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Introduction: This car network that rises with the advancement of technology refers to: the interior of the car and the interior network of the car and the car; the car and the car are interconnected to form a car like the LAN of the vehicle. Finally, the first two are connected to the Internet to realize data exchange between people, vehicles and roads, intelligent interaction and deployment of vehicle networking.

Since October 28, 2010, Baidu search "Car Networking" was first used as a keyword search. During the Guangzhou Asian Games from November 12 to 27, 2010, more than 80 units were installed. The Suzhou Jinlong Smart Bus of G-BOS equipment was put into service, and the vehicle networking technology officially entered the social field of vision.

This car network that rises with the advancement of technology refers to: the interior of the car and the interior network of the car and the car; the car and the car are interconnected to form a car similar to the vehicle LAN. In the end, the former two are connected to the Internet to realize data exchange between people, vehicles and roads, intelligent interaction and deployment of vehicle networking.

But the development process of the Internet of Vehicles is not as simple as it was at the beginning. The rise of the concept has brought enough attention to the Internet of Vehicles, which has raised the threshold of the users, but it has followed for several years. There is no cross-stage breakthrough, which has caused many users and practitioners to gradually lose their original enthusiasm.

But in recent years, the Internet-connected operators led by joint ventures have risen sharply. Shanghai GM, FAW-Volkswagen, and Dongfeng Citroen logo have set off a new upsurge in the development of the Internet of Vehicles. The car network has taken the next step to the right place.

Tianshi: The "second engine"

, which is ready to go under the wilting era, has statistics. China's car sales increased from 5.76 million in 2005 to around 30 million in 2018. The annual growth rate of automobile sales during the period was as high as 386%. The annual sales volume of the Chinese automobile market has been the first in the world for 8 consecutive years, and the sales volume accounts for 30% of the global total.

However, after experiencing the rapid growth phase of the industrial cycle junior high school period, China's auto market growth rate is slowing down. In 2016, car sales increased by 14%, and car sales in 2017 only increased by 3%. And in the first 11 months of 2018, it even fell by 2%. The car buyers are close to saturation, consumers are not buying enough new cars or the power to change cars twice, so the car market needs newThe point of stimulation growth.

In this case, the Internet of Vehicles that had been immersed for several years was once again taken seriously. In the past year, Wang Yongqing, general manager of SAIC General Motors, the pioneer of the Internet of Vehicles, also said in an interview: "The Internet of Vehicles will be Traveling will bring about subversive changes, and it will serve as the 'second engine' of the car, providing a new driving force for future transportation life.” What are the advantages of car networking in the current development of automobiles?

First of all, with the outbreak of IoT, the Internet of Everything became the most recognized mode of social development, and the Internet of Vehicles has become the new darling of the automotive industry today, and the Internet of Vehicles itself is part of the IoT, and the future of social development. The direction is the same, and there is enough correctness on the big background.

Secondly, in terms of the commercialization potential of the Internet, there are Apple CarPaly and Google Android AUTO in foreign countries; in China, there are also Baidu Carlife, Aliyun OS, Tencent Lubao, and many giants around the world have laid out. The business potential is huge. In addition, it is a stage in which the auto market is in urgent need of seeking a breakthrough. It is the stage of a long drought.

Among them, the joint venture has an advantage over a single Internet giant or a self-owned brand.

Paul Romer, one of the 2018 Nobel laureates in economics, put forward a theory: "Most of the technological advances stem from the conscious investment behavior caused by market incentives, that is, technology is endogenous. "Luo defaults to a specific technological breakthrough may be random, but the overall increase in technology is directly proportional to the resources of the society.

Car networking is essentially a technology-led service function. For its development, the key point is whether it can be broken through technology. Faced with the trend of large-scale capital entry, joint ventures have a first-mover advantage over Internet companies, and they are more competitive in technological innovation than their own brands.

So from the timing, the development of the Internet of Vehicles is the trend of the times, and it will be the new engine of automobile growth. Under the wave of big capital, the blessing of the joint venture in the original technology will be re-injected with the capital. In-depth, it is easier to have new breakthroughs. And this technological breakthrough will become a new endorsement of investment, so as to form a positive cycle of rising, more advantages.

Geographical benefit: comprehensive coordination from industrial chain to complex technology

Alan Kay, an American computer scientist and Turing Award winner, once said, “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” Means that people who really care about software should make their own hardware. This sentence was later used by Jobs to express Apple's product development philosophy.

But after all, the mobile phone is a relatively low-value intelligent hardware, the cost of all in is lower, and the car price and R&D cost far exceed the mobile phone, not only the initial investment, but also the long production cycle. It is difficult to obtain the results on the product in a short time. This is contrary to the positive proportional relationship between capital investment and output value in Internet commerce.

For a complete automotive industry chain cycle, from the upstream source material collection, technology development; to the midstream accessories manufacturing assembly; to the downstream product sales, this entire industrial structure is not a short time The internal energy can be piled up, and this is also a lot of companies that say that they build their own cars. In the end, 80% are borrowed and choose to cooperate with other original car manufacturers.

