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Guide: 81% of companies have realized the dangers of using the same cloud vendor, so the cloudy strategy has become the focus of business users in 2018. The 2018 Cloud Computing Status Report from Rightscale shows that on average each company is accessing multiple public clouds.

81% of companies have realized the dangers of using the same cloud vendor, so the cloudy strategy has become the focus of business users in 2018. The 2018 Cloud Computing Status Report from Rightscale shows that on average each company is accessing multiple public clouds.

Another survey from IDC's "1818 Cloud and AI Adoption Market Report" shows that global enterprise users are migrating applications and data from public clouds to local and private cloud environments at an alarming rate. The 400 IT decision makers who participated in the survey said they plan to migrate 50% of the applications installed on the public cloud to private or non-cloud environments in the next two years.

It can be seen that the development trend of cloud computing has more and more obvious influence on the choice of enterprise users. Whether it is a public cloud, a private cloud or a hybrid cloud, it is necessary to build a Meet the needs of key business development, and can meet the reliable platform of cloudy management.

Meeting new business changes and realizing the realization of digital blueprints

In fact, in the current wave of cloud computing, any manufacturer wants to be the wave of the times, only innovation can lead the trend.

Between the old and new IT exchanges, the advancement of cloud computing technology has also led to the rapid development of multi-category technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things. The technology manufacturers with strong innovations are constantly pushing. It has also accelerated the development of multiple technologies. To this end, it is not only necessary to cope with the challenges of high-speed data growth of enterprise users in the new era of digitalization. At the same time, the iteration speed from new IT technologies is also accelerating, and new applications corresponding to artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data are constantly calculating. The level puts forward higher requirements.

Users' cloud practices have further requirements for infrastructure scalability, resource allocation flexibility, data security and high availability, especially for users who have experienced public cloud service failures, data disaster recovery and Business continuity is more important.

To this end, the IT infrastructure must meet the business development of enterprise users and bring faster, higher, stronger performance and security functions, to the future business development, to adapt to digital transformation and achieve new breakthroughs.

All of this will inevitably require professional vendors of IT infrastructure not only to provide better hardware to meet the needs of new business changes, but also to implement customized support in the process of business innovation. For any vendor, the flexibility and customization of IT infrastructure, as well as more diverse support, is now an inevitable choice for meeting the new IT needs of enterprise users.

In fact, after all, more innovation is needed. Not only technological innovation, but also business innovation, as well as ecological innovation based on technology and business, to bring a new enterprise application future.

Inspur business machines should be born in the “cloud”, and to a large extent, bring innovative choices for the cloud-era era to Chinese business users. Since September 8, 2017, Inspur Information and IBM announced the establishment of Inspur Business Machine Co., Ltd., the K1 server system and related products based on Power technology and existing Itanium technology not only realize domestic R&D, production and sales, but also The result of the innovation breakthrough has also brought advanced, differentiated and diversified computing platforms and solutions to Chinese business users.

With the redesigned POWER9 core architecture, Inspur K1 Power series servers provide enterprises with more efficient and faster load processing capabilities, enabling enterprises to quickly deploy reliable cloud environment platforms, providing private clouds, public clouds, hybrid clouds, etc. Cloud-optimized infrastructure and cloud services, three of which are worth a look.

First, high-availability HA cloud solutions that enterprise users are particularly concerned about in critical business continuity. PowerHA's high-availability clustering software, PowerHA, provides high-availability and disaster-tolerant implementation services. Of course, it can also provide DR (Disaster Recovery) dual-active solution and GDR two-site disaster recovery solution.

Second, the in-memory database cloud platform solution. The memory computing technology and platform represented by SAP HANA has won the attention of users in the banking and securities industries, based on a performance such as K1 Power.The more highly integrated infrastructure, coupled with PowerVM virtualization technology and HA's high availability capabilities, SAP HANA enterprise-class in-memory database cloud platform solutions can quickly help users transform from data to insight, from information to business outcomes. .

Third, PowerVC+Incloud builds innovative, cloudy management solutions for users. Incloud is now an InCloud Manager5 (ICM5.0) version, becoming the industry's fully functional cloud data center management platform for the private and hybrid cloud markets, converging computing, storage, and network resources to provide an open, secure enterprise-class cloud data center Operation and maintenance management platform, and realize business dynamic changes, resource intelligent management, and service automation delivery that enterprise users are most concerned about.

It is true that ICM5.0 can quickly build and stabilize the cloud of operation and maintenance industry, such as the industry cloud demand of large enterprises such as Sinopec and State Grid, and also meet the cloud computing strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises. Implementation.

In a solution to the cloudy, PowerVC is an advanced virtualization and cloud management solution built on OpenStack and integrated into a more advanced cloud orchestration platform based on OpenStack technology.

for heterogeneous resource management covers the physical resources and virtualized resources of the cloud data center, supporting both general x86 devices and Inspur K1, IBM minicomputer management, while supporting multiple virtualization platforms including VSphere, Inspur Self-developed virtualization platform, PowerVM, PowerVC, XenServer, OpenStack, etc.

Therefore, under the concept of open compatibility, PowerVC+Incloud Cloud Management Solution provides users with an easy-to-use and easy-to-use cloud management platform. And ICM5.0 and PowerVC have become a rare "cloudy double weapon" under the user's digital transformation trend.

