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Introduction: With the development of the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data and other fields, social informationization has reached an unprecedented height, greatly stimulating China's economic development, and the "information society" has formed and continues to grow.

With the development of the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, big data and other fields, social informationization has reached an unprecedented height, greatly stimulating China's economic development, and the "information society" has formed and continues to grow. .

However, the degree of social informatization is getting higher and higher, the types of information generated are also increasing, and information security issues are becoming more prominent. Therefore, while enjoying the convenience and efficiency brought about by the rapid development of information technology, how to effectively protect information security is a common problem facing the government, enterprises and individuals, and needs to be solved.

In the era of information explosion growth, cloud storage should be born in time

There are more and more data to be stored in life and work, or simple storage, or transfer and sharing, information presentation Explosive growth, when cloud storage came into being.

Cloud storage, as an emerging network storage technology, refers to the integration of a large number of different types of storage devices in the network through application software through functions such as cluster application, network technology or distributed file system. Work, a system that provides data storage and business access functions together. Cloud storage can take advantage of the storage capabilities of existing hardware, distribute computing, and increase storage capacity.

For enterprises, they will not migrate 100% of their data to cloud services, but most companies are willing to take advantage of cloud storage to store data. Cloud storage is used as a way to mix clouds, making data stored in data storage and data stored in the cloud seamless. At present, cloud storage can be divided into three categories for different storage service needs of different customers, namely, common cloud storage, internal cloud storage, and hybrid cloud storage. All three types of storage have certain privacy and complexity, and require strong technical support to ensure the security and confidentiality of data storage.

Good though, how is cloud storage better for me?

Why choose cloud storage, many people may make the answer: low operating costs, unlimited capacity services on demand, distributed access, distributed replication by regionIt can realize archive access service for data that needs to be accessed on demand, data storage of video and image files can be applied to codec and processing services of cloud environment... Cloud storage is a trend of future storage development, compared with other storage methods. More convenience and superior performance. However, with the development of cloud storage technology, the application of various types of search, application technology and cloud storage has increased, and the issue of insecurity has arisen, which should be highly valued by all parties in the society.

In the past few months, Internet companies frequently rushed out of various "tan fan" incidents. Some enterprises that have a large amount of personal information have become the "hardest hit" of hacker attacks, including many well-known domestic companies. While regretting the losses caused by these incidents, everyone can not help but sigh, the importance of data security issues is imminent. The most difficult problem in these incidents is the leakage and loss of user data caused by hacking. So how to ensure data security is very important, and the methods are as follows:

1. Data Encryption

All data stored and transmitted in the cloud is encrypted, which is what all cloud storage providers need to provide. Secure encryption allows data from two different organizations to be stored on the same storage device, while ensuring that the organization cannot read the other party's data. In general, data encryption can be encrypted by information source encryption and transparent storage, so that self-control can be achieved and security can be improved.

2. Holding the key

encryption is only the first step, and the enterprise must also understand how the encryption key is stored and managed. Many cloud storage providers hold encryption keys. In this way, cloud storage providers can help customers manage data and processes, such as data backup and data recovery. But at the same time, companies must establish a sound custody process to ensure that keys are not lost, otherwise the data will be difficult to access.

3. Authentication and Access Control

Authentication is the final step in securing a cloud storage environment and is a common concern for cloud storage and traditional data centers. Because no matter where the key is stored, once the user enters the cloud through authentication, the user usually gets the data for free. So managing users who log in, as well as managing where they log in, is critical.

At present, the combination of biometric password authentication technology has become an important part of information storage security.The identification method, the biometric password includes a physiological characteristic password and a behavior characteristic password. Among them, through the user's physiological characteristics, such as fingerprints, palm prints, irises, facial images, etc. for identity authentication and access control, a large market has been formed; in addition, through the user's behavioral characteristics, such as sniping rhythm, voiceprint , handwriting, etc., as an auxiliary means of identification, just entered the practical stage. Behavior-based identity recognition and access control, with stronger security and concealment, can improve the security of personal information storage.


Information storage security is an important area that will affect China's national security and national economy and people's livelihood. Cloud storage, as an important means of information data storage and transmission, needs to be valued by governments, enterprises and individuals. As the amount of data storage continues to increase, it is foreseeable that data storage insecurity events will continue to occur in the next few years. In this regard, the government and information security companies must increase relevant investment, improve technology research and development capabilities, and put information security down. We will ensure the healthy and rapid development of our economy.

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