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Introduction: Amazon launched the AWS cloud service in 2006 to create a business miracle, not only the source of Amazon's profits, but also the core of the global market capitalization champion. But Microsoft Azure is growing rapidly and is the biggest competitor of AWS. Similarly, Microsoft is driving the rapid growth of revenue due to cloud + AI, and is on the global market capitalization champion.


Amazon launched the AWS cloud service in 2006 to create a business miracle, not only the source of Amazon's profits, but also the core of the global market capitalization champion. But Microsoft Azure is growing rapidly and is the biggest competitor of AWS. Similarly, Microsoft is driving the rapid growth of revenue due to cloud + AI, and is on the global market capitalization champion. And IBM ended its seven-year decline with cloud computing, but the revenue scale is far from Amazon and Microsoft. The global cloud computing competition pattern will continue to dominate the competition in the next few years with Amazon, Microsoft and Google.

AWS profits of 7.3 billion US dollars, into the source of Amazon's profits

Amazon's 2018 revenues reached 232.9 billion US dollars, AWS is still maintaining rapid growth, resulting in revenue has accounted for The revenue ratio is 10%. AWS revenue was $25.7 billion, up 47% year-on-year, and profit was $7.322 billion, accounting for 62.5% of the total profit of $11.7 billion. According to the current growth rate, AWS profits will easily exceed 10 billion US dollars in 2019, and the revenue scale is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollars by 2023.

AWS is not only a miracle of business history, but also a source of Amazon's profits. After years of development, AWS has become an important global infrastructure. The global cloud computing market is 80 billion US dollars, and AWS is much larger than other competitors. The world's top five cloud giants are dominated by AWS's 31.7% global share. Second is Microsoft's share of 16.8% and Azure's size of $13.5 billion.

Google Cloud shares 8.5% to 6.8 billion, ranking third in the world. Domestic Alibaba Cloud ranked fourth with a growth rate of 91% year-on-year, with a scale of 3.2 billion US dollars, robbing the global 4% share. The fifth is IBM, and the above data comes from Canalys. Special emphasis on IBM's rapid growth in cloud business, which led him to end the seven-year decline in performance, and resumed revenue and profit growth in 2018..

Global Market Value Champion Competition

Amazon is investing in cutting-edge technology such as cloud computing and artificial intelligence, making Amazon the most valuable investment company in the moment. In addition to the core business of e-commerce, cloud + AI will Supporting the imagination of the future, Yang Jianyong, a senior expert in the Internet of Things, pointed out that Amazon Alexa is the most popular AI assistant in the global smart home field. The Echo series of smart speakers are the best-selling products in the world. The Echo/Alexa model is the global vane, including Google Apple. Players have followed the Amazon model.

AWS is dominated by the world, only according to the scale of revenue, Microsoft's Azure more than double, is more than four times that of Google, is 8.2 times that of IBM, far ahead of competitors, and AWS revenue The scale will also exceed 100 billion US dollars in the next few years, and only AWS valuations have given scholars $600 billion. Of course, this bold high valuation lies in the global ubiquitous Amazon AWS application.

has been widely used by cloud + AI, and also promoted Amazon's market capitalization once occupied the global market capitalization champion. Currently, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple have recently sat back and forth on the listing champion. As of February 11, Microsoft is temporarily ranked first. . It is worth mentioning that Apple and Amazon are the only two technology companies in the history of the world to break through the trillions of dollars, but after the fourth quarter of last year, they have fallen with the big game. As long as the market is stable, it is expected to step into the trillion again. The US dollar, especially in the era of the Internet of Things, will further activate the size of the cloud services market, while Amazon relies on AWS assists.

Internet of Things promotes the rapid development of cloud services

Recently, the Gartner survey report shows that the market for mobile phones and personal computers has declined, and the market has begun to shift to cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Drive enterprise software to show strong growth, which will grow 8.5% to $466 billion in 2019. With the increasing scale of enterprise deployment IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and service platforms are advancing at an unprecedented rate and driving overall IT spending, which is as high as $3.76 trillion this year.

Special 5G is in full swing in the world. He makes the Internet of Everything possible and accelerates the Internet of Things to various industries. In the Internet of Things era, cloud computing will also usher in the best era. Cloud as the Internet of Things infrastructure When more and moreAs multiple enterprises begin to deploy the Internet of Things, AWS and other cloud service providers will benefit from the big waves to bring huge opportunities.

Microsoft built the ecosystem with cloud + AI, and widely used in the Internet, retail, finance, intelligent hardware and industrial manufacturing industries, this former technology giant has completed the self-revolution, the elephant has been perfectly transformed, and Become one of the classic cases of transformation in business history. The global public cloud market, Microsoft Azure is second only to Amazon AWS, in order to promote the Internet of Things innovation and will invest 5 billion US dollars in the next few years.

Cloud Computing Competition In the IoT era, the competition is rich in cloud applications. Amazon AWS has rich cloud services covering computing, analytics, Internet of Things and AI, and maintains leading edge in global market competition. But in the face of Microsoft's rapid growth, whether AWS can resist Microsoft's attack still needs market and time to test.


After the mobile Internet, information technology entered the era of the big connection with the Internet of Everything as the core. After the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things has given birth to huge economic and social benefits, and can The society has brought trillions of dollars in economic benefits, which has enabled the whole society to embrace actively, while semiconductor manufacturers, operators, communications companies and cloud providers have taken the lead in enjoying the dividends brought about by the Internet of Things.

Data generated by the Internet of Everything, it is especially important to clarify the data, and the value of the cloud service provider with Amazon and Microsoft as the core has opened up the cloud, the end, the edge, especially the cloud + AI capability has unique advantages. . As a core location of the IoT industry chain, cloud service providers rely on large platforms and rich cloud applications to support the business model innovation of IoT in various sub-sectors and enhance industry efficiency. The ubiquitous cloud and the ubiquitous AI build a new era of intelligence in all things, helping the digital transformation of the whole society and accelerating the digital transformation of the whole society.

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