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Introduction: In the face of the future, Inspur Storage will also carry out in-depth optimization of storage systems for more industry scenarios, with the concept of “open, integrated, intelligent” software-defined storage design, and realize application and technology on product solutions. Seamless.

The world's most valuable resource is no longer oil or precious metals, but "data."

By collecting and storing more data, companies can further optimize their products to attract more customers. As an intangible asset, massive value data not only changes business, but “invisible” also changes the competitive nature of the enterprise storage market.

2018 is the "big year" of the storage market: technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence have spawned more data, and more demands are placed on storage products. The global storage market has ushered in a significant growth of.

At the same time, the storage product itself is no longer passively waiting for the "number" to pan, but more active than ever to focus on the application scenario. It should be said that this is a very valuable evolution, and in which the wave storage performance is outstanding.

The secret of Inspur storage

Due to time, we have not yet received the enterprise-level market report for the whole year of 2018. However, according to the "China Enterprise Storage System Market Survey Data Report" published by IDC in the first half of last year, we can also get enough information.

The report shows that in the first half of 2018, China's market storage shipments were 67,358 sets, and the total capacity reached 7430.5PB. Among them, Inspur storage shipments were 8414 sets, ranking first in China's enterprise storage (excluding monitoring) market.

Especially worth mentioning is that while the shipments keep leading, Inspur storage's shipment growth rate is as high as 106%, 5 times the industry average growth rate, which is also in the Chinese market. The middle ranked first. Being able to outperform your opponents in both total and growth rates, Inspur storage is hard to come by.

So, what is the secret of Inspur storage? Presumably many people will care about this issue.

In my opinion, the first is that Inspur has been deeply involved in the storage field for a long time, constantly exploring the convergence of technology development and customer needs, and satisfying with personalized and specialized products in different periods.

Second, it is based on Inspur storage's accurate insight into industry trends.

As a market leader, Inspur is keenly aware that storage in the era of wisdom will usher in a revolution as the market erupts. Therefore, based on software definition and hardware reconfiguration, the wave is built to meet EB. The concept of level capacity, billion-level IOPS, and easy-to-manage “three-in-one” new storage has in fact led to thinking and emulation by industry peers.

Finally, Inspur cooperated with various partners to guide and stimulate the intelligent scene construction in various industry fields with the application of scene innovation, and to mine, integrate, revitalize and enhance data from the bottom up. Value, moving towards a new era of data driven by wisdom.

Sun Gang, general manager of Inspur Storage Products, believes that the biggest highlight of Inspur storage in 2018 is the rapid landing of new technologies and new products, such as intelligent storage G2, software-defined storage AS13000, etc., and many high-end customers. Recognized, deployed and applied in many key areas.

The second highlight is that in the market competition and interaction, Inspur storage has also learned a lot, Sun Gang said. Through the tracking of industry trends and thinking about product technology, Inspur Storage can better cut into the market, examine its own changes and verify the direction of progress with an external perspective.

The third bright spot is that Inspur Storage and “Back” internal, strengthening the construction of its own storage professional team from the internal structure and genetic level. From the current point of view, the entire team has been able to improve its ability in actual combat, regardless of technology research and development or market sales.

Focus on scene innovation

Those top companies that are hanged by people every day, without exception, are data giants who store a huge amount of value data, which is their production data. It is also the "moat" for their defense against foreign enemies.

The economy has been closely integrated with the data. At present, China's storage market accounts for only 8% of the global storage market, but China's total economic output has reached 18% of the world. By analogy, the Chinese storage market will obviously be further improved under the current growth.

Specific to the enterprise level, the ever-increasing intelligence and digital voices have made enterprises put forward more requirements than the past for storage applications in different scenarios.. As early as 2016, Inspur Storage established the customization of the scene as the core support for differentiated competitive advantage.

At present, Inspur Storage defines traditional and new applications as seven first-level scenarios, namely traditional enterprise applications, video surveillance, high-performance computing, broadcasting media, cloud computing, and big data first-level labor. Smart and refine it into nearly two hundred secondary scenes.

