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Introduction: In this battlefield of smoke, OFweek intelligent hardware network ushered in a special product, this product from Dell, this company that produces office and home computers still maintains a strong vitality.

Throughout the current tablet and notebook market, professional-grade is occupied by aliens, and the way of Steve Jobs has broken into the empty door. Apple’s family bucket is indispensable, and Lenovo is in the commercial field. Hold firmly, Huawei, Xiaomi and other intruders are also full of ambitions in this field, the whole market, you sing, I am on the scene, so lively.

In this battlefield of smoke, OFweek intelligent hardware network ushered in a special product, this product from Dell, this company that produces office and home computers still maintains a strong vitality.

At first glance, when I saw the Dell Latitude 5290 in one, the editor's heart was full of surprises. The light body and thin leather keyboard cover make this winter full of sunshine. It can be a tablet computer, accompanying you to play and play simple games in your leisure time; when you need work support, pat its head, support the bracket and put down the keyboard, it can become your competent work assistant. .

Scene application: commercial office, study preparation, clinical research

Dell Latitude 5290 two-in-one can not only work anywhere, anytime, but also has the features of safe and easy to manage, to support efficient office work around the clock. Whether on the go, in the office or in the coffee shop, users get the ideal solution to work anywhere, anytime. In the office field, the conference is promoted efficiently and stably, providing reliable assistance.

Build a comprehensive end-to-end educational solution portfolio for students and the campus environment, designed for students, support Windows or Chrome OS, and enjoy excellent service and support, Dell Latitude 5290 2 in 1 For users in the education industry, it is possible to enhance the interaction between teachers and students, so that the quality of teaching is higher and the learning effect is better.

In the medical industry, the Dell Latitude 5290 combo can help doctors with clinical research. Doctors can communicate with patients and record them in a timely manner, solving the problem of slower pens and heavy desktop computers.There are many shortcomings of the tablet without a keyboard, which promotes the development of the relationship between doctors and patients in a benign direction.

Shape: simple and exquisite, bold and easy to carry

Although the first sight of the surface of the shadow, but does not affect the Latitude 5290 two in one in the heart of OFweek intelligent hardware network status.

Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 is the most special one is the automatic deployment bracket design, users only need to place it on a flat surface, gently press the top of the plate, the bracket will automatically expand, its maximum can be rendered With a rotation angle of 150 degrees, the user can split it into a keyboard and a tablet, or install the keyboard to adjust the angle at will, and use multiple angles of view.

In terms of appearance, the upper part of the Dell Latitude 5290 is a matte material. However, the OFweek editor has a slightly higher temperature in the middle of the use; the lower part uses high-quality materials such as recycled carbon fiber. Built to be durable, compact and slim. However, the design of its wire drawing has some drawbacks, such as the problem of easy to leave fingerprints.

On the left side of the computer, there are 4 external ports, which are two first-generation USB 3.1 ports (supporting PowerShare) and one SD 4.0 memory card reader. 1 uSIM slot (WWAN only), 1 headphone/microphone combo jack. An integrated HD webcam is embedded in the center of the top of the screen. The 8 megapixel camera is embedded in the middle of the back cover. On the left side, it is equipped with an infrared camera to support 1080P 30fps. Port and camera settings are mainstream.

The Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 notebook weighs only 0.34 kilograms, and the OFweek Smart Hardware Editor brings it to the restaurant, cafe and gym in a bag that can be easily pulled out at any time. Office entertainment and life.

Internal configuration: HD screen, long battery life, light keyboard

Dell Latitude 5290 two-in-one equipped with Intel Core i5-8250U processor, 8GB memory, 12.3-inch touch screen, The resolution is 1920×853, and the maximum resolution is up to 1920 × 1280. OFweek Xiaobian used Lu master to ran more than 120,000 points. Although it is not a high match, this configuration is enough.

screen, Dell Latitude 5290 two in one using Sharp 12.3 pixel full HD screen, this computer is spent more thinking on the screen, but this does not affect the battery life. The 42Whr battery maintains a multi-day battery life in standby mode, which also ensures ultra-high screen performance, while the Corning glass prevents the device from being damaged by falling onto rough surfaces. In addition, with the beautiful display and narrow borders, the OFweek intelligent hardware network editor has been completely immersed in the beautiful picture presented by Latitude.

Horizontal evaluation: surface Pro The third generation iPad Pro Thinkpad x1 yoga

said that the two-in-one computer, Microsoft's Surface can be described as a pioneer, the current series of the market price 10,000, and the cost of after-sales by many users is too high, and maintenance is not guaranteed. The third-generation iPad Pro of the same size is lighter and faster, but the Latitude 5290 2-in-1 keyboard and the host are not separated. The Latitude 5290 2-in-1 keyboard is magnetically connected, with high absorbency and a hand-held keyboard. The screen is down and the keyboard and body are not separated. The domestic machine Thinkpad x1 yoga has a big advantage in price, 6GB of memory and 1.27kg weight is not efficient enough, light and portable.

In general, the Dell Latitude 5290 2-in-1 configuration in the hands of the OFweek intelligent hardware network editor is not top-notch, but fully meets the user's use in multiple scenarios, and its price is also in various models. The two-in-one computer is in a low position, and you may want to consider this if you want to start a two-in-one computer.

The latest news: Dell 7400 two-in-one variant this March listing

After reading the Dell Latitude 5290 two-in-one use evaluation, OFweek intelligent hardware network editors also want to tell you a good news At the CES 2019 conference held this year, Dell released the new Latitude 7400.Two-in-one variant, equipped with Intel's eighth-generation low-power KabyLake-R series processor, with 16GB LPDDR3-213 low-voltage memory, and the maximum expandable space of the hard disk up to 2TB SSD, the screen can be rotated to provide a variety of control solutions The biggest highlight is the integration of the "smart wake-up" function, which can intelligently monitor whether the user is in front of the computer, and can help you automatically wake up the computer. According to the editor of OFweek intelligent hardware network, the new Latitude 7400 two-in-one will be available in March for $1,599 (about 10,980 yuan).

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