And for the car network smart car, it is also necessary to consider the cost and price issues, whether it is within the popular purchasing power, and whether it is in line with the public aesthetics in terms of comfort and practicality, these are the Internet. The cost limit that a company may have in a hurry.

And many Internet companies still have inherent disadvantages in technology. In Baidu, Baidu should be a company with deep understanding of the Internet of Vehicles in the Internet. After all, the AI ​​is sold in the AI, and the Baidu is self-driving. It should be regarded as the frontier of domestic automatic driving. But even Baidu has not had a voice product that can be used by everyone. It is a serious shortcoming in this respect, and the most direct interaction method of driverless is voice, which means that Baidu is still in short supply.

In terms of advances in vehicle networking technology, as early as 1997, the OnStar system was already equipped with all of Cadillac's predecessors in North America. On October 28, 2009, Onstar, Shanghai Automotive Industry Sales Co., Ltd. and Shanghai General Motors jointly established Shanghai Anjixing Information Service Co., Ltd. In 2011, General Motors exhibited at CES2011The Onstar system developed by its model can now meet the installation requirements of 99% of the family cars on the market.

Today, the OnStar system has become the standard for most models of GM's brands in North America. OnStar's services are primarily limited to the US and Canada, serving more than 6 million users. In the near future, it is also cooperating with the American brand Buick. Based on SAIC's superior resources and technology, it launched eConnect, which is centered on the “cloud” and has high user perception and high frequency of use.

Therefore, for the development process of the Internet of Vehicles, many Internet companies in the case of inherent disadvantages, it is better to build a car than to be rooted in services, and the traffic and technology of Internet companies should be more The attitude of the service side is dominated by the original practitioners in the automotive industry. Choosing the right smart car manufacturer is a better choice from the point of view.

Therefore, the joint venture can take advantage of the future competition of the Internet of Vehicles, not only has its own excellent technology and supply chain cycle, but also has the huge data brought by the further use of Internet information technology. The integration with technology has also become the premise of the construction of the Internet of Things.

People and: The division of labor coordination of the big object scene

The essence of the Internet of Vehicles industry is the service industry, through the statistical analysis of the entire field of the car, and then to re-service these complex car scenes. Through the empowerment of big data, we will change many of the shortcomings of the traditional automotive industry and provide new experiences in various scenarios.

The property of the service industry is that it is impossible to leave the scene to talk about it. The service industry is dominated by user needs. To truly talk about the future of the Internet of Things, we must start from the thinking of user needs. The user's use of the comprehensive and improved traffic network of the car network should be like this:

When the user drives, he gives an order to the vehicle, for example, wants to eat Sichuan food, and then the car network cloud system will intelligently screen out several The hotel, and the development of the appropriate route planning, the time required, after the user is determined to achieve a reservation order, this is the effect that the Internet of Vehicles should achieve.

A little understanding is that the US group and the Didi are integrated, and the car is automatically picked up and delivered at the time of ordering. In other words, the final form of the Internet of Vehicles is no longer limited to the car itself, but to become an intelligent student of the entire Internet of Things.Part of the live. In the development of this stage, the more competitive is the original Internet service enterprise, the information docking between the two sides is the prerequisite for realizing the ecology of the big object.

To achieve this scenario, the actual operation is not simple.

* First of all, it needs to establish a collection and feedback system for real-time user information data. The scene is surrounded by users. In the Internet era, the needs of users are changing rapidly, which is forced by the upper-end service providers. Timely adjust the supply and output according to the different needs of users.

* Secondly, it is necessary to build a user network. In the context of the explosion of personal information today, the path between information and input is increasingly blurred, and everyone becomes the recipient and disseminator of information. However, from the in-vehicle network to the inevitable stage of the inter-vehicle network, all the attributes in each car must be set as an independent user unit.

* Finally, we need a proper marketing and promotion strategy. Nowadays, it is not the era when the wine is not afraid of alleys. If you want to be accepted by users, not only must the products be excellent, but also use various marketing techniques to seize the market. User market. At the same time, in the promotion of different functions for complex multi-scene, the car network can be grafted from a single car attribute to the bridge of the big object.

These links are the best things for Internet companies. They are a unique manifestation of heavy traffic in the Internet business and decentralized user thinking. Therefore, in the future development of the Internet of Vehicles, there are some aspects for the creation of user preferences. Internet business thinking has more advantages.

So for the future development trend of the entire Internet of Vehicles, it is the joint venture that occupies the right place at the same time. On the one hand, it has the grounding atmosphere of local enterprises, and there are standards for foreign companies to meet high quality requirements; On the one hand, it has the technology and supply chain of the traditional automobile manufacturing brand, and also has the user thinking and data support of the Internet enterprise. Only in this multi-dimensional superposition advantage can it become the backbone of the development of the Internet of Vehicles.

The connection itself is a huge force. The arrival of the mobile Internet era is connected with people, and the development of IoT has once again painted a picture of the future. As the leader of IoT, the development of the Internet of Vehicles is bound to be an important step. The connection between the car and the car, the ecology of the car and the big object will also become the "second engine" for the development of the automotive industry.

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