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Introduction: Red Rice Note 7 relies on the ultimate cost performance, it can be said to have earned enough attention, and even a lot of models began to cut prices because of Red Rice Note 7, and 360 N7 Pro is one of them, for a long time no What is the movement of 360 can be said to be a cold and put a big move, as the main performance of 360 last year, cost-effective and safe, 360 N7 Pro this phone in the end how?

The red rice note 7 that was just released soon can be said to be very hot. Although it has been sold for several times, it is still difficult to find a machine. At present, Xiaomi Mall also reminds that there will be a new batch until January 29. Red rice note 7 is on sale. As the first product after the independence of red rice, Red Rice Note 7 has earned enough attention with its ultimate price/performance ratio. Even many models have begun to cut prices because of Red Rice Note 7, and 360 N7 Pro is one of them. One, for a long time, there is no movement of 360 can be said to be a cold, put a big move, as the main performance of 360 last year, cost-effective and safe, 360 N7 Pro this phone in the end how?

square symmetrical full-screen design

Unlike the current Liu Haiping and water drop screen designs, the 360 ​​N7 Pro does not use any special-shaped screen design, but adopts The design of the symmetrical full screen, the radius of the R corner of the four corners becomes smaller, and the whole machine looks more square and straight. The 360 ​​N7 Pro features a double-sided 2.5D glass + metal mid-frame construction with a dark grey finish on the front and rear glass panels for a more polished and more reflective look. The front side uses an LCD screen with an 18:9 resolution of 1080P (the LCD is never a slave), but the opening at the top of the front of the phone is also obvious, and the forehead chin is slightly wider.

The cheapest Snapdragon 710

is currently the favorite of the mid-end flagship model: Xiaolong, its 710 performance is very good in performance and energy consumption, compared to 骁The upgrade of the dragon 660, 710 is more in image processing capabilities. Ann Bunny runs 164685, which belongs to the normal performance of Xiaolong 710.

The running points can't explain anything, we take a look at the game. We set "Stimulus Battlefield" and "All Arms Attack" to the highest limit image quality and the highest frame number."Stimulus Battlefield" can maintain 30 frames, "All Army Attack" can maintain 40 frames, although there is still a certain gap compared to the Xiaolong 845, but the entire game experience did not appear in the special case. In the actual game process, the whole is still very smooth.

The law-abiding photo

360 The N7 Pro adopts the dual-camera mode. The front uses 16 megapixels + 2 megapixel dual camera, and the rear camera has 12 megapixels + 2 megapixels. The dual-camera, the main camera CMOS is the OV12A10 of Haowei, almost the same level as the IMX386 of Xiaomi 6, the camera aperture f/1.8 and 1.25μm unit pixel, the 2 million sub-photograph is destined only as the collection of depth of field information. .

Let's take a look at the sample of the 360 ​​N7 Pro. In the sunny conditions during the day, the overall performance of the 360 ​​N7 Pro is more realistic, and the photo resolution is not bad. The restoration of the details of the building and the contours are clear.

Now the mobile phone performs very well during the day, so night shooting is the most tested mobile phone imaging quality. The 360 ​​N7 Pro is good at noise control, but the light in the distance is over-exploded, and due to hardware limitations, the smear after zooming is quite obvious.

However, although the overall photo performance of the 360 ​​N7 Pro is quite satisfactory, there is a saying that the 360 ​​N7 Pro is still at a relatively high level in the price of the thousand yuan, and the addition of the front double camera is also Will attract some users who love self-portraits.

Conscience accessories

In other details, 360 N7 Pro performance is good, type-c interface, 4000mAh battery, support 18W fast charge, with excellent power consumption, battery life There is no need to worry about it. Keep the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is now clear in the mobile phone industry. Here are some manufacturers who don't provide earphone holes and are not waterproof. They are almost naked. It is worth mentioning that the 360 ​​N7 Pro packaging accessories are very rich, in addition to the regular charging configuration, there are skin-like protective shells, screen tempered film, headphones, comparable to the offline purchase of general considerations, not only that ,When I bought it in a certain East, I also gave a 50-yuan phone bill. It’s not too cool.

Narrative Summary

Since the first half of 2018, the trend of the mobile phone market to the head of the collection has become more apparent. After the Internet mobile phone brand encounters the embarrassing situation of “online shipments peaking” and “mobile phone production cost increase”, it is also affected by the big environment such as the overall demand of the mobile phone market, and the revenue situation is not optimistic. In September last year, there was news that 360 mobile phones disbanded their mobile phone R&D team in Xi'an.

As the flagship product of 360 in 2018, 360 N7 Pro sold from 999 can be said to be the invincible existence of the same price. For the main cost-effective Internet mobile phone, the pricing of Xiaolong 710 has not decreased. The space is up, it can be said that this is a complete "friend". However, the price has ushered in a new low, but not many people pay attention to it. The status quo is "mistaken." Considering that the market's response last year was flat, the 360 ​​N7Pro is likely to be the swan song of the 360 ​​mobile phone. The price of the 999 is more like the inventory, so it is said that the purchase is earned. However, this also indirectly hurts the hearts of old users. After all, no one wants to see their own mobile phone price diving.

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