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Introduction: According to Reuters, Infor said its revenue for the fiscal year 2018 was $3 billion. This is a shame for a company that publicizes itself as the "third largest software vendor." So the next step, if Infor is at the crossroads, it is possible to get rid of the current situation and usher in a new wave of development opportunities.

As we all know, some companies are inherently aggressive, while others are more Buddhist. For example, the traditional enterprise clothing company Infor is a relatively "dark" manufacturer, not only do we see less news in China, even In the foreign market, Infor is also a relatively "cold" manufacturer. In a way, Infor's overall strength is not as strong as those of SAP and Oracle. Of course, this is also related to Infor's own more "vertical" strategy.

But not long after 2019, Infor brought us a big news: On Wednesday, Infor announced that Koch Equity Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KED, Koch Equity Development, LLC) and Golden Gate Capital invested $1.5 billion. It is understood that Infor will consider an initial public offering (IPO) based on market conditions in 2019 or 2020.

Infor CEO Charles Phillips said: "Cochrane and Golden Gate Capital have always been Infor's outstanding partners, and our 17,300 employees worldwide are very excited about this milestone because we have done business for the next phase of business growth. Well prepared."

First of all, we should congratulate Infor, after successfully winning the investment, its future IPO road seems to become more flat. But there is still a question here: "Can Infor really fulfill its commitment to "specialization in the industry"?" In fact, since Philips and his team took over the company in 2010, they have been making such a commitment.

Infor was once known as the "ERP graveyard" because it accumulated including Baan, LaMany ERP brands including wson, MAPICS, SSA Global Technologies and Systems Union. At the same time, these acquired companies have also made their own acquisitions (such as Lawson's acquisition of Intentia). Philips has been working hard to reinvigorate the company. He has made Infor the “world's largest startup” and promises to target 15 vertical markets (such as automotive, retail/fashion and food and beverage) and 3 horizontal markets ( Including enterprise and human capital management) launched a differentiated "cloud suite."

In the competition with SAP, Infor looks promising because it leverages Amazon's cloud infrastructure and invests in savings in vertical solutions for healthcare, hospitality and other industries. For 10 years, the company has been able to boast that its appearance has improved and integrated its vast product portfolio, but it has not yet provided enough specialized products for the industry sector, such as electronic medical records in medical services, although Infor has said that the United States More than 72% of hospitals use its products.

And, with vertical capabilities, Infor will be more likely to migrate its 70,000 customers to modern solutions. But it was trying out projects like UpgradeX (the cloud migration service from Infor), but it had little effect. At the same time, customers using legacy systems are more than happy to see the performance of cloud providers Workday and Salesforce in HCM, accounting and CRM.

So, we want to know if Infor's new funding will continue to use its industry focus. In addition, we also want to know if it will start to focus on more emerging markets. In the past 20 years, most traditional ERP and CRM suppliers have missed smart product OEM, digital marketing, cloud infrastructure, industrial Internet, process automation. And projects such as vertical niche markets.

In addition, there is a third possibility here, apart from listing and not listing. That is the acquisition, as private equity, whether KED or Golden Gate Capital, the ultimate pursuit is a good exit price. So if there is a "big money master" and a very quotation that Infor shareholders can hardly refuse, it is not impossible for Infor to finally spend a certain family.When all this is still unknown.

Finally, let us return to the current situation of Infor. According to Reuters, Infor said that its revenue in fiscal year 2018 is $3 billion, which is the third largest software supply for a publicity. For the manufacturers of "business", this is a bit shabby. So the next step, if Infor is at the crossroads, it is possible to get rid of the current situation and usher in a new wave of development opportunities.

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