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Introduction: A few days ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security organized experts to conduct a review and demonstration of the new occupational materials collected in strict accordance with the new professional evaluation criteria, and initially determined 15 artificial occupational engineering technicians and other new occupations. Among them, the drone driver was selected.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security organized experts to conduct a review and argumentation on the newly acquired materials related to the new occupational assessment criteria, and initially identified 15 new occupations such as artificial intelligence engineering technicians. Among them, the drone driver was selected.

In recent years, China's drone field has developed rapidly. According to a report released by market research institutions, the national drone market has entered a period of rapid growth. It is predicted that by 2025, the domestic civil drone market will be expected to exceed 75 billion yuan. In this context, drone drivers have become more and more popular as a new profession. UAVs are widely used in agricultural and forestry plant protection, aerial surveying and mapping, logistics and distribution, power inspection, pipeline inspection, marine monitoring, fire rescue and many other fields, so drone drivers are also distributed in various industries. Plant protection drones are among the fastest-growing and high-yielding areas in the drone industry. Therefore, plant protection drone drivers have also become the main source of the number of drone drivers in the past two years.

图/天鹰兄弟 UAV cotton defoliant spraying

China, as a large agricultural country, has 1.8 billion mu of basic farmland and requires a large amount of agricultural plant protection operations every year. With the plant protection drone, not only can save a lot of labor costs, improve the efficiency of plant protection operations, but also reduce pesticide waste and reduce environmental pollution, which makes the development of plant protection drone industry gradually enter the accelerated mode. It is understood that in 2018, the number of plant protection drones in China has exceeded 30,000, and the total area of ​​flight defense has exceeded 300 million mu. The demand for plant protection drone drivers is huge and the number is lacking.

From the perspective of industry demand and national policies, there is a lack of drone driver talents, and the future development prospects are good. This also has considerable requirements for individual operational skills and theoretical knowledge.

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