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Introduction: The hyper-convergence (HCI) market can always be hot, but the super-converged application is best to be rational and calm. At the hottest time, it is said that there are hundreds of hyper-converged suppliers in the Chinese market. With the gradual landing of hyper-converged applications, under the double test of market and user demand, some people left, and some people chose a more popular field. Who is sticking to it? Who is still climbing?

The hyper-convergence (HCI) market can always be hot, but the super-converged application is best to be rational and calm. At the hottest time, it is said that there are hundreds of hyper-converged suppliers in the Chinese market. With the gradual landing of hyper-converged applications, under the double test of market and user demand, some people left, and some people chose a more popular field. Who is sticking to it? Who is still climbing? Who will finally stand out?

We did one thing, that is, constantly polishing products

SmartX, which focuses on distributed storage and hyper-convergence, has entered its sixth year of development. In 2018, SmartX continued to grow steadily, and because of the continuous increase in personnel, it has recently moved into a new, more spacious office.

Although it has been a prosperous market in the hyper-convergence market, there is no such thing as a heart-warming and quick success in the growth of SmartX. SmartX has made it clear on many occasions that it will not blindly add people to achieve simple business expansion. “If we say that we have done a success, it is because we have used the main energy and limited resources to polish the products.” Smart Hong Chief Operating Officer Wang Hongyi said, “As long as we can provide practical business users. High-quality solutions and services will definitely have repeat customers."

From a technical point of view, the hyper-convergence market is rapidly developing and iterating, and has entered the 3.0 era from the era of hyper-convergence 1.0. According to the division of China Bridge Research and Consulting, Hyper-converged 1.0 focuses on “combining” and improves IT response speed by integrating server, storage and network resources. Hyper-converged 2.0 is another kind of “combination”. Adapt to the needs of "dual-mode IT" to achieve two-way migration and load balancing of workloads; Hyper-converged 3.0 is truly a world of cloud, the core of which is multi-directional migration across cloudy, core systems, and edge data. The continuous evolution of hyper-convergence is consistent with the pace of enterprise digital transformation, which is why super-fusion is sought after by the industry. However, super fusionAfter all, it has not become the first choice for enterprise users, and it is still in the process of moving from the edge or emerging applications to core applications.

In the third quarter of 2018, Zhongqiao Research Consulting visited 381 corporate IT leaders, and the results showed that hyper-convergence was rapidly used in the early days for general-purpose applications, server virtualization, and desktop virtualization. Upgrade core system and database technologies, and support the reshaping of enterprise-class data centers. This trend coincides with the feedback from the first line of SmartX sales. "Super-convergence is gradually shifting from supporting R&D and testing to supporting core applications (such as SAP/Oracle database, etc.), which reflects the performance advantages and mature and stable features of the hyper-converged architecture." Wang Hongyi further cites, for example, " Our layout in the financial sector began in 2018, and it has achieved unexpected and tremendous gains. It has blossomed in many sub-sectors such as banking, insurance, brokerage, funds, futures, and mutual funds. In addition, manufacturing, catering, real estate, medical care, etc. Many fields have also won many valuable benchmarking customers and have emerged in overseas markets such as Korea."

For each participant in the hyper-converged market, the most important task at present is how to be effective quickly. Get the land. According to the data of Zhongqiao Research and Consulting, compared with the early super-converged products, it is mainly “price fight”. Now, hyper-convergence is the technical support of the core system and the enterprise-level emerging data center. The enterprise users regard the enterprise-level reliability as the evaluation super. The most important indicators are combined, followed by prices and services. SmartX has always focused on the product itself, constantly improving its functionality, performance, and meeting the needs of enterprise users. Because of this, the repurchase rate of SmartX Super Fusion products exceeds 50%.

"In 2018, we continue to innovate, constantly build stronger products and technology cores, and create differentiated competitiveness with the industry's top technology." Wang Hongyi specifically mentioned the SMTX OS released in 2018. 5 version. The most prominent change of SMTX OS 3.5 is that it covers the two enhanced data protection support of “active-active cluster” and “backup disaster recovery”, and has key functions such as block storage service, virtualization management, and operation and maintenance management. Further innovation and improvement.

In the words of Wang Hongyi, SMTX OS 3.5 is the company's most strategic product, not only further enrichedThe application scenario of the product enables the hyper-converged architecture to have the ability to support the core business of the enterprise, and has global competitiveness in related business scenarios.

In 2019, SmartX's core goal was growth, and the driving force and source of growth was the product. SmartX will enhance product features from multiple perspectives and create a globally competitive hyper-converged enterprise cloud product. SmartX's enterprise cloud is based on hyper-convergence and will provide self-service, multi-cluster management, and cloud management. In addition, in the field of advantageous block storage, SmartX will continue to improve performance, deeply optimize the dual-active, disaster-tolerant system, and enhance the experience of the core application system; in terms of improving compatibility, SmartX will introduce a more comprehensive hardware management system to provide more Rich compatible hardware options; SmartX does not do the container itself, but better supports container applications through open interfaces, such as deep integration with Kubernetes, taking advantage of the hyper-converged architecture to provide an ideal container runtime platform.

are enterprise cloud products, but Wang Hongyi repeatedly emphasized that SmartX will always adhere to the super-fusion based on unwavering, more focused on data level and protection functions, to achieve the ultimate in their strong storage.

