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Introduction: Under the dual drive of technology ecology and partner ecology, EAD will also usher in new developments in the next 15 years. As the digital network engine of Xinhua III, it will provide users with more innovative, secure and efficient network and data interfaces, which will help the digital transformation of Baidu Baiye.

For 15 years, you can change a lot of people, change a lot of things, and change many companies. The 15 years of persistence changed Xinhua III and changed EAD only to make it the ultimate.


, the earliest first-generation EAD product, was born in 2004, when Xinhua San was just established, and it was launched as the company's core flagship product.

Up to now, after 15 years of precipitation and innovation, EAD can now carry tens of millions of concurrent users through continuous application and upgrade.

Bi Shuwen, vice president of Xinhua Group, pointed out that the End User Admission Domination (EAD) is the world's first terminal management solution to be marketed. A large number of terminal management products for users.

In the field of networking, Xinhua III has always been in the leading position in the industry. Xinhua III ranked first in the network management software market rankings of IDC in 2017 and 2018.

However, the times are developing, the industry is changing, the market and user needs are changing, and the application system environment is changing. In particular, the rapid expansion of the network scale, the number of network devices has increased, and the network complexity has increased geometrically, which brings new challenges to terminal network access management.

Many times, having a challenge means having more development opportunities.

For this reason, based on the practice and accumulation of the past 15 years, Xinhua III started from the four dimensions of network, data, desktop and behavior. On December 26, 2018, the new generation terminal access control system EAD was launched. On the basis of the original product, the multi-dimensional management capability of the user terminal is more effectively enhanced, and the network management personnel of the enterprise user are provided with a more effective and easy-to-use solution under the digital transformation trend. At the same time, it fully meets the new needs of enterprise users for network access, desktop security, behavior auditing and data protection.

From Huaxia Bank 12 years ago

12 years ago, Huaxia Bank began to promote its own network construction in accordance with the unified planning, unified standards, unified security, unified deployment, and unified management. Terminal, as the most edge node of the network, the role of the fortress is particularly important. Once the external attack breaks through the terminal defense and enters the intranet of the enterprise network, the business loss caused is difficult to estimate. Huaxia Bank attaches great importance to terminal access control and has selected Xinhua III EAD products.

After the cooperation with Xinhua San, Huaxia Bank realized the terminal access control management from the head office to the branch to the branch. In the past 12 years, EAD has become a strong guardian of the Huaxia Bank's network edge, helping Hua Xia Bank to smoothly survive the 2017 “Eternal Blue” ransomware shock.

The third-generation EAD vertical and horizontal network of "killer"

following the development of the times, Xinhua San's EAD has developed to the third generation, but in the current complex network environment, diverse The terminal access and the wide application pressure have won the applause of the users. It is really impossible to have no real ability.

For this, EAD? It integrates distributed account authentication cluster, AI+ terminal visualization, and Ameba's three innovative technologies to become the “killer” of the vertical and horizontal network, and also supports new terminal behavior auditing and protection scenarios.

The value of the terminal access control system is to help the user network to obtain more stable, comprehensive and safer applications, while also having powerful data management and control capabilities.

For the current backup mechanisms such as cold backup, hot backup and "escape" backup methods have different advantages and disadvantages, EAD? The absorption of distributed ledger technology from the blockchain has brought new inspiration to server authentication.

uses distributed ledger technology to do backup design, which can be backed up across regions. For example, all four campuses back up all user data information, which can better avoid single point of data failure. Each campus is locally certified for added security and can be authenticated to the adjacent campus once it encounters a local server downtime. If there is a link failure between the campus and the main campus, it can be authenticated locally. In the end, a high-reliability and low-cost solution for global backup can be realized by using only one set of licenses.

In this regard, EAD? Using distributed ledger technology can be used for usersBuilding a network access authentication cluster not only reduces costs but also improves network reliability.

Facing the current network terminal, the variety of devices and the increasing number of devices have increased the complexity of management. At the same time, the network environment is complex and changeable, and the application habits are different, and the application is more and more complicated and extensive, which brings great pressure on the operation and maintenance workload.

How to break through these challenges and solve them? Yang Haijun, deputy general manager of Xinhuasan Network Products Department, believes that the problem of certainty can be dealt with by existing tools. For the problem of uncertainty, the terminal is visualized with the aid of the AI ​​engine.

For system data, EAD implemented a potential threat capture technology to enable information security analysis.

For user data, EAD adopts crowd capture technology to achieve employee behavior analysis, understand employee habits, and achieve more accurate analysis.

For business data, EAD adopts business capture technology to realize automatic flow of business data.

as EAD? The system can change the module according to the customer's needs at any time. For the authentication of 3A server, soft token server and Oauth server, the authentication gateway innovation technology can make users obtain safe and reliable services.

can not only meet the account authentication and management in the massive user environment, but also can customize various exclusive authentication pages, and provide two-factor authentication for customers through the embedded dynamic soft token system combined with user name and password. Full support for national secret algorithms to meet the security requirements of specific industries. It simplifies operation and maintenance and helps users achieve multi-marketing purposes.

Of course, for the shortcomings of traditional access, terminal behavior auditing and data protection are required. Li Dong, director of Xinhua's three business software products department, pointed out that EAD has better optimization and capacity enhancement in this respect.

First, sensitive behavior recognition can be analyzed for system behavior and online behavior.

The second is deep-level data analysis, which is aimed at the scanning of massive data to achieve ordering.

The third is to support more than 500 different types of data, and the file classification can be completed in one step.

EAD has been running on the web for 15 years, focusing on AI tools, accumulatingWith the industry's most complete AI training data and a large amount of patch management data, these most realistic first-hand big data materials become EAD? A strong cornerstone of artificial intelligence applications. It can help users do more analysis work on data and provide an intuitive graphical interface for early warning and risk management to gain more valuable insights.

EAD not only solves the problem of connection between the network and the terminal, but also focuses on the security, stability and efficiency of the connection.

From the perspective of the industry development of the terminal access control system, some companies start from the terminal, and some companies start from the network. However, Xinhua San began to focus on this field from the network, and opened up various aspects such as terminal, network and security. After 15 years of development, Xinhua III EAD has served more than 30 million user terminals. For 15 years, we have relied on channel partners to develop EAD market, regional channel partners in the region, and large industry SI or ISV cooperation in large industries.

Therefore, under the dual drive of technology ecology and partner ecology, EAD will also usher in new developments in the next 15 years. As the digital network engine of Xinhua III, it will provide users with more innovative, secure and efficient network and data interfaces, which will help the digital transformation of Baidu Baiye.


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