Drive the future and build an innovative infrastructure under a hybrid cloud

The powerful ability to solve problems under cloudy conditions is not only because cloud management is more powerful, but also because the IT infrastructure is more robust. Therefore, the emergence of the K1 Power series server not only merges the wave in the serverYears of technology accumulation and experience in the field and cloud management field, but also injected the power of Power technology in the industry.

Inspur commercial machine adopts localized research and development, localized design, localized production, localized sales strategy, and exerts efforts in emerging applications such as cloud, big data and artificial intelligence to give full play to the performance of Power platform. The advantages of bandwidth and openness drive the future realization of digital transformation of users.

Inspur Business Machine Co., Ltd. was officially opened in early May 2018. According to current business plans, IBM's Power server business in mainland China will be fully operated by the newly formed joint venture company Inspur commercial machines.

On October 19, 2018, Inspur Business Machine released 8 new K1 Power products in one breath, with diversified key industry application positioning, deep optimization for key application scenarios, and realized elastic load assist business. Seamless integration has become a super secure and reliable platform for business critical business.

Among them, K1 Power E980, K1 Power E950 enterprise server, with high performance, high stability and excellent customized services, meet the critical business needs of enterprise data intensive, especially for core critical applications. Harsh financial, telecommunications and Internet, government and manufacturing industries to achieve and ensure stable and efficient operations.

At the same time, the POWER9 processor architecture achieves superior performance and easier processing capacity, enabling the K1 Power E950/E980 to achieve unprecedented performance improvements. E950 vs. Power8 models have improved performance. At least 40%, E950's performance increased by more than double the Power770+ product.

In addition, for the data and cognitive infrastructure, in order to meet the diverse business needs of the enterprise, K1 Power S914, K1 Power S922, K1 Power S924, K1 Power L922, FP5280G2, FP5290G2, FP5295G2, etc. Scale-out server, which is designed for AI, big data analytics, distributed databases, in-memory computing, GPU databases, and other emerging applications that are of the utmost concern to current users.Expanding capabilities and performance, driving the emergence of emerging applications for users.

In contrast to the x86 architecture server in the same industry, the K1 Power with POWER9 processor, the performance of the server per core can be increased by 40% compared with POWER8, with NVLink 2.0, CAPI 2.0 and New CAPI Trinity's leading hardware acceleration advantage, deep learning framework performance is nearly 4 times higher than x86.

The advantages of cloud architecture are also obvious. K1 Power not only simplifies the movement of VM between public cloud and private cloud, but also makes the hybrid architecture easy to use. At the same time, cloud-based software based on Power accelerates enterprises. User load is quickly deployed.

Based on this, Inspur commercial machines are based on international quality standards, not only achieve agile and customized upgrades of technology research and development, but also open up the wave and IBM supply chain procurement and logistics systems around the world. While ensuring the quality of component procurement, it also effectively reduces the procurement cycle. For any Chinese business user, while enjoying the world's top technology and product solutions, you can also obtain customized value-added services from the consultants and experts of Inspur commercial machines to drive the future development of the company.

Convergence of ecological run-up, accelerating digital landing

In the combination of technological innovation and industry development, not only need to meet the needs of different scenarios and applications of industry users, it becomes a heavy weapon of the cloud, and more needs Based on digital innovation to achieve long-term business success. To this end, Hu Lei, general manager of Inspur Business Machines Co., Ltd. pointed out that In the key application areas, innovative applications, Inspur commercial machines are building a new ecosystem around Power9.

completed the transition from the traditional "Build to Order" to "Configure to Order" with the previous Inspur server, and then joined hands with local innovation independent software developers and solution providers for industry users and Internet users It has once again improved the efficiency of innovative R&D, from the Configure to Order model to the JDM (Joint Design Manufacture) joint development model.

The birth of JDM joint development model is not only the rise of Inspur server industrialization and ecologicalizationAt the same time, the industry chain is integrated to realize a joint customized development and cooperation model for future applications. This also marks a new era in the global server manufacturing industry entering the joint development model.

For this reason, in the case of integrated ecological running, Inspur commercial machines can fully realize the business of digital transformation of users and fully realize the solution by fully utilizing the overall capabilities of manufacturers, partners and users. The comprehensive delivery of the program has achieved new developments in the digital economy in enhancing the application's innovative support for the business.

Summary: Towards cloud change

Therefore, at this stage, data has become the user's assets, and most users have to rely on private clouds, public clouds, and on the long-term development of digital transformation. Mixed clouds and cloudy overall thinking.

Under the general trend of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, the wave of K1 Power, which is born in the cloud, combines the functions and performance advantages of the Power9 platform to build a cloudy cornerstone of user critical computing and core data.

Inspur commercial machines adopt a consistent architecture, consistent R&D standards, consistent quality requirements, and consistent certification standards. They integrate the two-way capability of Power9 internationalization and wave localization to create a cloud heavy device. A strong cloudy management platform, innovative and integrated ecosystem, drive users to the future.

In the domestic self-developed operation mode, Inspur commercial machines provide users with efficient, safe, flexible and innovative cloudy solutions. Together with the integration of ecological support, it will help Chinese users to accelerate business innovation, fully release the value of cloudization, and lead the new trend of digital transformation in the new era.


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