and its IoT platform connects 1.32 smart devices, which is one of the smart home platforms with scale advantages in China. In addition, after years of cultivation, the ecological chain has shown rapid growth in revenue, from 5 billion yuan in 2015 to 23.5 billion in 2017, nearly five times in two years. In the first three quarters of 2018, the accumulated revenue was 28.9 billion yuan, which exceeded the previous year.

Xiaomi ecological chain is expected to prop up the future core direction of Xiaomi,Regardless of revenue or ecological connection scale, it is also the number of voice assistant activation devices. One of the winners in the domestic smart home market, such as the advantages of intelligent hardware continues, according to the current growth rate, it is estimated that by 2021, Xiaomi IoT smart life business revenue The scale is expected to reach 100 billion.

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