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Introduction: Most health records have been digitized, but they are usually stored in different databases and cannot be easily shared. To this end, Microsoft is advancing the health of the cloud to achieve information sharing.

It is reported that Microsoft is releasing a service to help healthcare companies transfer patient data to their cloud and connect with other related systems to provide clinicians, individuals and researchers with more comprehensive patients. Health information sharing.

The tool is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and a national standard for exchanging health records, enabling shared dialogue between different health care systems, enabling patient records and pharmacy systems, fitness equipment and other devices to be Seam connection.

The healthcare industry lags behind other industries in moving data to Internet-based cloud storage. Although medical records are mostly digital, they are usually stored in different databases and cannot be easily shared. This makes it difficult to track patient health using artificial intelligence and data analysis techniques, and to find a system for targeted therapy.

Microsoft said that a more closely linked medical system will provide clinicians with more complete patient data, provide researchers with more data, and provide individuals with more information to monitor their health.

Microsoft Medical Vice President Peter Lee said in an interview that Microsoft will continue to add new medical tools to Azure. Over the past few years, Microsoft has continued to enter the healthcare arena and has been developing cloud computing and artificial intelligence products to help reduce doctors' data entry tasks, classify patients, and provide more targeted cancer treatments.

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