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Introduction: Looking back at the cloud computing market in 2018, it can be regarded as a turbulent trend: cloud computing giants still maintain amazingly high-speed growth, drastically carry out structural adjustment, mergers and acquisitions, and attempt to achieve cornering overtaking on the cloud computing track.

Looking back at the cloud computing market in 2018, it can be regarded as a turbulent trend: cloud computing giants still maintain amazingly high-speed growth, drastically carry out structural adjustment, mergers and acquisitions, and attempt to achieve overtaking on the cloud computing track; Innovative companies in the industry are still full of vitality, showing unparalleled innovation in all major segments. On the basis of the cloud market, look forward to 2019 and think about cloud business.

The cloud computing giants have adjusted the structure and sprinted the "cloud" track

In 2018, the three giants of Internet vendors, BAT, placed the cloud business at an important core position without exception. With the structural adjustment, the combination of cloud and wisdom, cloud and AI will become another major battlefield in the future.

On September 30, with the strategic upgrade, Tencent's organizational structure ushered in a new round of optimization and adjustment after a lapse of six years, and reorganized and integrated on the basis of the original seven business groups (BG). Maintaining the advantages and characteristics of the vertical field, retaining the original corporate development business group (CDG), interactive entertainment business group (IEG), technical engineering business group (TEG), WeChat business group (WXG); , newly established cloud and smart industry business group (CSIG), platform and content business group (PCG).

The newly established Cloud and Smart Industries Group (CSIG, Cloud and Smart Industries Group) will integrate industry solutions such as Tencent Cloud, Internet+, Smart Retail, Education, Healthcare, Security and LBS. Digital upgrade of the industry.

On the morning of November 26th, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong issued an open letter to all members, announcing the Ali Group's latest organizational system upgrade and adjustment. Alibaba Cloud Group has been upgraded to Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group.

In his internal letter, Zhang Yong talked about the intelligent capabilities built by the Group in the implementation of the strategy of China and Taiwan in the past few years, including machine intelligence computing platform, algorithm capabilities, database, basic technology architecture platform, scheduling Core such as platformThe ability will be comprehensively integrated with Alibaba Cloud, open to the whole society and serve the whole society. Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Platform is the extension and development of Alibaba Group's strategy of China-Taiwan. The goal is to build a cloud-based intelligent technology infrastructure for the whole society in the digital economy era.

On the afternoon of December 18, Baidu announced the company's structural adjustment, upgrading the Intelligent Cloud Business Unit (ACU) to the Intelligent Cloud Business Group (ACG), while carrying the development of AI to B and cloud services. ACG was responsible for Yin Shiming, reporting to Zhang Yaqin, and Zhang Yaqin continued to be responsible for EBG and IDG. After the organization upgrade, ACG will make full use of Baidu's technological advantages in artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, focus on key tracks, and create a new growth engine for Baidu

BAT in the adjustment of business organization structure There are two commonalities:

First, the importance of "cloud computing" and "AI to B" is highlighted, and both groups appear.

The second is the emphasis on the integration of "technology in the middle". This is essentially because the business of the intelligent era contains complex technologies, and the final output is a more complex system solution that requires “concentrating power to do big things”.

In 2019, BAT will compete in the new front of the cloud and intelligent to B track.

At present, Ali's cloud computing IaaS business is still a big one, but Tencent's market share has increased in 2018 (according to IDC data, Tencent Cloud IaaS business market share in 2017 is 10. 3%, 11% in the first half of 2018), Baidu needs to catch up.

Additional cloud computing investment and layout, to achieve cornering overtaking

M&A and restructuring is an important criterion for judging a market activity. From this perspective, the cloud computing market in 2018 can be described as It is a wonderful drama. To this end, China IDC circle combed the important acquisitions and reorganizations of China's cloud computing market in 2018. From these major mergers and acquisitions, we have a glimpse of the changes in the global cloud computing market. We can see that the major manufacturers in the industry have increased their yards against cloud computing. The investment and layout, around the developer, data, chip, security, cloudy, artificial intelligence and other different angles of acquisition.

Alibaba's wholly-owned acquisition of Zhongtianwei

2018 4In the month, Alibaba announced the full acquisition of Zhongtianwei, the specific amount was not disclosed. However, this means that Alibaba has completed an important step in the layout of the chip field.

Hangzhou Zhongtianwei was established in 2001. It is the only large-scale mass-produced independent embedded CPU IP core company in mainland China. It is dedicated to the development of 32-bit high-performance low-power embedded CPU with chip architecture. An IC design company authorized as a core business. At present, Zhongtianwei has more than 70 cooperative manufacturers, and the cumulative shipment of SoC chips has exceeded 500 million.

Zhongtianwei and Alibaba Cloud have deep cooperation in the field of Internet of Things. Alibaba Cloud said at the Shenzhen Yunqi Conference in August this year that Alibaba Cloud IoT is positioned as the builder of the Internet of Things infrastructure and plans to connect 10 billion devices in the next five years. Zhongtianwei is the first member of Alibaba Cloud to enter the IoT Partner Program and promotes the large-scale application of IoT chips in the terminal through Alibaba Cloud Market. At the same time, it is deeply optimized for AliOS Things, promoting the deployment and application of AliOS in the field of IoT chips.

UCloud won the E-round investment of China Mobile Investment Corporation

On June 28th, UMC held the China Mobile Capital & UCloud Investment and Strategic Cooperation Conference at 2018 World Mobile Conference, UCloud announced the acquisition of China Mobile Capital E round investment (the amount is not disclosed). UCloud CEO Ji Yuhua told reporters that this indicates that the two sides will achieve comprehensive strategic cooperation in resources, ecology, technology, products and investment, promote the best practices and product promotion of cloud computing technology in enterprise-level application scenarios, and jointly build a leading international Chinese cloud.

Yuan Lihua, deputy general manager of China Mobile Investment Corporation, said that since the establishment of China Mobile Investment Corporation, it has continued to track investment opportunities in the field of cloud computing in accordance with the strategic requirements of the Group's “investment foundation, short-board, and future”. I hope to build a broad cloud computing ecosystem with capital as a link. In the future, China Mobile Investment Corporation will promote China Mobile and UCloud to give full play to their respective advantages and actively explore technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, edge computing, Internet of Things, NFV and SDN to help China Mobile and UCloud become cloud computing and big data. Leading enterprise.

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