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Introduction: This time I want to talk about the three products released on the 15th from the user's point of view. Let's talk about it in the order of release.

January 15th is definitely a day that can be remembered by history. If it is over 50 years, what happened yesterday can be recorded in the long scroll of the Internet and passed down by future generations. Then it is successful. Don't say 50 years, it will be ok if you can be remembered for 10 years. This time, from the user's point of view, let's talk about the three products released on the 15th, let's talk about the order of release.

Multi-flash: Video social understanding

First is multi-flash, this is a software different from vibrato, the core idea can be seen as "short video + social", a big The characteristic is very "cool", of course, this is a big feeling after the author used it. First of all, after you use "With the beat", you will be seen by others for 72 hours, and then you will be transferred to your personal album. In addition, this software does not have the same public likes as WeChat, if you like a friend Leave a message, it will be sent directly to him by private message, which is more private.

The three softwares are released at the same time (pictures from the network)

After downloading the experience for a while, I found that its properties are still inseparable from the vibrato mode, but In terms of vibrato, it is necessary to pursue the concept of “social privacy”, which adds chat attributes like WeChat. Friends who use vibrato know that they don't have social attributes. For example, the author took a small video and wanted to let friends who didn't have a vibrating account see it. There are several ways to share it, one is to look directly in person; One is to spread through various social media, such as through WeChat, but things are not as smooth as everyone imagined. I want to open the vibrato video through WeChat. From the current point of view, it is very hard (WeChat gives Single-ended shielding).

Multi-flash APP login interface You must use the vibrating account!

The same is true for multi-flash, for example, only the vibrato login is currently supported. After logging in, I would like to invite my friends to support four methods: multiple flash ID/phone number, friend QR code, WeChat, QQ. Personally, from the usage habits, WeChat sharing should be the most frequently used option, but after I clicked in, there was a very embarrassing interface.

onlyCan look at the follow-up development, and now everyone is helpless

multi-flash APP content interface main trend young fan

but in terms of content, personal feeling still has several highlights, the first is The video is aggregated in a friend relationship, you can understand it as a short video chat with a friend; there is no public social scene, that is, even if you look at the world and want to chat with him/her separately, you must add a friend, otherwise you can only send Text expression; 72 hours "limited time visible", to avoid other people squatting and squatting, this feature is well received; red envelope video, you can bring a red envelope when sending video.

Overall, the flash is mainly based on video in the gameplay, and in the dissemination, a lot of energy is invested, it is simply a "video version of WeChat". Introducing this software through the person in charge of the product, it is not difficult to see (the young lady in 1993), more than want to aggregate everything that can not be described in the language, and video is a very good form of expression.

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