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Introduction: Today, some major technological shifts will make data center networks faster and smarter. These technologies are important, and so are the factors that drive innovation.

Today, some major technological shifts will make data center networks faster and smarter. These technologies are important, and so are the factors that drive innovation.

The main trend in network development is the blurring of the boundaries between traditional enterprise networks. More and more local data center networks must be extended to public clouds, branch offices, or enterprise campuses. From network architecture to network management and monitoring tools to network administrators, everything is affected.

According to a recent survey of several industry-leading network provider executives, the blurring trend between these network domains will accelerate in 2019.

Scott Sneddon, senior director of cloud computing and SDN at Juniper Networks, said, "Because of the technological changes taking place in the cloud computing industry, the feature is the development of cloudy applications, which leads to the data center being the core and necessary technology. However, it is not enough in itself. In the new year, companies must expand the scope of dialogue and deploy data centers to locations closer to users in campuses or branches."

The following are some networks. The views of supplier executives illustrate their impact on the development of network technology in 2019:

(1) Openness and Decomposition

JR Rivers, Chief Technology Officer, Cumulus Networks “The industry has been discussing this for the past few years, but more companies will make more specific decisions about the organization’s infrastructure in 2019. These choices are clear – using public clouds, building private clouds, and SaaS runs a set of applications, etc. But for organizations running complex businesses, they will have to make tough decisions because few people put all their energy into the tools, Infrastructure or anything else, so flexibility and openness are critical for decision makers."

Jungle Networks Cloud Computing and SDN Senior Director and Scott Sneddon said: "Because the workload spans multiple Cloud platforms, data centers and branch offices are running, so the decomposition will beThe key to running the required network software when needed. "

Anshul Sadana, Arista's chief customer officer, said: "VXLAN's adoption of EVPN will be more standardized, making it a reference architecture for many large enterprises around the world." Solving problems takes a lot of time, from proprietary structures to interoperable all-IP/VXLAN networks, but we will eventually achieve this. "

(2) Monitoring and Analysis

Prashant Gandhi, Chief Product Officer, Big Switch, said: "Network security considerations will drive enterprise ubiquitous monitoring in on-premise and cloud platforms." example. "

Anshul Sadana, Arista's chief customer officer, said: "The network is a tedious and labor intensive process for the operations team. Streaming telemetry will drive the growth of the online world by providing a new level of automation to analyze traffic, debug and solve real-time problems. "

JR Rivers, CTO of Cumulus Networks, said: "With the expansion of infrastructure in 2019, network configuration and monitoring will be coordinated with IaaS and PaaS. "

(3) Machine Learning

Scott Sneddon, Senior Director and Chief Promoter, Juniper Networks Cloud Computing and SDN, said: "The predictability of machine learning and artificial intelligence will simplify the data center." Troubleshooting and network maintenance to reduce the chance of unplanned downtime in the network. "

Prashant Gandhi, chief product officer at Big Switch, said: "With the help of predictive algorithms (machine learning), in-depth analysis supporting multi-vendor/cloudy hybrid environments will become prominent. "

(4) Automation and Security

Scott Sneddon, Senior Director of Cloud Computing and SDN at Juniper Networks, said: "Enterprises offer different data centers, branch offices, campuses, SD-WANs, etc. The days of automation and security solutions will soon disappear. Especially as we enter the cloudy world, security and automation will need to be implemented in the data center from the start to ensure they run seamlessly across the environment. ”

Anshul Sadan, Arista's chief customer officer, said: "The number of engineers operating the network does not need to grow with the number of managed network devices."

Ju Rivers, CTO, Cumulus Networks Represents: "They no longer happen in the router, but in the application layer. The network will not be connected together in the future, but the data. Companies that are starting to migrate to the cloud platform are looking for more traditional VPN-based solutions. Solution, but if TLS is encrypted for all content at the application layer, there is no need for a VPN tunnel."

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