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Introduction: Three-dimensional CAD is no stranger to everyone. It refers to Computer Aided Design, which was born in the 1960s and was first researched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Due to the high cost of hardware at the time, only General Motors and Boeing Airlines of the United States used their own interactive mapping system.

Three-dimensional CAD is no stranger to everyone. It refers to Computer Aided Design, which was born in the 1960s and was first researched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Due to the high cost of hardware at the time, only General Motors and Boeing Airlines of the United States used their own interactive mapping system.

In the 1970s, the cost of small computers dropped, and the American industry began to use interactive drawing systems extensively.

In the 1980s, due to the application of PCs, CAD was rapidly developed, and companies specializing in CAD system development appeared.

Today, CAD is not just for drawing and display, it is beginning to enter the more "smart" part of the designer's expertise. With the increasing development of computer technology, improved performance and cheaper prices, many companies have adopted three-dimensional drawing design.

In the past, due to limitations in computer performance, drawing software can only stay in flat design, lacking realism, while stereoscopic drawing breaks through this limitation, making the design blueprint more substantive, and 3D drawing can also Expressing a surface that 2D drawings cannot draw can more fully express the designer's intent.

We can see that every leap in CAD technology requires hardware upgrade as the basis. Nowadays, the use of computers has become very popular, and there are many computer brands, series and models on the market, which are highly selective. There are many even the same price. How to choose a cost-effective computer under the premise of meeting the demand is also a problem that many engineers are worried about.

Today we got Tsinghua Tongfang's TF Pro X (1200) workstation as a prototype, using SOLIDWORKS's very familiar 3D CAD design software to carry out two tests, look at such a workstation, can Can't overcome the one faced by designers in their daily workSome difficulties.

Tsinghua Tongfang Workstation has a wide portfolio of products that can provide better solutions for companies and engineers in different industries and requirements.

Tongfang Workstation product series includes 6 models to choose from, and different configurations correspond to different work requirements.

TF Pro X Workstation In the Tongfang workstation family, it is an entry-level performance desktop workstation. This workstation series is very successful, both in terms of operational stability, fluency and graphics processing capabilities.

Unparalleled performance, giving creation a wider space.

This test mainly used SOLIDWORKS software to test the operation of large assemblies. Large assemblies have always been a part of the designer's headaches. The obstacles often encountered are:

[ 123]1. Frequent crashes and software crashes during operation

2. It seems that the configuration is luxurious but it is difficult to run

3. The corresponding operation time is too long, affecting efficiency

4. The frame is out of frame, the response is slow or even the card segment, and the system crashes when it is serious.

Test a

test tool software: SOLIDWORKS 2019

Test item:

Open the RealView on the large assembly "Aero Engine" component via SOLIDWORKS 2019 The extent to which the 3D drawings are displayed under function.

The entire drawing has a total of 366 parts, 54.1MB in size, belonging to medium-sized drawings.

SOLIDWORKS RealView function can truly reflect 3D model material and light quality, and has strong visual display characteristics, but this function has certain requirements for computer graphics cards, and the function display effects of different levels of graphics cards will be different.

We can see that the overall light-sensing particle is still close to the real effect, and in the case of the Open RealView effect, the image quality is more delicate, without jagged, and the speed of rendering is fast, during the operation of the rotation process. There are no signs of delay and delay.

In addition to the display, the most important in the 3D model design processOne point is that the response is fast and stable, and the larger assemblies are opened and edited below.

Test 2

Test Tool Software: SOLIDWORKS 2019

Test Project:

Open SOLIDWORKS 2019 Theme Model - "CFHT Telescope" Large Assembly The document, which contains more than 7,000 components, is much larger than the previous aero engine. At the same time, it is called a large assembly because, in addition to the huge amount of part data, the coordination and constraint relationship between parts and parts is more complicated.

It is very easy to generate three-dimensional models from computers. These three-dimensional models are required to generate constraint relationships during editing and moving. It is necessary for the computer to read and recognize the constraints between parts, in the process of editing and displacement. Whether there will be an association in the middle, then this requires the operation of the CPU and GPU. This is also why many engineers spend a very long time in the process of opening large assemblies, and even lead to crashes, while the operation process is delayed and affects work efficiency.

It took 3 minutes and 21 seconds to open 7021 parts.

In order to compare whether this time is fast or slow, Xiaobian opened it with his own notebook workstation. The following picture shows the time-consuming of opening the model for the small notebook workstation. Unfortunately, the small notebook The price of the workstation is more than twice that of the TF Pro X workstation, but the time to open the same model is actually more than a minute.

There is no comparison, there is no harm, anyway, I am cool.

This proves that it is more expensive and not necessarily better.

The most depressing is not only the opening time is slower than the same workstation. During the rotation process, the small notebook workstation actually has frame dropping and jamming, but the same workstation does not have this problem.

The detailed features of the entire model became squares, with a latent delay, which greatly affected the experience and work efficiency.

For the convenience of display, I adjusted the large assembly mode in the SOLIDWORKS software, and then there is no loss of features, but even then, during the rotationStill card segment.

The following picture is a comparison of the smoothness of the rotation operation when the small package high price notebook workstation and the TF Pro X workstation are opened for the same set of ligands.

The left picture is my notebook workstation, and the picture on the right is TF Pro X workstation

. It can be seen that the TF Pro X workstation still meets the designer's needs throughout the SOLIDWORKS operation, whether it is display , open speed and interactive responsiveness, have a good performance.

The above is based on SOLIDWORKS 2019 software and 2 large assembly models. It stands for the performance of TF Pro X workstation from a neutral perspective. It may not be comprehensive, but the above two The tests are relatively straightforward and reflect the most basic performance requirements of the designer in their daily work.

Handling large assemblies with good performance and stable operation. The operation of opening the assembly and converting parts and editing parts is very smooth and timely. The picture quality of the model is clear, the light-sensing particles are close to the real light source, and the frame is smooth and does not drop frames during the screen switching operation.

Tsinghua Tongfang Workstation TF Pro X, main configuration:

[ 123] CPU: I5-8600K six core 3.6GHz 9M

motherboard: Z370 mATX

memory: 16G DDR4 2400 desktop level

graphics card: Quadro P620 2GB

Solid State Drive: 256G M. 2 NVMe

Power: ATX 350W

After-sales: Three-year warranty

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