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Guide: Yesterday afternoon Xiaomi 9 was officially released in Beijing. This year's flagship of Xiaomi, which is expected by many netizens, has been exposed by Lei Jun before the release, but today's release scene is still full of blood.

Xiaomi 9 was officially released in Beijing yesterday afternoon. This year's flagship of Xiaomi, which is expected by many netizens, has been exposed by Lei Jun before the release, but today's release scene is still full of blood.

extremely narrow chin and charming new color

appearance, millet 9 front with a full-screen design of water droplets, chin compared to the previous generation of millet 8 significantly reduced by 40%, plus The space occupied by the water droplets is extremely small, so the screen ratio has increased significantly, reaching 90.7%. In response to the situation that some netizens prefer the curved water droplets, Lei Jun has also ordered the MIUI team to perform software adaptation.

The back of the phone has a full-surface design with excellent hand feel. When used, the body and the palm are more fit and more comfortable. At the same time, thanks to the fifth-generation screen fingerprint technology that enhances the speed and accuracy, Xiaomi 9 has a good visual integration on the back of the fuselage. In terms of color matching, Xiaomi 9 has three versions: deep gray, holographic illusion and holographic blue. It adopts nano-scale laser holography technology, double-layer coating and bucking, which can achieve the effect of radiance under the light, and it is dazzling.

The front is super high screen ratio and the novel and charming body color matching. As Lei Jun said, Xiaomi 9 can indeed be regarded as the best looking Xiaomi mobile phone so far.

Extreme performance

Hardware configuration, Xiaomi 9 equipped with Qualcomm's latest generation flagship processor Xiaolong 855, is the largest version upgrade of Qualcomm 800 series flagship chip, which uses Qualcomm self-developed The new Kryo 485 core has an eight-core architecture with a large core + 3 large cores + 4 small cores. The maximum frequency of the super large core is 2.84Ghz, which has extremely powerful single-core performance. At the same time benefiting from TSMC's latest 7nm process technology, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855's power consumption performance is also better, CPU energy efficiency increased by 40%, GPU energy efficiency increased by more than 25%. Putting it on Xiaomi 9, the most direct manifestation is the jump in running scores. According to the test results of Ann Bunny, the performance score of Xiaomi 9 reached 380,000.Above, there is no doubt the king of Android performance.

In order to fully exploit the performance potential of the Snapdragon 855, Xiaomi focused on designing the Game Turbo game mode, which can sense the responsible game scene, effectively schedule system resources in real time, avoid the stagnation, and keep the game frame rate stable. In addition, in the game mode, Xiaomi 9 will also turn on the display enhancement function. When eating chicken, the contrast of the game scene in fog, night scene, grass, woodland and other game scenes is higher, which helps to find the enemy; the sound effect parameters are also based on different games. Customization, listening to voice, voice communication experience is better.

The ultimate photo

The photo of Xiaomi 9 was the key item introduced by Lei Jun at the press conference. The number of rear cameras of the Xiaomi 9 has been increased to three. The main camera uses a 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 sensor. The single-pixel area after the four-in-one is 1.6 micrometers, which not only has a strong detail performance, but also Photo purity and brightness enhancement in the light environment are also quite obvious; the new 16-megapixel anti-distortion super wide-angle lens has a large viewing angle of 117°, provides a wide field of view, and supports 4 cm of super macro shooting. It is more convenient for shooting flowers and small things. There is also a 12-megapixel telephoto lens in the sub-photo, which supports 2x optical zoom. The equivalent focal length of 50mm makes it especially good at portrait shooting, which can achieve a natural background. Gradual blur effect, in line with the human visual experience.

The three cameras are both cost-effective two or three times the closed-loop focusing motor, plus the new laser focusing module, the focus speed and imaging speed of the millet 9 rear camera are the best in Xiaomi, capture Clean and neat. In addition, in order to better protect the lens, the three lenses of the Xiaomi 9 rear camera are also covered with sapphire glass, so there is no need to worry about the lens scratching.

The front-mounted 20-megapixel self-timer camera uses a miniaturized custom lens for the water drop screen to bring together all the features of Xiaomi Beauty.

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi 9 system camera also has a built-in vibrato shooting function, which is also the exclusive cooperation between Vibrato and Xiaomi. Using Xiaomi 9 to shoot short videos will be more convenient.

The world's first 20W wireless fast charge

The biggest surprise at the conference was the 20W wireless equipped with Xiaomi 9The charging function can charge the mobile phone from 0 to 100% in one and a half hours, which means that Xiaomi 9 officially surpassed Huawei Mate20 Pro to become the world's fastest wireless charging flagship phone.

At the same time, Xiaomi 9 also supports 27W wired fast charge, which can be filled within one hour. For Xiaomi 9 with a medium battery capacity (3300 mAh), the combination of wired and wireless super fast charging will undoubtedly greatly enhance competitiveness.

Comprehensive details improvement

Compared with the Xiaomi flagship that has been partially compromised in the past, the Xiaomi 9 is the first Xiaomi flagship product released after the independence of the Red Rice brand. In addition to the substantial leap forward in core functions, it has become more attractive in various details.

For example, in order to enhance the overall visual sense of the rear lens, Xiaomi 9 adopts a black Super black coating process; for example, in order to get better image quality, the three lenses are 6P lenses; The smashed sound quality, Xiaomi 9 also uses the top ultra-linear speaker, the volume is louder, the sound quality is higher; for example, the front screen uses Corning's latest sixth-generation gorilla protection glass, the performance of the fall resistance compared to the fifth generation Up to 50%; such as the top Samsung AMOLED screen; such as the return of the infrared transmitter, the performance of the full-featured NFC, as well as the design of more avant-garde protective shell, power-saving cool dark mode, etc., millet 9 is almost the perfect flagship product since the birth of Xiaomi!

Although the price of Xiaomi 9 is slightly higher than that of the previous generation (6+128G version price is 2999 yuan, 8+128G version is 3299 yuan), but the improvement is more obvious, the whole is more perfect and comprehensive. Compared with competing products at the same price, it still has a small advantage. I think this is why some netizens hope that Xiaomi will sell you more.

Xiaomi, which completely broke through the price bond, also officially started the brand upgrade battle from Xiaomi 9, and was able to invest more resources in the innovative R&D and manufacturing of mobile phone products with fewer concerns, forming a virtuous circle. Consumers bring products that are more sophisticated, have better experiences, but are still priced at the same time.

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