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Introduction: In the mobile phone market in 2019, what elements should we pay special attention to, and which design elements will be fully popularized into mainstream models, we will look for mobile phones in 2019 today. Keywords in the market.

The mobile phone market in 2019 seems to be the most volatile year since the birth of the smartphone. The arrival of the 5G era has given you the innovative elements that are urgently needed. In the creation of a comprehensive screen, there is also a folding screen design. Obviously, in the new year, we can foresee the shape of the new mobile phone.

In the mobile phone market in 2019, what elements should we pay special attention to, and which design elements will be fully popularized into mainstream models, we will look for it in 2019 today. Keywords in the mobile phone market.

5G——Change the fundamental experience of mobile phones

There is no doubt that the most critical innovation in the mobile phone market in 2019 is 5G, which can give us the ultimate network speed. It has several times or even dozens of times higher speed than the current 4G network. Mobile phones that can support 5G networks have completely surpassed cable broadband in terms of network speed. If traffic factors are not considered, mobile phones may not need Wi-Fi networks.

Network speed is only part of the revolutionary experience of 5G mobile phones, and the low latency feature of 5G reflects the leading position of the new generation of network technology. Network latency as low as a few milliseconds can put more computing load in the cloud, and the devices in our hands only need to present the results of the cloud computing. Of course, the basis of all this depends on the high speed and low latency characteristics brought by the 5G network.

5G mobile phone as a new thing, will certainly be widely sought after by users. However, the 2019 5G mobile phone still has certain limitations. After all, it is in the early stage of development, and there are still many imperfections that need to wait for further maturity. The related components have not reached the scale of scale, which is also bound to the high cost of 5G mobile phones in 2019, which will only be limited to the high-end flagship machine.

The network construction of operators is also the reason why 5G mobile phones are limited. The initial 5G networks will certainly not have wide coverage of 4G networks, and signal coverage in non-core areas.Very problematic, this also means that the 5G mobile phone in our hands is not able to enjoy the 5G network in many areas, and can only be used as a 4G mobile phone, which has a great influence on the value of the 5G mobile phone.

The difference in the use of 5G network technology at home and abroad may also affect 5G mobile phones. After all, the domestic market only needs to provide support for the Sub-6GHz band, but in the international market, it needs the support of the millimeter wave band, which may lead to an increase in the mobile phone version. Users should select different network versions to support the model according to their needs.

Although there are some restrictions, 5G mobile phones are still the most anticipated new products in 2019. Moreover, for a flagship mobile phone, it will focus on the future experience, and when the 5G network is basically mature by 2020, Undoubtedly, it is time for our 5G mobile phones to shine.

Digging screen, double screen, sliding cover design - full screen to the extreme

There have been foreign media conducted user surveys, digging screen, double screen, sliding cover design are users Expected in the new year. In fact, these are all branches of a comprehensive screen design. The core of their design is to push the full screen design to even the ideal situation that the mobile phone's screen ratio is slowly pushed to 100%.

However, the user's interest in these three designs is not the same, the boring screen has been widely concerned by users, and the dual screen and slider design are relatively less concerned. What is reflected behind it is nothing more than the user's habits. The digging screen does not change any user's usage habits at all, how to use it. Dual screen and slide design, more or less have to change some of the habits.

The comprehensive screen design has not yet reached the upper limit of 100%. There will definitely be new design plans in the future. What kind of design will be used after digging screen, double screen and sliding cover design?

Folding screen - full screen successor

The current mobile phone screen design is completely a full screen design world, and the traditional screen design has basically disappeared from the mainstream mobile phone market. The comprehensive screen design has undergone extremely rapid development in the past two years, and the visual effects of the screen have been made quite perfect. After the full screen, what kind of screen design will take over the innovative baton? Everyone's answer obviously points to the folding screen.

Full screen design for mobile phonesThe increase in screen size is very helpful, it has successfully pushed the screen of the phone to 6 inches. Just the limit of the full screen design, it can push the screen size of the mobile phone to about 7 inches at most, and if it is big, it is obviously not the size of the mobile phone. The folding screen design can make the screen of the mobile phone jealous and continue to enlarge, even if it is a 10-inch screen, as long as it is folded, it is a one-handed mobile phone.

Almost all headphone brands are full of interest in folding screens. After being rumored for many years of folding screen mobile phones, Samsung finally showed the folding screen design based on flexible screen. Huawei, Xiaomi and LG also entered the game. Huawei will release the folding screen 5G mobile phone directly in the MWC held in February. Xiaomi is releasing Get started with your own folding screen phone.

is also a folding screen design, but their design ideas are completely different. Samsung and Xiaomi, which have been publicly displayed, are two different solutions. Samsung provides a small screen and a large folding screen, which can be used in two ways: mobile phone and tablet. Millet changes the screen area by folding on a complete screen, thus facing different usage scenarios. It doesn't matter what LG and Huawei's plans are, but it's not like a full-screen design. Everyone is almost a model. After all, the folding screen has too many variables.

However, as the market vane, Apple is indifferent to 5G and folding screens. In the 2019 Apple mobile phone, we have no chance to see the above design elements. This is in line with Apple's consistent approach. Apple waits for the technology to be absolutely mature before it can be applied to its own products.

Multi-camera and lossless zoom - align with professional equipment

2018 mobile phone photo, has experienced three and four camera configuration, users expect more cameras to provide With the corresponding photo performance, Nokia is also sure to launch a five-shot phone. Perhaps the increase in the number of cameras is somewhat beyond the user's expectations.

In fact, for consumers, the expectation of multiple cameras is nothing more than the expectation of taking pictures of mobile phones. From the single shot to the current four shots, the camera's camera performance has steadily increased, and now it has reached the ceiling. More cameras are taking pictures of the phone.

In comparison, the lossless zoom function of the phone is compared toMulti-cameras will be more anticipated. After all, this has always been the shortcoming in mobile phone photography. After the lossless zoom is completed, the mobile phone can really match the professional camera. Photographing effects can be solved by algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Full-screen fingerprinting - full evolution of fingerprint recognition

Even though 3D facial recognition function appears in mobile phones, it is undeniable that fingerprint function is still very important, it is still keen by users, in each In a payment environment, fingerprints are also the most used authentication method. The comprehensive screen design greatly catalyzes the screen fingerprint function, which allows us to return to the most used and best used fingerprints.

Screen fingerprints have more room to play than physical fingerprints. In recent days, the full-screen fingerprint function demonstrated by OPPO and vivo has doubled the experience of screen fingerprints. We can verify the fingerprint recognition anywhere on the screen, no longer limited to a specific area, as long as the finger is pressed to freely unlock or verify.

Perhaps there are still many amazing design elements in the mobile phone market in 2019, and even mobile phone manufacturers still have a lot of big tricks. And the true direction of the mobile phone this year, perhaps in February, MWC 2019 will give us a preliminary answer.

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