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Introduction: Some time ago, the interface reported that Haha trip had completed a new round of financing of about 4 billion yuan in September last year. This round was led by Chunhua Capital and Ant Financial Co., and other old shareholders continued to vote. In response, Harbin’s travel response confirmed that the financing news was true.

Some time ago, the interface reported that Haha trip had completed a new round of financing of about 4 billion yuan in September last year. This round was led by Chunhua Capital and Ant Financial Co., and other old shareholders continued to vote. In response, Harbin’s travel response confirmed that the financing news was true. Harbin's trip can still complete 4 billion yuan of financing in the cold wave of shared bicycles, which is undoubtedly bringing a warm current to the shared bicycle industry.

Relative to ofo and Mobai's current fate, the latecomer Haji traveled almost as a protagonist, at least at this stage, Harbin travel is the only company in the shared bicycle field. . In addition to the good news of financing 4 billion, Harbin’s travel has also placed his ambitions on the shuttle business. On December 27 last year, the Haha travel app showed “the main recruitment of the windmill, the car transfer to the oil price”, this action also It indicates that Harbin’s travel will extend his tentacles to the business of obtaining more owner information and passenger data.

Last September, Harrow traveled to upgrade the brand to Harbin. The shared bicycle latecomer has already set his sights on the travel ecology, which has made his travel business more comprehensive. . At the moment, sharing bicycles into the final sprint stage, who can harvest this huge number of users? It’s really a dazzling trip to the giants’ backs, but the travel field is booming. Can it cope with the next big waves?

Hao travels 4 billion to become a warm current in a shared bicycle.  Share a bicycle to meet the spring tide and welcome the spring to be ready?

Some time ago, Haro’s bicycles had completed the financing of 4 billion yuan in September. This good news is definitely a warm current in the shared bicycle industry. According to data from IT Orange, Harbin’s 2018 public financing was only two times. It was completed in April last year with $700 million in financing from Ant Financial and Fosun Group. In June and July last year, Ant Gold The company has continuously invested in E+ and F rounds of financing, and the financing amount is 2 billion US dollars and 1 billion US dollars respectively. Coupled with this 4 billion financing, it can be seen that Harbin travel is still favored by the giants.

Once the head platform ofo, Mobai is now in such a situation, it is indeed a pity, but it also shows that blindly burning money everywhere expansion is still paid by the company itself. Harbin travel can avoid competition with the two, on the one hand because its base camp is in the second and third line, and on the other hand because its development at that time is not enough to threaten ofo and Moby. Of course, it can now have such a position in the shared bicycle industry, or it is inseparable from the capital support behind the pusher Ali and Ant Financial. Now it compares with ofo and Moby, and its position on the track in the shared cycling industry has already surpassed them.

The current development of the shared bicycle industry still faces many problems, especially the user's distrust of the shared bicycle industry is the most critical, the most important reason is due to the refund of the deposit of theo, this large area of ​​negative The news seriously affected the user's trust in the shared bicycle industry. At the same time, because too many players have entered the game to share bicycles, they have left a lot of bicycle garbage to the society after being eliminated. This also makes the shared bicycle industry face some strict strict control in the future. For example, many first-tier cities have realized the move to share bicycle “forbidden orders”.

It can be said that the current shared bicycle industry is at its worst stage, but at the same time it may be an opportunity for surviving platforms. Entering 2019, in the end, whether it is a strong situation or a strong monopoly, there is still a lot of room for conjecture. At 6 o'clock in the morning, it seems that the chances of Mobai and Harbin are the biggest.

Mobai has a slight situation because he has hugged the thigh of the US group. Maybe after the end of the merger optimization, Moby will be completely beautiful, and it is possible that it will continue to increase in the shared bicycle field. The advantages. In the end, it is a hay travel with a lot of good cards. As far as the current situation is concerned, it seems that it has the biggest win in the shared bicycle industry. On the one hand, it has the support of Ali and Ant, and on the other hand, the second and third tier cities stand firm. I am waiting for the entry permit for the first-tier cities.

Although ofo is not completely eliminated now, unless it can once again acquire the giant's acquisition or investment, otherwise it may be a matter of time, and once again gaining capital, it may still be necessary to see if it can make a miracle. . Judging from the current pattern, Harbin’s travel has increased voice in the shared bicycle field, which also makes it ambitionBigger, focus on the ecology of travel. The two-wheel model explores the path of common development to the four-wheel model. This is an opportunity and a challenge for Harbin's trip, but can it compete with Didi?

The ambition of a larger scorpion machine pushes the windmill business to grab the market but there are too many uncertain factors in the turbulent travel field

With the advantage of Harbin travel in the shared bicycle field, It is also a plan to look at the entire field of travel. In September last year, Harrow Bicycle announced that it had upgraded to “Hammer Travel” and launched a brand new branding system. This action also marked the beginning of Hari’s travel to the entire travel field.