"Split, Expand, and Grow" Trilogy

From the first day of entrepreneurship, SmartX has its own adherence. Personally feel that you can use "not to be happy, not to be sad" to describe SmartX. Others use open source technology to take shortcuts and quickly enter the hyper-converged market. SmartX writes its own lines from scratch; others are expanding rapidly, recruiting a large number of employees, opening regional offices, and SmartX has remained stable for a long time; others are The market is hyping and speculating on new concepts, while SmartX is only immersed in the distributed storage and hyper-convergence that it is good at. In other industries, “Glass Spreading Network”, SmartX seems to be not slow, but it only takes one year. The financial industry has opened a breakthrough...

To say that, let Wang Hongyi be most proud of the company's continuous innovation and product technology. This is also the stamina needed for the hyper-converged market to go deeper, and it is also the toughness that SmartX needs for its continued development.

In 2017, SmartX achieved “breakthrough” among many competitors to create differentiationProducts, establish industry application models; in 2018, SmartX achieves rapid “expansion”, in-depth segmentation of industries, and continues to win benchmarking customers in the fields of finance, manufacturing, real estate, medical, catering, etc., and quickly replicate and promote; 2019 will be SmartX's steady growth year has maintained its uniqueness and leadership in the hyper-converged market through comprehensive enhancements in markets, sales, channels and services. In the "China Software-Defined Storage and Hyper-converged Market Statistics Report for the First Quarter of 2018" released by IDC, SmartX ranks among the top three in the hyper-converged market financial industry.

SmartX is always on its own pace, both on the R&D side and on the sales side. SmartX has proposed that 2018 is the first year of super-converged software delivery. Looking back on the past year, the development of the hyper-converged market has indeed verified that SmartX is true. Industry giants such as VMware and Nutanix are endorsing software delivery. In SmartX's own sales, the ratio of all-in-one to pure software delivery is about 50%. Wang Hongyi predicts that in the next three to five years, hyper-converged pure software delivery will become the mainstream of the market. SmartX is working hard to build its own hyper-converged operating system, which was previously only available to individual international vendors at the operating system level. SmartX software can support mainstream server hardware at home and abroad.

Currently, SmartX puts more focus on the head customers of various industries. On the one hand, they can play a leading role in facilitating the intensive cultivation of SmartX in various vertical fields. On the other hand, these Customers often have ongoing upgrades and procurement needs, which can bring stable revenue and continuous development momentum to SmartX. “We are very happy to deal with customers who have already tried in the field of hyper-fusion. Thanks to past experience, these customers are more aware of what to pay attention to in POC testing when choosing a new hyper-converged supplier. Our solution can better eliminate the pain points of users."

A company will experience a lot of dilemmas from entrepreneurship to growth, some people will choose to "hold thighs", and some will continue to silently and firmly. Wang Hongyi admits that in the enterprise market, manufacturers sometimes have to endure loneliness. SmartX believes in itself and firmly believes that it can finally achieve its goal through continuous accumulation.Standard.

Fast and steady is the ability

Among all hyper-converged vendors, SmartX should be said to be the most stable. Although its scale is not too big today, from the perspective of its product system design, industry development strategy, channel structure, etc., it is moving toward a professional hyper-converged big manufacturer.

Focus on super-fusion, focus on the industry, and make the most of its own strengths. This is the most reliable growth path from small companies to large companies. Nowadays, SmartX is gradually accelerating the construction of the channel system. In 2018, the “SMARTX2” channel strategy was released to guide the company's continuous investment in channel resources, aiming to build a healthy and efficient hyper-converged product distribution system through practical technical support. And the advantages of innovation, promote the development of partners and achieve mutual benefit. In 2019, SmartX will focus on fostering regional partner channels to increase sales coverage. In addition, it will establish a service evaluation system to quantify service effectiveness and efficiency, further deepen understanding of the industry, and provide targeted services for upper-level businesses and surrounding ecosystems. Industry personalized service to enhance customer experience.

"Whatever you do, live the most!" The TV series "I know whether it should be green, fat and thin" is currently being broadcasted by Zhongwei Xiaoniang to her daughter Sheng Minglan. This sentence seems to be doomed to the life of the heroine Sheng Minglan.

In foreign countries, there are only a few people in the hyper-convergence market, and in China, the hyper-convergence market can be said to be a mixed bag. In the hyper-converged market, SmartX not only has to live, but also to live better and live more resilient. SmartX has this ability and strength.

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