It is not difficult to imagine that this definition and refinement enables Inspur storage to accurately meet the various needs of users, and based on a deep understanding of application requirements, Inspur storage has achieved a lot of testing and verification in different scenarios. Solution optimization.

Li Hui, general manager of Inspur storage product line, said that in focusing on scene innovation, Inspur Storage always adheres to the "scenario-driven development" model, "customer-centric, application-oriented, technology-based. With innovation as a bridge, the new technology and new applications are closely coupled to fully meet the storage needs of customers in the new data era.

According to reports, Inspur Storage has completed the customization and optimization of nearly 60 secondary scenarios, especially in the areas of cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence with the strongest market demand. A large number of targeted work has been highly recognized by customers.

Li Hui pointed out that digital transformation is a severe test for many enterprises, including changes in business models, Internet+, cloud services, etc. For users and as a platform manufacturer, the impact is extremely huge. .

At the same time, the changes in storage technology are particularly numerous, and the evolution of storage media and storage forms is changing with each passing day. Undoubtedly, technology must be one of the powerful hands-on of Inspur storage, but it is the ultimate answer to serve customers with a deep insight into the different application scenarios of customers.

To some extent, "software-defined storage" is the key guarantee for Inspur's focus on scenes and continuous breakthroughs in large industries and major customers.

Software-defined storage abstracts storage services from dedicated storage devices. This has the advantage of reducing the coupling to the hardware and making it possible to use a wide range of common hardware with rich configuration and higher performance. It is also faster and more cost-effective for more scenarios.

docking technology and application

[123With the "Scenario-driven development" model, Inspur has met the user's storage needs to the maximum extent, which has also driven a number of PB-level projects. The latest TOP-level customer list includes China Mobile and Sinopec Oriental. Geophysical exploration, CCTV, Tsinghua University, Chengdu Third Ring Road and other large projects.

Take China Mobile's distributed storage collection from 2017 to 2018 as an example. This is the first time that domestic telecom operators have focused on the large-scale collection of distributed storage products and equipment. It is considered to be the opening of distributed storage in key industries, and has received widespread attention in the industry.

This collection method selects the first bidding and post-testing methods. The test content includes functions, performance, reliability and many other aspects. The test standards are comprehensive and strict. In the test, the Inspur star product AS13000 storage system performed well and stood out. In the end, it won the bid and occupied 30% of the collection. It fully reflects the technical strength of Inspur distributed storage and the overall solution capability.

Inspur Software Definition Storage AS13000

Li Hui said that in many large-scale projects, pre-plan design, mid-term delivery implementation and post-management maintenance, etc., the wave will be closely related to customers and partners. The cooperation, fully understand the customer's needs and planning, even if the delivery of standardized products, can also provide customers with a "customized" application experience.

Take the construction of Chengdu intelligent traffic control system as an example. Previously, the storage and application of video surveillance data of this system has always been a big problem. The traffic management department of Chengdu has set up a large number of cameras to anticipate the “wind and wind” of urban traffic in real time. However, the growth rate of data far exceeds the support capacity of the system.

After analyzing the needs of the project side, Inspur Storage immediately arranged the engineers to communicate with the customers, researched the real-time situation of the project, and finally decided to build a video storage resource pool with software-defined storage AS13000 as the core to provide the monitoring platform. The required storage resources are used to effectively satisfy the data storage requirements of the Chengdu backbone network.

Since 2015, in line with the professional development route, Inspur Storage has continuously increased investment in product research and development, conducted in-depth exploration in key industries, and established a professional, “can play” internally. Excellent team of Sheng Sheng, external and more practicalCooperation with partners.

According to Sun Gang, for the current new artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other new application scenarios, Inspur storage has been laid out accordingly. The amount of data in these areas may be EB-level or even higher, and their demand for storage has also risen to a whole new level - this is also a good opportunity for further breakthroughs in Inspur storage.

Facing the future, Inspur Storage will also carry out in-depth optimization of storage systems for more industry scenarios, with “open, integrated, intelligent” software-defined storage design concepts, and implement applications and technologies on product solutions. Seamless docking.

The essence of the world is data, as is the wave storage.

"Open, integrated, intelligent. ————胖头陀

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