Now the Haha travel app shows that the rider is being recruited. This is another action after Harbin travels to access the taxis and car services such as the first car and the car. So far, haha ​​has already shared bicycles, shared bicycles, taxis, special trains, rides, and sharing. Cars and other businesses. Although Harbin’s marching military network is well prepared, it is not like sharing the bicycle industry or new things. At 6 o'clock in the morning, it is still not difficult to see the challenges in this field.

First, the regulation of the online car market will only be stricter. Later, the threshold for Harbin to enter the market is high. The government has always been very cautious about the supervision of the network car, but because of the user’s murder in the past two years, the negative public opinion is huge, which also allows the local traffic authorities to increase the admission of the network car platform. an examination. It is foreseeable that entering 2019 will be the year with the most restrained and supervised after the brutal growth of the network car field. At present, Didi, Gaode's windmill business is still in the indefinite line, and the US group's network car business has also put a rest. Trying to find his own borders, Harbin has to be cautious in the network car industry.

Secondly, in addition to the rivals and the traditional car companies, the competitors in the online car market are not optimistic. Although Didi is greatly affected by the downwind event, it has to be said that it has a much earlier layout in the field of travel, and the penetration rate of users is higher. At the same time, the industry still occupies a larger share. The competitors faced by Harbin are no longer like the young ofo and Mobai. Ginger is still the oldest drip. It may be an enemy that is difficult to fight with. At the same time, there are also traditional car companies rushing into the network car industry, whether they are funds or car sourcesCertain advantages, it can be said that it is not difficult for Harbin to steal the market.

Third, how to find a profit model will become an increasingly urgent issue. Although Harbin's shared moped field has already achieved industry first and is beginning to make a profit, bicycles have also achieved profitability in many cities, but this may not be enough. In particular, the online car market is a heavily invested industry. It is not easy to attract more users with less subsidies. If Harbin can't take the lead in finding a viable profit path in this field, he will naturally face financial problems in the follow-up. After all, whether he can make money is also the focus of investors.

Haha traveled to upgrade the strategic layout to the entire travel ecology, which is in line with its development goals, and also allows investment institutions to be willing to support it. It can be said that this complements each other. It’s just that the blue-green sea in the car-related car industry is big, but it’s not easy to catch a big fish when it’s haha, just that it has the opportunity to participate in fishing, but it’s still necessary to see how it works.

Later, Haha’s trip to stage a contrarian breakout is not easy to sink into a platform to gain the upper hand in the field of travel

Didi used to occupy more than 60% of the market in the market. The second-time helpless downline business, or to the latecomers to seize the opportunity of the market. The second child wants to fight for it, but his heart is not enough. Therefore, it can be seen that Harbin's travel now pushes the windmill business and wants to seize this market vacancy. After all, under the premise that the giant temporarily put this business off the line, Harbin travels still has a certain timing advantage. Although the current Harbin travel has the upper hand in both capital reserve and timing, it is not too small to be a new unicorn in the field of travel. In what ways should it enhance its competitiveness in the future?

First, the scene explored more attempts to cooperate with Ali and Ant Financial services to enhance the user's stickiness on the platform. It is difficult for Haji to travel to shake the market through large-scale concessions and subsidies. After all, there are some lessons from the subsidy wars of Didi and Meituan. In order to gain customers or enhance the user's stickiness to the platform, Harbin can still use the resources of the giants. There are in-depth cooperation between the various platforms. On the one hand, it can not only divert, but on the other hand, it is also attractive to users. . Therefore, for Harbin's travel, the future business will try to develop with the video, music, e-commerce, etc. of Ali.In-depth cooperation and the like.

Second, learn the lessons learned from the drip in the car, and check the safety. Whether it is for the driver review, full-time customer service, security warning and other aspects of the initiative must have a set of its own mechanism to prevent as much as possible after the accident. Although the shuttle business can help the platform to obtain more car owners information and passenger data, this is also a resource that the giants value, but this aspect needs to be checked and checked. In the future, Harbin's travel should be prepared in response to driver audits, full-time customer service, and security warnings.

Third, the core of the platform should still be placed on the service users, and serve the users from multiple perspectives. Whether it is shared bicycle or online car, good service users are still the most important point. For Harbin travel, under the premise of sufficient funds, rather than blindly expanding, it is better to focus on users and operations. . From the perspectives of user needs, security, and services, we will provide users with diversified, convenient, high-quality and safe travel services to meet the different travel needs of users.

For Harbin, the track is switched from bicycle to car, which is a new challenge for it. In the eyes of the industry, the main way of playing haha ​​is to play low frequency with high frequency. Just like the play of the US group in the past, relying on group buying to do high-frequency low-frequency things. It’s just that Internet travel is ultimately a business of traffic and capital. Once there is no scale, there is no efficiency. For Hari's trip, although faced with a rare time window, the players are very popular, the old forces are entrenched, and the road ahead is still very long.

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