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Guide: As for artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, AWS is recognized as a top global company. At the World Internet Conference and World Artificial Intelligence Conference held last year, AWS won the highest award more than once.

December 18, 2013, a more common day. However, due to the official launch of AWS in China, this day has become one of the “key points” on the development timeline of cloud computing in China.

I still remember that at the time, the Beijing International Hotel’s packed press conference, the aisles were also filled with enthusiastic audiences, and even the hotel’s implementation of the “current limit” Dafa on the main venue was only allowed. Not allowed to enter.

Even so, the heat in the venue is not diminished. For the leader and changer of the cloud computing industry, many people are full of expectations, and some people are curious, and more peers are starting to guard themselves.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion... No, AWS has always been the leader of global cloud computing, the kind of master who can be imitated but cannot be surpassed.


The time node for AWS to enter China is very subtle, and it can be said to be both good and bad.

On the positive side, some Internet companies at the time stepped up research and learning AWS and began offering cloud services. This kind of work has played a role in popularizing cloud computing, so AWS can skip to some extent without having to explain how cloud computing is.

The bad side is that some domestic companies and experts began to use the title to exaggerate the role and ability of self-control, which led to the blind rejection of foreign IT companies and products, essentially The basic national policy of "opening up to the outside world" is contrary.

Amway is needed here, although it may not be related to the main theme of this article: "Reform and opening up" is not China's basic national policy, but the state's policies and guidelines. "Opening up to the outside world" is one of the basic national policies.

In this context, AWS officially entered the Chinese market, and there is no shortcut to choose a "joint venture" - although there are still people who believe that if AWS chose to form a joint venture, its market pace must be better than the current Much faster.

does not take the usual path, AWS hopes to benefit Chinese customersShow and the purest cloud computing.

Upholding the principle of Customer Obsession, AWS provides technology to Chinese operating partners, and Chinese operating partners provide sales and services to customers. AWS believes this model is more beneficial to end users. Cloud service experience.


AWS officially released cloud services in China, which really made many people vibrate. Gold data co-founder Wang Wei is one of them.

As an innovative company located in the inland city of Xi'an, Golden Data has more than 3 million users, including well-known companies such as Didi, Mobai, Vibrato, New World, and Luo Ji.

If there is no cloud service, the dream of gold data to start with SaaS can be said to be an idiotic dream. Just buying an IT infrastructure can easily scrape away the last copper plate in the entrepreneur's pocket.

Previously, gold data used another public cloud service in China, but the effect was not satisfactory.

Because the business volume at that time was already high, the situation of high concurrency often appeared, and the overtime work of the operation and maintenance personnel became the new normal. "There is nothing to say, only tears."

金The data is not superstitious AWS, but because the core team before the startup has had extensive experience in using AWS International Edition, so when AWS launched the service in China, the gold data was switched to the platform at the first time.

As Wang Hao and his entrepreneurial partners expected, the performance of Golden Data's products has nearly tripled, and the service delay has dropped from more than 200 milliseconds to more than 50, and the user experience has been extremely high. Great improvement.

However, I look at the operation and maintenance of the martial arts.

In addition, although Gold Data uses more than one hundred AWS servers and containers, it only requires 1.5 operators. The reason why there are 0.5 is because this one Colleagues are also responsible for the company's other IT-related businesses.

This is probably the Extra Bonus beyond what Wang Hao expected...


Let us move the time forward until the end of 2012.

Rong Yongkang chose to join AWS and becomeThe first employee of AWS China.

Previously, he served as a senior executive in a large multinational company in Greater China, managing a mature and stable team, without having to worry about it, just making a decision at a crucial moment.

Abandon the original stable performance, start from scratch, practice and promote unseen cloud services? The "eclipse" trade that is clarified, whoever has nothing to choose this?

At this time, it is difficult to test the path of Rong Yongkang at that time. Has he ever had the ambiguity and entanglement similar to "To be, or not to be"...

The final result is Rong Yongkang decided to accept the challenge and became the global vice president of Amazon AWS and executive director of Greater China.

On the surface, the "challenge" is just two words, but the courage, hardship and sweat that need to be paid for it are difficult for others to understand.

The operating model that AWS chose in China is not limited to China before, and AWS has not experienced it. Therefore, it needs a lot of communication and in-depth discussion with the regulatory authorities.

Of course, there is no fast-forward button to press, and Rong Yongkang believes that strict supervision is the prerequisite for the sound development of the industry.

After full compliance, after all the settlements, the competition in a Chinese cloud computing market can be said to have really opened.

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