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Introduction: At the Samsung 2019 Spring New Product Launch Conference held this morning, Samsung’s abnormal farewell to the past “squeezing toothpaste” status, took out 5 new machines in one breath!

From Note 7 “Explosion Gate”

Samsung is gradually drifting away in the domestic market

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This year's technology is not surprisingly bright

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at the Samsung 2019 spring new product launch held this morning, Samsung's abnormal farewell to the past The state of toothpaste" took out 5 new machines in one breath!

Let's take a good look at it.

Galaxy Fold: It's your folding phone

"No, this is not my folding phone, this is my folding portable tablet."

Equipped with a screen that inadvertently flipped in half, and then exposed the specially designed golden shaft. You can't tell whether you are chasing a play, chatting, or looking for the next destination on the map – this is the charm of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

On the one hand, its unique folding design made the bangs screen on the market and the perforated screen mobile phone eclipsed; on the other hand, the folded screen also expanded the screen of the mobile phone to 7.3 inches. The inner screen is folded in half and has a 4.7-inch screen on the back.

According to Samsung's live introduction, when the Galaxy Fold is unfolded, there are two cameras on the front, which are a 10 megapixel self-timer lens and an 8 megapixel RGB depth of field lens.

When the Galaxy Fold is in a folded form, the front is a 10 megapixel self-portrait head, and the rear is arranged vertically for three shots, including a 16 megapixel main camera.

Considering that some users may repeatedly fold the screen to reduce the pressure on work and life, Samsung added a variety of colors to the back and the shaft to help the user indirectly depressurize the machine. The taste preference of the Lord.

Large screen means big size, you can plug a large enough battery - Fold Built-in two 4380 mAh batteries, and equipped with a 7nm processor, and up to 12GB of RAM, while the built-in storage space of 512GB start, no doubt the top level.

So the question is coming, when can we launch our small tablet? ——You can order now, but you need to wait for 2 months and officially release it on April 26th.

As for the price, it is less than $400 for the iPhone Xs Max with the same storage space of 512GB. (The first Galaxy Fold is priced at $1980).

Xiaobian OS: Citing the Samsung product market SVP Justin Denison's original words are

The Galaxy Fold is a one-of-a-kind luxury device. (Galaxy Fold is a luxury equipment)

discount contract 13300 RMB price, it is also considered an ordinary luxury backpack.

Galaxy S10 series

is the same as the previous media broke out. The S10 series consists of three new machines: S10e, S10 and S10+. All three models have bid farewell to the "wide forehead", using the same boring screen design as the previous mid-range A8s, and all equipped with the Qualcomm 855/Exynos 9820 processor.

The Galaxy S10 under the dazzling light of Galaxy Fold is not dim. On the contrary, it is the Android “machine emperor” currently available on the market.

Galaxy S10e

As Samsung's new small-screen flagship, the 5.8-inch Galaxy S10e uses a side fingerprint unlock design, equipped with a 3100mAh battery, supplemented with 6 / 8GB storage and 128 / 256GB of storage.

The front camera is a 10 megapixel single camera, and the rear is equipped with a 12 megapixel + 16 megapixel dual camera combination.

Gaxlaxy S10

Gaxlaxy S10 uses a 6.1-inch curved screen that supports ultrasonic screen fingerprint + 3400mAh battery. The storage section is equipped with 8GB storage + 128 / 512GB storage space.

For the camera, the S10 is equipped with a front-mounted 10 million single-shot, rear-mounted 12 million + 16 million-pixel three-shot combination.

Galaxy S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+ is equipped with a 6.4-inch curved screen, supports ultrasonic screen fingerprint, battery capacity reaches 4100mAh, and adopts rear three camera + front dual Take a five-shot design!

Among them, the S10+'s front dual camera is 10 million + 8 million pixels, and the rear three cameras are dual 12 million + 16 million pixels.

top with the same 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM as Fold, support extended to 1.5TB

Finally said the price

Samsung Galaxy S10 from 899 US dollars (about 6073 yuan Galaxy S10+ starts at US$999 (approximately RMB 6,749); Galaxy S10e starts at US$749 (approximately RMB 5,060); folding screen Galaxy Fold is priced at US$1980 (approximately RMB 13,400)...

It is worth mentioning that Samsung also introduced the 5G version of the S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G screen reached 6.7 inches, rear 4 camera! It also has Samsung's largest 4500 mAh battery to date, supporting 5G communication.

However, Samsung only said at the press conference that this mobile phone will be officially released this spring.

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