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Introduction: On the cloud outlet of enterprises, SaaS manufacturers should not stick to the convenience of GM SaaS, but should exert their advantages on the basis of years of general SaaS experience, and use SaaS to make one or a few industries To create a word-of-mouth product that is really easy to use and durable, you can naturally live well.

It is often asked, is there a future for the SaaS industry?

Let's look at an example first. P picture originator Photoshop, everyone knows. Adobe, which created Photoshop, has revenues of $90.3 billion for the full year of 2018. Its main businesses, Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud, contributed 5.34 billion, 982 million and 2.44 billion, respectively. Beginning in 2012, Adobe transformed from a software licensing company to a SaaS company. Since its transformation, its market value has risen from 16 billion US dollars to today's 126.9 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 6 times.

Look at an example. Kingdee, the leading ERP company in China, earned 1.279 billion yuan in the first half of 2018. Among them, cloud service revenue was 355 million yuan, accounting for 27.8% of total revenue, and cloud service revenue accounted for more than 30%. Since the beginning of the transformation of enterprise cloud services in 2011, Kingdee’s revenue from cloud services has increased year by year. In 2017, Kingdee ranked first in China's enterprise-level SaaS vendor sales revenue, SaaS ERM and SaaS financial cloud market share, and its SaaS financial cloud market share reached 43.6%. Undoubtedly, the proportion of SaaS revenue in Kingdee's revenue will become heavier and heavier in the future.

Because there are many cases such as Adobe and Kingdee, it proves the growth potential and market space of SaaS. So in the field of venture capital, the current SaaS is also very popular. The SaaS startup project is not only easy to finance, but also has a very strong bargaining power. According to IT Orange data, more than 150 domestic SaaS startup projects were successfully financed in 2018, and the A-round financing project has a minimum valuation of 30 million. From this, you can see the gold content of the SaaS project and see the value of the SaaS company.

In the big environment, Chinese SMEs are experiencing the pain of transformation, and a large number of companies are seekingBetter efficiency and cost reduction. The related policies of enterprises such as cloud and industrial APP, which are developed to promote the industrial Internet, are promoting the rapid integration of enterprises and SaaS. Both market demand and corporate perception are much better than in previous years.

In the face of the digital transformation needs of more than 70 million SMEs in China, how many SaaS companies need to provide services in this market? I believe that everyone can figure it out. Therefore, Pharaoh believes that the SaaS industry is ushering in a new spring. Below, I will elaborate through four angles.

The pain of business management needs to introduce SaaS to reduce costs and increase efficiency

In recent years, the economic downturn has brought great pressure to many enterprises, and the current ecological environment also allows enterprises to operate. More cost. In this environment, companies have to consider how to optimize the business operation process, reducing staff and reducing costs and increasing efficiency has become a common choice for thousands of small and medium enterprises. But this can only be achieved by automating business processes and business processes.

At present, whether it is the relevant organization or the enterprise itself, the enterprise cloud is already recognized as an important means. After the enterprise goes to the cloud, on the one hand, it can quickly form information technology through cloud services. On the other hand, it can use software applications and data services on the cloud to improve enterprise management efficiency and reduce management costs. The application layer of cloud computing is the SaaS layer, so companies that do not care or pay attention to SaaS have considered introducing SaaS.

Especially in the manufacturing industry, there is no industrial app based on SaaS, and it is impossible to realize smart manufacturing. At the same time, compared to the traditional enterprise IDC deployment, the SaaS scale effect appears, can be paid on demand, while the optional features are more, and can be customized, the overall cost is lower than before.

The government promotes enterprises to cloud, SaaS applications welcome opportunities

In August 2018, the government issued the "Guidelines for Promoting Enterprise Cloud Implementation (2018-2020)", proposed to 2020 The application of cloud computing in the production, operation and management of enterprises is widely spread, and 1 million new cloud enterprises have been added nationwide. Formed more than 100 typical benchmark application cases, forming a group of influential and dynamic cloud platforms and enterprise cloud experience centers. After the publication of the Guide, governments at all levels followed up, and each province issued its own cloud-related regulations.Draw.

The policy is to encourage enterprises to go to the cloud, to promote the core competitiveness of enterprises on the cloud, to promote the coordinated development of the industry, and to maximize the value of the enterprise. The promotion of the policy has undoubtedly allowed the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises that are in the midst of a fierce wave of heat and transformation to see a glimmer of hope. Following the policy, at least the company can enjoy certain preferential policies and subsidies in the process of digital transformation and upgrading.

In fact, not all companies have the ability to build an industrial Internet platform, so most of the small and medium-sized micro-enterprises are "using the cloud." Directly upgrade the enterprise operational process application cloud computing from the state of no enterprise informationization. SaaS is the first step for these enterprises to contact cloud computing. There are also some enterprises that have deployed enterprise intranets. Although they have chosen private and hybrid clouds, they will still choose the corresponding SaaS service providers at the enterprise management software application level.

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