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Introduction: Netac's solid-state mobile hard disk is a very mature solution from the scheme. As the production and quality control of Netac has been excellent, the rest is about performance.

I love the storage network has made a disassembly and program report for Netac's Z6. Review:

1. The NETAC Netac Z6 solution consists of JMicron JMS576's USB-C to SATA bridge master + Huirong (SMI) SM2258XT+Intel flash memory granules.

2. The packaging and product design respond to each other, classic timeless black and white. The outer shell is textured and the anti-slip feel is optimized.

3. The USB interface has a perforated design that is durable and robust. USB-C is easy to insert. (Dismantling report: the first mobile storage unit Netac Z6 solid state mobile hard disk)

Netac this solid-state mobile hard disk, from the program point of view is a very mature program, as the production of Netac's production and quality control has also been excellent Then the rest is about performance.

But before talking about performance, let's talk about the solid-state mobile hard disk that has an unmatched but extremely important advantage of HDD mobile hard disk - anti-vibration. The author also used up to 5 traditional HDD mobile hard drives, which were accidentally dropped in the power-on state or scrapped, or slowly appear bad sectors. It is best to leave them and leave a bunch of hard disk boxes. In the hand. Solid-state mobile hard drives do not need to worry about being damaged by vibrations in daily life. From the perspective of earthquake resistance, solid state mobile hard drives are far safer than HDD mobile hard drives.

Next, let's take a look at the performance test of speed: test platform: test platform: test platform: CPU, Intel i5 9600K; motherboard, ASRock extreme player 4; memory, colorful 3200 8GB*2 . System, WIN10 64-bit Professional Edition. Connect to the USB3.1 Gen2 interface.

I. AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark is a standard test program designed for SSD testing. It covers continuous reading and writing, single-threaded 4KB random read and write, 64 lines.Test 4KB random read and write and disk seek time and other key data, and finally standardize the results according to the formula, can reflect the real performance of the solid state hard disk more scientifically.

AS SSD measured the continuous reading speed of the Netac Z3 to 416MB/s, and the continuous writing speed was 419MB/s. The reading and writing speeds are very close, which is the upper limit of the USB3.1 interface. 4K performance is medium level in SATA hard drives, but it also kills HDD, so it is also suitable for WIN TO GO (WTG).

Second, CrystalDiskMark (referred to as CDM)

CDM is an easy-to-use hard disk performance testing software, but the test project is very comprehensive, covering continuous reading and writing, 512K and 4KB data packet random reading Write performance, and 4K random performance with a queue depth (Queue Depth) of 32. The queue depth describes the maximum IO value that the hard disk can activate at the same time. The larger the queue depth, the higher the actual performance.

AS SSD measured the continuous reading speed of the Netac Z6 is 302MB/s, the continuous writing speed is 412MB/s, and the reading speed is weaker than the writing speed. Usually this CDM and AS SSD The test pressure of the software is quite different. It requires a variety of software and write modes to verify each other, and if necessary, cross-validation using software such as FAST COPY.

III, ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO is an easy-to-use disk transfer rate detection software that can be used to detect the reading of hard disks, USB flash drives, memory cards and other removable disks. And write rate. Because the software uses different size data test packages, the data packets are read and written according to 0.5K, 1.0K, 2.0K up to 8192.0KB, which can truly simulate the storage tools such as SSDs in daily life. The working mode can objectively and truly reflect the performance of the solid state hard disk in real life, and has certain reference value and significance for ordinary users.

ATTO is often more suitable for evaluating and testing mobile storage. Here, the Netac Z6 has a maximum write speed of 428MB/s and a maximum read speed of 43.6MB/s. For a mobile storage, this score is also good, refer to the price of the same size U disk of the same level ~

four, HD TUNE (test SLC cache size and particle speed)

[123 Using HD TUNE's file benchmark for continuous reading and writing, it can truly reflect the read and write performance, SLC size. At the same time, with the disk state under different capacities, the SLC mechanism can also be tested indirectly.

Considering that this is a mobile hard disk, not built-in SATA, the daily use is more incremental, so only 20GB of reading and writing is performed here (the actual daily use is not so much opportunity) ), in the 20GB read and write, there is no speed! In other words, the SLC caching mechanism of this solid-state mobile hard disk is very good, and it is very suitable for mobile storage. The read speed is 437MB/s and the write speed is 415MB/s.

I love storage network comment:

1. As the first share of mobile storage, Netac has a good platform in the industry ecology, such as supply chain, production control management, and the necessary channel system and promotion system - this is very good for solid-state mobile hard disk. important.

2. At present, the author observes that Netac is one of the few domestic brands that put solid-state mobile hard drives into a series. This layout is forward-looking, and when the wind is coming, it has already grown its wings and is riding the wind.

3. At present, Netac Z6, the program is mature, the performance meets the needs of mobile storage, the maximum continuous write speed is 428MB/s, and the maximum read speed is 436MB/s. It can completely replace the traditional HDD mobile hard disk and is suitable for WIN TO GO.

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