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Guide: The development of shared bicycles is like riding a roller coaster. In 2018, the situation has undergone a "great reversal." Once brilliant, ofo and Mobai, now turned to the US group, a situation in a dilemma. In this situation, Harbin, as a latecomer, got a new round of financing on December 28, 2018.

The development of shared bicycles is like riding a roller coaster. In 2018, the situation has undergone a "great reversal." Once brilliant, ofo and Mobai, now turned to the US group, a situation in a dilemma. In this situation, Harbin, as a latecomer, got a new round of financing on December 28, 2018.

In the fierce market competition, how did Harbin break out and how did it survive?

The two nobles of Harbin: Yonganxing, Ant Financial

Just when Mobai and ofo were hot in the first-tier cities, Haro Cycling silently chose the second and third-tier cities. , avoiding the positive competition with strong opponents, and then rising against the trend.

At that time, the shared bicycle appeared from the Hundred Regiments to the two strong hegemony, ando and Mobai received a lot of financing, and the capital left for Harrow bicycles was not much, which led to Kazakhstan to a certain extent. Luo bicycles have been caught in financial constraints for a long time. Just in October 2017, Yongan Bank rescued the Haro cycling in trouble.

According to public information, Yongan has 8 years of operating experience, and its main business is the development, sales, construction and operation of public bicycle systems. Its bicycle rental is mainly based on pile rental. The main customers are government agencies, users of third-tier cities and below. As of June 30, 2018, Yongan has successfully launched public bicycle projects in about 260 cities and regions across the country.

In the user's audience, the idea of ​​Haro cycling and Yonganxing coincided. Shortly after Yongan took over Harold's bicycle, Ant Financial also gave Harrow a ride on the wing.

In December 2017, Ant Jinfu and others participated in the $350 million D1 round of investment in Harbin; in April 2018, Ant Financial participated in nearly 700 million trips to Harbin. Investing in the US dollar; in June 2018, Ant Financial Services and other companies increased their capital by 2 billion yuan, and traveled to Harbin in July of the same year.Invested 1 billion US dollars; in December 2018, Ant Financial Service and other financing of Haji traveled for about 4 billion yuan.

That is to say, Haha’s travel to this day has largely depended on the large capital investment of Ant Financial. Moreover, in March 2018, Harbin Travel and Ant Financial Co., Ltd. jointly launched a deposit-free policy. As long as the user's sesame credit is above 650, the deposit can be released free of charge, which brings the number of users who traveled to Harbin. Growth. According to the official data of Harbin, the number of users increased by 70% within two months after the implementation of the deposit-free policy.

In addition, Alipay provides users with a Haro bicycle entrance, which allows Alipay users to directly use Haro bicycles. It can be seen that whether it is the entrance of Alipay or the policy of deposit-free, it brings a certain amount of users to Harbin.

Tianyanchao showed that Shanghai Yifeng Network Technology Co., Ltd., which was registered in 2016, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Yonganxing Low Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. (Haro Bicycle Parent Company). As early as April 2018, Shanghai Yifeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. has started to apply for the “Ha-Hao” series of trademarks, including Harbin travel, Harbin bicycle, Harbin automobile, Harbin shared bicycle, etc. The trademark category includes “tourism, Logistics services"; "insurance, finance, real estate."

In September 2018, Harbin Cycling officially changed its name to Harbin, and began its Harmony car business. With the two big trees of Yonganxing and Antjinfu as the strong backing of Harbin, it is not enough to say that they are back to life, but they can show the ambition of Harbin.

In short, it is an indisputable fact that Harbin’s trip has already been acquired by the cycling giant Yongan. Similarly, the player who was optimistic on the shared cycling battlefield - Mobye also went to the road of acquisition, but since Moab's founder Hu Wei resigned, it ended with a "completely beautiful" ending.

The helplessness and adjustment behind the sale of Mobai

From the financial statements that Mobai was smashed, even if it received a lot of financing, its development status is not optimistic. On April 4, 2018, Moby eventually sold himself.

On the one hand, Mobai fell into a dilemma of high cost and heavy assets. According to the Mobye financial report released by Blue Whale TMT, the comprehensive December 2017 singleThe monthly depreciation cost and the cost of using each car for 3 years, the cost per vehicle is about 1,000 yuan. Moreover, the monthly impairment loss in this report is 0.8 billion yuan, and an average of 80,000 vehicles can no longer be put into normal use every month.

In addition to the cost of making cars, it is difficult for Moby to reduce operating costs such as vehicle damage rate, vehicle maintenance, and personnel scheduling costs. According to the financial statements, the operating and management costs of Mobye reached 429 million yuan in December 2017, while Moby's revenue was only 110 million yuan. In fact, such a situation is a long-standing phenomenon. Obviously, it is difficult for Moby to achieve positive profitability. Therefore, this is a cycle of continuously extending the Mobility return.

On the other hand, Mobai's ability to achieve self-hematopoiesis is poor. In fact, Moby has been over-reliant on financing and has not yet found a balanced point of return. The number of rides by users is not stable and there are fluctuations, which also affects the cash flow of Moby. It is understood that in December 2017, the average number of daily rides per bicycle in Mobai dropped from nearly three to one. The average number of bicycles per week was about 10 million, and about 3 per month. Billions.

According to the revenue of 110 million yuan, even if the daily average number of rides per motorcycle in Mobai reaches 3 times, it is impossible to balance the income and expenditure of Moby. In other words, Moby’s profit model is not yet clear.

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